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Unilateral Obstruction Diagnosis

After a reversal two years ago, I have a low but nonzero sperm count, and continued discomfort, particularly on my left side.

My hypothesis is that I’m open on my right side, but closed on my left side.

Is there any way that I could confirm this hypothesis?

I’ve looked into it a bit, but I wasn’t clear to me if there was any diagnostic available for unilateral obstruction. There are diagnostics that are invasive, like making an incision in the testicle, bringing the vas out, pricking it and attempting to squirt water through possible obstruction. However, this requires surgery and anesthetic, and has the potential for complications.

Edit: I did find one non-invasive diagnostic, transurethral retrograde vasography. However, I’m not sure how common it is. It’s mentioned in a 2011 paper, with no other hits online.

More cutting, more scar tissue. That would worry me.