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Underwear? Sports? What do you guys do?

Just curious as to what you guys use.

Ive tried switching to briefs for more support but it just seems the edge of my underwear rubs against my vas. I also tried wearing a jock strap before because I am an independent professional wrestler on the side and it would aggravate the area as well, also gets in the way and causes irritation

Any other ideas?

UFM and sepratec brands are now my favorites. UFM better for activity and sepratec for everyday. Jock strap over boxer briefs works well too. Lots of support without the pinch.

Cool thanks for sharing man

Just came in to second UFM. They’re not super cheap but man they’re worth it for that pouch. The 3 inch bamboo are the ones I go with. I’ve got about a dozen pairs now so all I use.

Yeah i will have to find some UFM. They are like $42US shipped to Canada on Ebay! Super expensive for a pair of underwear lol.

I sometimes feel like this thread and threads like it are almost the most useful thing on this forum. Underwear is the cheapest, simplest, safest thing you can control when recovering from vas and corrective/additional surgeries procedures…

I have about 5 Mack Weldon boxer briefs, 5 UFM’s and was just pleasantly surprised to find that Haynes has a nice 5 percent spandex boxer brief that is cheap and pretty effective too. I have 4 of them and think I may migrate to those as they are the cheapest option. I went away for a week and realized I did not have enough underwear and went to the local Walmart and discovered them. I’ll see if I can find a better description than 5% spandex. They are light comfortable and breathable but still provide support.


Yeah i have a couple pairs of sepratecs, they were hit and miss right after surgery because the edge of the part that held my sac would still rub lol. Im wearing a pair sitting around today and its actually not bad, thinking I might finally be healing a bit better

Ever since my reversal I have been wearing the PUMA athletic compression underwear 24/7. No complaints or pain.


I think what I got from Walmart was this.

I was expecting them to suck and be temporary but was pleasantly surprised so did not make note of the packaging.

I spent a fortune on cushions, desks, supplements, doctors, therapies after vas … I must have spent north of 100K just to undo the damage. That includes missed work time mostly but we all know reversals are like 10K. All that sh** adds up so finding Walmart underwear that is decent was nice.


Good to know, thanks!

I buy straight from ufm to Canada. No they’re not cheap but seriously worth it.

Briefs became a total no-go for me once PVPS set in. Boxers were too loose. Like others, I found benefit in boxer briefs. I’ve used Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Hanes, Adidas, and Target’s store brand. The Lauren brand seems to be best for me…deeper cut fits a guy like me with a big a$$ better. The closest to wearing a built in jock are the Adidas, and I often use them as combo underwear-supporter for hiking, jogging. The Target store brand (Croft and Barrow, something like that) weren’t helpful.

The boxer briefs from RJ is what I use. Kinda silk feeling and no that high priced at 65 euro :euro: per five.