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Underwear recommendations for pain?

Hi Guys,

Does anyone have any recommendations for brands of comfortable underwear with good support?

My urologist is saying that I need to wear briefs or boxer briefs to help with the pain instead of my normal boxers. Wondering what has worked for others. (Certain brand, material, style…) Thank you in advance for your help!

Someone else on here recommended UFM. I bought 4 pairs of them and I like it.


Thanks, @worship01! Haven’t heard of these, but will check them out!

Sure, no problem. I really like them throughout the day.
I’d caution wearing snug underwear to bed though. For me they cause erections which can aggravate the discomfort/pain. So, I like to wear very lose boxers to bed.

David Archy Men’s 4 Pack Micro Modal Separate Pouches Trunks (L,Green)

These are my daily wear. Loose but supportive for general activity. I like how the twig is seperated from the berries and free to move around while the berries are pretty well supported without being too restrictive like a jock strap.

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Thank you for the info, @Kyvas! I haven’t heard of this brand, either, but I think will definitely check them out.

as @worship01 stated i too have purchased UFM underwear and find them very supportive for my epi issues. I bought two different kind the GEN 3 UFM which have the most support and meant for post vas type underwear and then the GEN 4 which also have support but not as much as GEN3 but i find still have plenty support for the boys. Also i bought the which work well for me.

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Thanks for the recommendation @NC79! Under Armour I am familiar with. Did you find the UFM brief or boxer brief to be better? @worship01 what did you try? Really appreciate the help.

@CoffeeGuy, here’s what I ordered:

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Thanks a lot, @worship01! I think this might work really well. Appreciate the help!

I bought the 9" boxer/brief style as it helps with the chafing of the legs during these hot summer days :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot, @NC79! Appreciate the help!

Try Equipo. Google them

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Thanks for the reply, @Recovered! Will check that brand out!

Hi, I’ve been wearing ‘Under Armour The Original 6’’ BoxerJock’ supportive where it matters but not too tight around the legs and inner thigh. You can get multipacks if you search around on the web

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Thanks @spurs1982! I will definitely check those out!

Yup same here @spurs1982 my rotation is the same type of under Armour the ufm’so and plain ole tighty whities. Actually find in my situation my Pain is the best managed when wearing just plain Ole briefs which sucks since haven’t worn briefs since I was a kid… but at this point I’ll wear briefs the rest of my life as a trade off for no more pain…

Agree with that, I’ve never had so many different types of underwear! I wear a mixture of briefs, under armour and boxers when things are feeling OK. If I’m going to be standing for long periods boxers are a no-no but if sitting at a desk all day briefs can be too tight. I long for the days of not having to worry about what underwear to put on :disappointed_relieved:

Hi everyone, wanted to stop back in and let you know that stretch trunks may be an option that helps (specifically Calvin Klein stretch trunks with a pouch). I picked some up on sale, and the amount of stretch in the material seemed to help with keeping everything in place and helped with pain while still being comfortable.

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