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Ultrasound guided injections

What’s really worked is ultrasound guided injections. It’s a mix of local pain killer and steroids into the nerve area with inflammation. It’s really helped the neural-muscular pain, spasmodic muscles, and burning pains of the pelvic area, abdominal and thighs. The local “pinching” of spermatic cord or testicle pain still persists, but it’s improved. I’ve been getting this treatment for 2 years now.

@Yearsofpain How often do you get the injections and what nerve(s) do you get them injected into?

Can I also ask what symptoms you have and were they caused by a vasectomy?

Do the injections wear off and you return to your baseline, or do you continue to get relief from them? Any idea what the anesthetics were and where the injections are?

I had a cord block (GF and II) with steroids on January 8th, had 3 really good days afterwards, and then got worse for a week or two, then back to baseline more or less. Anesthetics were marcaine and xylocaine IIRC.

The symptoms are nerve pain, locked, cramped muscles, muscles that don’t
fire right, pain in my pelvic area that is 3 dimensional it went from the
inside of my knees up through my diaphragm. The injections go in spurts.
One per week for 3-4 weeks, see how they work, then assess and do more
areas or redo problem areas.