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Ultrasound guided hidrodissection with Lidocaine?

Has anybody had this procedure? Its suppose to pull the nerve away from scar tissue. Lidocaine and a saline solution, guided by ultrasound.

I have not heard of this at all. Honestly, once upon a time, if I had heard of this I would say I would have researched this extensively and possibly would have considered it.

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I believe this is an US guide nerve block through the abdomen. I almost had this, but my Urologist stayed lower in the scrotum.

And how did it work out?

So I had a spermatic cord block performed above the testicle. Sadly, that is the exact spot where I have nerve damage so to procedure hurt. Not the needle, but the grabbing and gripping of the cord. The trama from the procedure lasted 25 days, but then the nerve pain was blocked. Worth it. Now we wait to see how long the block “blocks” the pain and go from there. It can last days, weeks or months. Mine was April 25 and is still working. Probably need a denervation after this.

İ did it. Easy procedure

Most cord blocks as a treatment versus a diagnostic would put a decent amount of local anaesthetic and steroid onto the cord and surrounding nerves with the hope of decreasing inflammation/irritation of those tissues. Aside from the anti-inflammatory properties of the steroid, the fluid pretty much acts like giving the tissue there a bit of a gentle shower with the hope it may loosen fascial restrictions or scar tissue. If tissue doesn’t slide and glide it is generally not happy.

Ive had 2 bilateral cord blocks with an initial increase in discomfort for the short term approx 1-2weeks and then a decrease. It can take a couple of weeks to kick in so one needs to be a bit patient. All in all, a pretty safe and effective treatment to try before more invasive surgical options.

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@JohnK Did this resolve your pain or did it return within a few months?

It has really knocked the pain back from a 5-6/10 to a 1-2/10. I can ride my bike again and have sex with pretty much no to minimal pain in the nuts most of the time. I have a granuloma that gets a bit irritated when riding sometimes. Interestingly when irritated it gives me a congested sensation and nerve referral pain into the upper quad and stomach on that side. Don’t get me wrong, things don’t feel right and I still have tingling/prickling sensations in the feet but if it weren’t for this then further surgical intervention wouldnt be a consideration.
I have been dealing with an interventional radiologist with an interest in pain science as opposed to a pain doc. I’m sure they’re all pretty much on par when it comes to sticking needles in ppl. The first bilateral cord block (Nov 20) was a more conservative dose of local and long acting steroid. The second time around (April 21) they went big and I did much better. But each injection has knocked the pain back by about 2/10.
I’m considering trying another block soon.

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@JohnK well this gives me a bit of hope!