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UK help - where/what treatment for pvps have you had


anybody from the UK?

who have you used for treatment so far?

I had vasectomy on nhs about 6 years ago.

reversal by Dr Harriss (Nottingham based I believe)

I’m just about to start papaya capsules (once they arrive). will try anything.

anybody in UK? maybe I’m the only one… I actually hope so to be honest.

Did you check the Dawson Microsurgery Clinic. He’s a urologist who had PVP himself. I mailed with the guy once but didn’t make an appointment (yet) since I have to fly in to UK from Belgium and I really need to know that I don’t have any local option left.

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thanks gor the link. great to know there is someone in the UK. a urologist who has pvps must be deemed an expert in my opinion. I will check this guy out. could be my next route. thanks mate. all the best with fixing your pvps, hope your visit does the trick! Or even better you fix with time or another way. papaya seeds seems to be a new thing worth trying…

This is my 3th week on papaya seeds. Still waiting for results…

oh. keep us informed if you dont mind. i started today. saying that, someone on another feed mentioned making sure it was the seeds and not fruit. my tablets don’t give a mix but fruit is the top ingredient…oops…lol

“making sure it was the seeds and not fruit”

That was me :slight_smile:

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@Pvps75 Your not the only one from UK i cant remember who but have seen plenty on forum since i been here.

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just a bit more silent from UK :grinning:


I am UK based and had a reversal with Duncan Harriss also. Mine thankfully worked out and I made it to about 95%+ pain free. I have occasional bad days where I am ill and pain flares, but Naproxen is enough to handle that. Otherwise occasional paracetamol when I get discomfort is enough.

I think all of the UK is on holiday just now, plus anyone who gets sorted tends to stop posting.

I was going to go with either Dawson or Harriss and went Duncan Harris as he used a gen anaesthetic rather than sedation.

My next step if it had not worked would have been to look at denervation. The only leads I had on that were the following British Journal of Urology paper, where I planned to trace the authors for a consult:

Also this Birmingham clinic also seem to offer that procedure:

Treatment in the UK is fairly terrible and you seem to have to plough your own path, I looked at the stats, went for reversal and got a fortunate outcome.

A semen analysis to see if you are scarred over on the reversal then a Dawson or Birmingham consult next possibly? Also I find naproxen and co-codamol work, but codine is addictive so a bad long term approach if avoidable.

Good luck getting some progress.

Hi mate

I had a reversal with Andrew Dawson June 2016, great guy, really puts you at ease and thankfully I am 100% better

hi mate. fantastic. lots of info there. at least I have an option in the UK for denervation. I’m going to try and get fun better shape (not easy with pvps lol). am 5ft 11 and 14 1/2 stone. hoping losing a couple of stone will help overall health, blood flow, etc. and might assist with pain. I’m gonna ask for some cebrelex (has a dm on that and a lot of the US guys seem to swear by it). or might ask for naproxen now, I guess it’s good there are some options. I had Dr harriss for my reversal. great bloke and definitely helped feel whole again and flow better with slight improvement in pain.

I’m hoping to put off denervation for as long as possible. hoping a miracle happens with time/diet lol. and when or if I do I want there to have been even more operations of denervation and maybe improved technology if possible.

All the best and thanks again for a great reply. lots to think about and gave hope with…

great news nate. glad your fixed. might get as numbers and general check done soon. thus guy seems like another option so that’s great. all the best.

@Pvps75, I would highly recommend getting an SA (semen analysis) before you get into the papaya seed powder.

Assuming you are open still, if you start taking that stuff before you have an SA, I feel confident saying it will skew your current count considerably. I think it has the potential to allow your reversal to scar closed as well.

I hope that’s somewhat helpful, I dropped weight and got back in shape after reversal, but couldn’t have done it easily before.

My understanding of the treatment ramp was:

1.Wait , not v practical.
2. Conventional pain relief, worked somewhat but not complete relief & left me spaced out
3. Neuropathic pain relief - Amitriptyline / Gabapentin . Tried Ami, and had a bad reaction. some posters have v good results though and avoid further surgery.

Then surgical in order of severity:
4. Reversal
5. Denervation
6. Epidymectomy - reversal redo becomes excluded
7. Orchiectomy

I know there are at least a couple of American posters on here who had bad outcomes from denervation, but Victor Ng who set up the board had a fairly good one. Epi seems to be about 30% successful, again with bad outcomes for some. Orchi is again mixed.

One other thing I would suggest is to try to eat a “clean” and anti inflammatory diet, cut alcohol, coffee, chocolate, mature cheese, cured meats, sources of nitrates, processed foods etc. This sounds a bit hippy-ish, but it did seem to help me out somewhat when things were bad.

Hope you get sorted.

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great advice. I’m gonna get as fit as possible weight wise and nutritionally. amitriptyline did not work for me. got a doc appointment 3rd August. going to ask for celebrex. I have not taken an antidepressant pill for 2 weeks now and feel in a good place mentally (at the moment).

I’ve ordered a self diagnose sperm test kit to check if normal ir low. had my numbers checked about a month after reversal and I can’t remember number but they were high so seemed to have worked at the time (helping pain level, don’t want anymore than my 2 boys that I have have g been left widowed 2 years ago).

denervation seems good but risky from what I can tell. not willing fo take that chance at moment.

Thanks gor the advice.

hope you are in a good place.

I’m in the UK… vas 11 months ago always abdominal pain. Just had my vas redone with a doc on harley st 7 weeks ago. Still discomfort in abdomen but now have the bonus of swollen right epi and sore left teste… going back to see surgeon tomorrow to see what he has to say.

hi mate. hope talk went well with surgeon.

one thing that could be in your favour is the fact you didn’t let ir linger on fir years. was about 5 years post bad before I looked into sorting.

fingers crossed for you.

Went to see doc… discomfort in abdomen still present he was disappointed that i had not improved after the 7 wks. He wants to give it another 2 months as i still have a lot of hardened scar tissue. It was very sore when he manipulated the vas ends and i am very sore in abdomen today. If after 2 months no improvement he said he would try an anaesthetic injection higher up i.e just above the scrotum. At least he confirmed that i do not have aswollen epi, it is just scar tissue

hi Lee. sounds like a bit of positive news. to be fair the scar tissue/effects on nerves etc. can settle down and early days in your case. hopefully time will heal and calm down your stomach pain. the anaesthetic injenction, I don’t have enough knowledge as to how this would help long term, or just give some short term pain relief.

maybe somebody else here would have an idea on that…