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Two weeks in, please I need some advise

First of all, I know the depression that this kind of regret can cause, but please keep two things in mind:

  1. You have a wife so that you don’t go through the problems of life alone. This is the time to value her love and support and envision getting through this together. You know that if she was injured, you would want to be by her side for as long as it takes.

  2. You are not out of options and you have found a group of people who have been through similar circumstances and can recommend competent doctors. Please don’t contemplate permanent solutions to what may be temporary problems.


Thanks, I think the pain is making me irrational, i can’t lay around anymore. I can’t even drive my car, walk, nothing. Just laying in pain everyday. I have severe tinnitus from a head injury, I have to keep moving to stay sane.

I don’t know about this swelling, is this something that could calm down, or can it be permanent? The swelling is causing me some serious distress, the horror of even glancing down is messing with my head. It’s lke a sack of potatoes.

I’m worried that I’ll loose my wife and lay crippled in my own, I’m pretty mentally tough normally but this seems to be beating me down and winning. My wife is here now, but I’m the strong one in the relationship, that is the dynamic.

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By the way, I was rereading my post and of course we want permanent solutions, just not the permanent solution. :slight_smile:

It definitely sounds like you have something else going on besides the vasectomy itself since PVP is usually something that looks okay but hurts like hell. I hope you can get a 2nd opinion and find out what went wrong.

My pain lasted three months. There was no change at all in the first few weeks. My balls were red and hung down halfway to my knees (or it seemed like it). Then it seemed to improve unevenly. Then, three months out, it suddenly disappeared. I was advised to soak in warm water. That did seem to help.

Please don’t do anything rash yet. Get to a different doctor if this idiot is telling you there’s nothing wrong. That’s what I did. I concur with many here. Two weeks is early and your chances of recovery are very good. Hang in there.

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Thank you man. Well, you have described my situation to a tee. I’ve had some slight improvements in the last 2 days, it’s a snails pace right now it seems. I go though stretches where it feels a bit better and then all of a sudden it’s back in full force and I’m crippled in pain.

My groin and hamstring muscles seem sore, or I guess it’s the nerves that run to them. I feel like I should stretch a bit, it’s hard to know what to do. Maybe doing nothing is the best route.

I’m wondering if the pressure feeling can go away, if the body can eventually adapt to it or if it’s something that some people are just stuck with ?

Main issues after 3 weeks:

-Pressure build up which seems worse after walking, moving around, or even sitting. Always feels best to be laying down but never really completely let’s up.

-stabbing pain in stomach and groin. Groin on both legs constantly sore, even to the touch, feels like torn muscles.

-balls are still swollen

-penis feels itchy, sore and tingly inside, especially after orgasim

Feels like I’m stuck with this, I know I have to give it more time but it really seems as though every day is exactly the same for the last week. Get up in the morning feeling shitt but decent enough to move around, as I move throughout the day, the pain gets worse. By the evening I’m in so much pain that I’m counting down the hours to get to bed.

I’m not so sure the main source of my pain is actually coming from the testicles. Does anyone here have pain in the urethra close to the prostate? It seems like the pain is close to the prostate, it feels as though the urethra is clamped shut, or a partial block, the pain travels up and into my penis. When I sit I trying to avoid the taint area and lean back, flex the glutes ti avoid pressure in this area, this is actually causing me serious lumbar back issues.

Is any of this possible, I feel like I’m loosing it, my testicle/epididymis are very swollen but I’m not sure they are the main source of this pain/pressure. When I sit on the taint area, the pressure increases ten fold. I’m also experiencing burning during and after urination, and urine leakage, almost like I can’t squeeze out and empty. The penis has also got this tingling numb sort of feel which gives me the sensation the I need to pee or ejaculate.

Maybe someone can offer some insight, thanks again for all the support.

My experience in this area is fairly limited so unfortunately probably won’t be much help. I’ve dealt with some minor urinary issues off and on since my vas four months ago and can’t say that I understand it exactly. But I just had my first pelvic floor physical therapy session and was told that my pelvic floor muscles are tight and I seem to have trouble relaxing them and that this could be causing some of my urinary symptoms. Seems like this is a common issue for a lot of guys here, but I wouldn’t want to discount the possibility of an infection or enlarged prostate for some other reason. Has your uro checked your prostate? My pelvic floor pt was shocked that the uro who did my vas never once checked my prostate despite going back to him 4 times because of the pain experience post vas.

I went back after 2 weeks, massive swelling and pain, he did a 20 second exam, pulled on the scrotom skin in a very painful way, and said if you had swelling your ball sack would be pulled tight, and all looks good. I don’t want to see this guy again. I guess I have to find someone else. My motivation to see another doctor at this post is low, I’m in pain and feel traumatized.

He said you’ll have pain for a while, at least 3 months to heal, bed rest for another 3 weeks, ibuprofen 800 mgs a day. and see how that goes, shook my hand and sent me on my way. It’s almost as if he thought I was making this all up. My wife was aruing with him, saying that my balls were massive compared to normal, he then has the nerve to question her about how she could possibly know that, like wtf.

So doing some digging around here, I guess it’s pelvic floor pain maybe? Sorry my lack of knowledge, I’m still new. I don’t really understand what has caused this, not sure if I should be stretching lightly after the vasectomy only 3 weeks back. It seems these muscles have become tight due to trauma in the area due to the vasectomy. I am even having a tough time flexing these muscles, I guess due to inflammation. I guess this is why I’m having urine leakage issues, can’t squeeze these muscles for whatever reason after the vasectomy. The muscle pain does seem to be leading into the penis until about half way up the shaft. The tightness in the muscles seems to extend right to the anus and spread into the gluts and down the groin. Maybe there was some damage done to the nerves leading to this area?

Being just three weeks in, should I try and release these muscles or give it time and try not to move. I realize I should be asking a doctor, but it’s seems they are very clued out. I went to see a gp, he jammed his finger up my ass and asked me if it hurt. I said it did, he said I might have inflammation in my prostate for one reason or another, he wasn’t sure about complications due to a vasectomy.

Lost and confused

What I don’t understand is the size of my testicles, they are easily twice the size they were. Is this the new normal? They don’t fit my body at all, I can’t even walk.

Is this a sure sign that I have backup issues ? Can someone kindly chime in. I’m going back to my GP I’m positive he will suggest infection.

It’s not only the pain that is getting me, although this is the main issue. It’s also the size and the look that is somehow seriously messing with my head. I can’t deal with this size even if the pain were to calm down. They aren’t grapefruits or anything crazy, they just hang WAY down and bang around, easily over twice the size.

If you had an infection, I’m pretty sure your urologist would have been happy to take that diagnosis as the easy out. You’re going to need to consult with a doctor who deals with vasectomy issues and can tell you what your doctor won’t. I don’t remember if you’ve posted your location, but someone might be able to suggest a doctor in your area.

Thanks. I’m Calgary Canada

If you’re still wondering if it’s nerve pain: an easy way to figure that out, is to start taking amitriptyline for a week or so. Can you clarify if your balls bloated or the epididymis ses?


but Ami isnt usefull for everyone. I lied shaking on couch after three days. Not everyone is build for ADs and they deliver oftenly nasty withdrawals


I just had my family doctor take a look. He says the epididymis is hard and swollen. But I think the actual testicle is swollen as well, both sides seem to be equally swollen but the left is pushed forward.

I’m only about 5 weeks in, I have a feeling I’m going to have to do something about this, maybe look into getting this reversed I guess. I can’t get the swelling down so I’m not sure what to do. I can’t stay permanently backed up and swollen? I mean, do people live like that ?

Starting to feel extremely anxious, waking up in pain with a racing heart and nightmares about this shit. I’m having a hard time staying strong mentally, I feel like it’s beaten me already. I’m laying down 22 hours a day, can hardly stand up, can’t sit as my prostate feels like it’s going to explode. I’m trying to take short walks but am left in so much pain. I can’t just keep doing this day after day, I’ll loose my mind.

I don’t know if this is normal pain, wake up and feel like I have a fist up my ass, balls in a vice and my penis feel as though it’s going to fall off- numb and painful.

Sorry about posting so much, just getting this off my chest. I’m not doing well at all, the pain is stressing me, but the swelling is really got me wound up, my body obviously can’t handle absorbing the sperm. I’ve done a fair bit of reading and still don’t really understand what can be done besides a reversal. The sperm needs to come out. I feel like it’s making me sick as well, massive headaches, eyes feel blurred over, tired. I don’t know what to think.

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Ultrasound apparently looks okay, unreal as my balls are very swollen. I keep asking my wife, she’s says they are about twice the size they were pre vas. Maybe I had small balls. These don’t fit in between my legs and push forward when I stand, squeezed out basically. Also swelling makes penis sick out parallel with the ground while standing up, prior to vas penis hung downward. Anyway, apparently it’s all normal.

Had T levels checked after reading a lot here, turns out my testosterone has mysteriously taken a dive!! I’m 6ft 230 pounds stacked with muscle, 5 weeks ago (pre vas) I was doing heavy dead lifts, bench, squats etc, I wish I had my T checked prior, I could just look at weights and grow muscle, there is no way in hell I had low T, now 5 weeks later my T is at 6.1, not sure what this reading is, just now it’s low according to my doctor, he seems a little shocked, thinks it could have been a false reading due to pain that day or some other factor. Wants me to retest in a week. Side note-still have a high sex drive, extremely high, not sure if I can have low T and high sex drive ?

All of this shit is wearing on me, I push myself to walk and do things, get in a car etc. By the time dinner rolls around I’m finished, beaten down in the most pain I’ve ever been in, I lay down and don’t want to move. Starting to feel like I need to reverse this thing, I can’t deal with this much pain, I’d rather be dead. Even the look creeps me out. When erect my balls hang low, I can see the base of my penis now as it wraps under me like I have no balls, prior vas the balls were kind of part of the whole thing, now it’s as if my balls are detached, looks like pool balls in a sock type thing, is this how all vasectomized men look? How the hell is this all happening, and how is this a normal procedure.

Today severe headache, weakness, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, confusion, keep forgetting what I’m talking about mid sentence, pain getting worse by the day.

This feels like it’s becoming a emergency, doctor keeps telling me to give it time. This has completely derailed my life, I’m still in shock, tough to get my head around this.

This snip is the most unnatural think men can do to their bodies. No wonder we have sore balls and unnatural side effects. Drs make money and we live with pain something needs to be done I wish o had never had the surgery I might be like a few guys that I know and get drunk every night. What a life and what’s it come to. Guess I am bitter and twisted