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Two weeks in, please I need some advise

Alright pal, I guess I’ll just have to wait, I’m glad I found you guys at least now I have some guidance and the opportunity to share how is it going day after day. Thanks a lot, I really hope everyone here to get their life’s back on track.

Wish you all a great day

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Update almost 5 months in.

Well I’ve actually got a little traction as of late, I can’t put my finger on what I’ve done to help, I guess it’s just time.

I wanted to leave this message to give others a bit of hope as I know some of my messages are very grim.

I’m still considering a reversal, I’m far from being out of the woods, but I’m able to get through parts of the day fairly low on the pain scale (2out of 10), other times things flair up very badly.

Until recently I was okayish in the morning, get up and within a hour I was pretty much crippled. The pain seems to be creeping in slower and maybe not reaching the same highs as before.

I was going to wait and see to post, but at the same time, I know what it’s like to read some of this stuff when you’re in a dark space.

I hope to keep improving, just this little bit of relief has given me some strength to move forward.


Hey man, thanks for the update. Glad to see a bit of improvement. Hope it keeps trending that way for you and you keep us updated.

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This swelling isn’t going down, only getting worse, right leg is blown up down to the back of the knee. Front groin area around penis swollen to the point that the penis is almost completely inside.

I’ve done a semen and urine test for infection, nothing found, no fever, although haven’t checked in a while. Thinking about trying some antibiotics, worried about ototoxic effect ears (already have tinnitus and hearing loss) but at wits end, this swelling looks pretty bad.

Finally appointment with urologist Jan 29, standard here in Canada, wait 4-6 months to see a doctor, I guess most people go to the states.

Wondering if this swelling can be from sperm? This is major swelling at this point, I feel like I’ve got a extra 3-5 pounds on the right leg, you can see it even if I’m wearing jeans. Or does this have to be infection? Glutes all blown up well, ass crack is swollen shut feels like, starting to get rashes from chafing.

I’ve had some okay times lately while sitting around, gone some hours with low pain which is a unbelievable feeling, a time to collect my thoughts and chill, but comes on so so strong at night or after I do something. Swelling is very concerning, don’t want to end up loosing a leg or something ridiculous, I’m thinking reaction to sperm, although what the hell do I know.

I’m Pretty much at the point where I’m ready to roll the dice on a reversal, I have too many issues, this is no way to live.

Any thoughts are always appreciated.

Short update:

Pain in pelvic area significantly reduced in the last couple of weeks, can sit with a decent amount of comfort (no donut). The pain is to manageable levels, fullness after sex and entire area is still swollen but overall very good improvement. As I type slight pinching left testicle and overall a bit of a ache, but not suicidal type pain anymore, this I’m very grateful for. I can walk with marginal pain but still seem to be walking in a strange manner, other people notice. Muscles will maybe never fire correctly again, not sure.

I have really bad tinnitus (6 years) at times I would definitely take vasectomy pain over it. I get to the point where I can’t sleep or relax for months straight, kind of end up delirious with a screaming head, I happen to be in a flair up at the moment, worst I’ve ever had.

I’m wondering if this systematic type swelling is causing my tinnitus to flair. I have noticed that I have non stop allergies since the vas, doctor says I have fluid in my middle ear both sides, I’m pretty sure this could be making the screeching head noise and fullness worse.

Still thinking a reversal as I have low T, feel like I have the flu all the time, and the swelling just can not be good for me regardless if I’m getting some decent pain days. I am however worried that I won’t be able to sleep or relax after the surgery due to the tinnitus, I’m definitely at my weakest point I’ve been in a while, some nights getting only a hour of sleep plus having to pop sleeping pills to get it. Days creep by, can’t concentrate on TV or reading, or anything for that matter, pace the house endlessly. The tinnitus just seems to mentally breaks me unfortunately.

Funny, I got this vasectomy because I was scared to have a child with this tinnitus disability, I just become so non functional at times that I was scared that a child wouldn’t understand. Always wanted kids but just wasn’t meant to be I guess.

Anyone else experience massive head screaming type tinnitus? I got mine from a ear injury years ago, the antibiotics I took destroyed part of my hearing, to this day I’m terrified to take them again, all this swelling and pain my doctor kept telling me I had to try antibiotics, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I had my urine and semen checked, both okay, also no fever so the doc couldn’t verify it anyway.

My ear situation seems to be worse since at the doctor about a week ago, hoping I’m not in infection territory at this point. Not sure thinking that this ear worsening can be related to the vasectomy is even rational, but nothing would surprise me. If I had a infection in my mid section can it reach the ear over time, or can my entire system which is obviously inflamed cause the inner ear to do so as well. Weird all this crap that crosses the mind after a vasectomy.

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying the holidays.

Hello from a fellow Tinnitus sufferer here. Mine was stress related, got it in 2013, and certainly did increase in volume straight after vasectomy. I’m 16 months post reversal, and last month been suffering with a bad setback after being good 95% recovered around 1 year mark. My tinnitus died down to the levels where I could only hear it in a very quiet room at night. Up in volume again now, dominates everything. How long were you taking antibiotics for your ear to get damaged?

Hang in there brother!

Hey, they were ear drops for infection, almost instantly, I remember that night after taking a dose waking up with pretty bad tinnitus, hearing loss and dizziness. I was pretty ignorant back then, I thought it was a infection getting worse so kept with the drops, things got worse from there. The crazy thing is that the doctor wasn’t sure if my ears were infected, said they were slightly red so to be “safe” take antibiotics. At that time I really didn’t know the risks of taking meds, now I’m terrified to take almost anything.

I’ve had several times worsening from there, a couple of acoustic traumas, worst time in a mri machine of all things at 120db for 30 min, came out and could barely hear the tech. I think once the ears have been compromised (damaged hair cells) they seem to damage quite easily moving forward.

This worsening of late I’m not sure, it must be all the fluid in my ears not draining, I feel like I’m trapped under water, diving deep and ears won’t pop, so much pain and pressure and this screeching type noise puts me in pure hell.

I know I’m having a autoimmune response to the vasectomy, I hope my ears aren’t being attacked somehow, I’m starting to get worried as things keep getting worse. End of next month I see a urologist for TRT, can’t come soon enough. The pain as I said in my previous post is okayish, today had to use the car for about 30 min, sitting damn painful still, but it’s just all this inflammation, it’s disgusting, still feel like I’m sick.

My eyes blurred up since the vas, why not f//ked hearing as well I guess. This shit has aged me 10 years in a few months.

I was unaware you could get tinnitus from stress, I guess stress can damage us pretty severely in many different ways.

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I think one of the reasons I’m kind of freaking out is because the doctors I have seen just kinda look puzzled and none of them have any answers. I could be loosing hearing from a autoimmune response, but you could never even mention a connection to the vasectomy. I tell him my eyes are messed and all this other weird shit, he buys none of it, so I don’t even bother anymore.

All the swelling, he just kinda pushes around the area and says, yup I’m going to have to get someone else to look at this, there is a lot of swelling, yeah thanks, and like the next guys going to have a answers, right! Start to feel just totally lost.

So sorry to hear brother, yes, can relate to aging 10 years in one month. My Tinnitus isn’t as bad as yours, only can hear it in a quiet room after all these years. IIRC @Choohooo had a lot of similar issues you have described, maybe he would be able to chime in with his suggestions?

Maybe start with some conservative treatments like papaya seeds, see if reduction of semen will keep your symptoms at bay? I had a good response to them

Yeah I’ll have to try that out. For some reason I’ve been sceptical about them as they all seem to homemade. Don’t know what’s in that stuff. Do you have a link to the seeds you take?

So here’s something interesting, I’ve recently gone 80 percent deaf in the right ear, in fact it happened last night at around 10:00pm while watching TV. I just spent the last 9 hours in emergency, they have confirmed nerve damage, I’m on prednisone for the next 7 days. For me, This is more devastating than the prospect of living in pain forever. Half my head is dead with absolute hellish screaming with no way to mask out the sound at all, just trapped in it. I watch TV and all I hear is screaming to the point where I just can’t take it any longer. I’ve had tinnitus for years, in fact I’ve lost my career over it. Now, well this is something I could have never imagined. I don’t think I’m capable of handling this, I can not relax for even 1 min ever again. You don’t really sleep when it’s this loud, you pass out on and off wake up in hell with heart racing every 20 min, not relaxing sleep like normal people. Even fairly loud tinnitus is doable, but when it reaches a certain pitch and volume it’s just torture every minute of every day.

I asked the doctor why one ear, and why just bam everything gone. She said that it was likely a virus that attacked the audio nerve. I asked her about a vasectomy being related to this, she wouldn’t really entertain the conversation but didn’t deny any anything.

If the other ear goes, I won’t be around for long, I don’t think I can take a day of it. The noise just gets to the point that you become mentally exhausted, but you know you won’t get a break from it ever, it causes severe panic attacks. My previous tinnitus level was to the point that I would have complete meltdowns while out and have to race home, drink, take drugs whatever.

Anyway, I didn’t sleep last night, I’m exhausted and terrified to sleep. I’ll wake to raging deafness, new reality and panic attacks. I don’t think the prednisone will help that. It’s strange putting my ear down on the pillow and not hearing any scratching by the ear on the pillow, just feels dead. It’s a huge adjustment to make, not to mention I have metal on metal scraping in my brain so loud it’s hard to explain. If I lay in the good ear I’m completely in my own world with it, it’s just plain scary.

Having said all this, I’ll book a reversal tomorrow, this has destroyed me, it’s hard to imagine living like this, for the rest of my life, never mind trying to pull off a surgery. It’s hard to avoid the thoughts of impending doom. I love my wife, and don’t want to leave anyone, but at the same time I don’t know how I can handle the next 10 min, nevermind permanently. And then there is the prospect of everything getting worse, other ear attacked, debilitating surgery pain while I can’t sleep it away at all. The ear lost everything so quickly that it just seems too easy to happen to the other side.

The task seems a little daunting. It’s all so hard to explain to family. Having a conversation saying things like yeah I went deaf, I believe it’s the vasectomy, this kind of thing makes people think you’ve lost your mind. I have no question that it’s the vasectomy, never in my life have I suddenly lost this kind of hearing. Tinnitus is usually a gradual thing, tons of noise, ototixic drugs etc. This shit is something actually relentlessly attacking my system, this is right from the doc, what are the chances that it’s not the vasectomy and all a big coincidence, in my mind zero. I’ll roll the dice, I have nothing to loose at this point. If I make it through this a half way sane person I’d be totally shocked.

My prostate is also still swollen, along with entire area, none of it is good. I’m booking for ASAP. In the mean time I guess I better get some seeds.

The nurse that was preparing my arm for blood work was asking all the questions, I mentioned a vasectomy, she was like oooh my husband is getting one, we can’t wait!! I couldn’t even speak properly, all I could do was say no no no no no over and over until I got a hold of myself and managed to explain what has happened to me. She looked puzzled disbelief type of look. Just ended up saying, listen, do a lot of digging around, if he ends up like myself, you’ll loose him as a husband and as a father. My wife was there, almost in tears, she may have got the point. I think I even teared up a little while trying to explain myself.

I find myself pretty down down down, my poor wife is having a mental breakdown, she doesn’t deny a thing, she has seen exactly what this simple procedure has done to me, how it’s changed me, how it’s aged me, how it’s sucked every bit of everything I had left right out of me.

Men, this is not right, how can this all be happening. I’m a ruined man with no future. My best case is to get out of this a only one half deaf man that has been traumatized beyond words, I’ll hope for it, anything less and I’m not making it boys.

I’m not a religious person but I’m saying some prayers to whoever will listen to me tonight, I’ll pray for the rest of you, please do the same for me. I don’t think I’ve ever said a prayer in my life.

Thanks guys.


I hope no one thinks I’ve lost my mind here, I haven’t, this shit is making me a little crazy though.

In my previous post I mentioned loosing my hearing right ear, now on prednisone to (from what I understand) to shut down the immune response, avoid swelling in the inner ear in the hopes that some hearing comes back. This is the standard protocol when you go in with sudden deafness. Well it seems to have helped as I am recovering some lost hearing (about 50%).

Also, from what I understand my immune system has to attack sperm 24/7, especially since I’m open ended. Well if my immune system is shut down with these drugs (prednisone) what is happening to these sperm? The swelling in the pelvic area is actually worse.

I had sex last night (not a good idea) but I needed a little stress relief, I also start thinking this can’t be happening, it’s all got to be coincidence. Within a hour after, the deafness comes back full force, my ear has a siren in it, my vision gets blurry, severe headache, dizziness, and really bad nausea. I pop a prednisone, 3 hours later symptoms improve, again this shuts down the immune response but in the process shuts down the bodies abilities to dispose of millions of sperm that I’ve just shot into my bag.

I obviously tried to ask emergency about all of this but they didn’t want to talk about the vasectomy, kept insisting on focusing on the hearing emergency. I’ve now been to two different doctors, a third at emergency about this hearing loss, all shrug their shoulders and says yeah, that could happen with a autoimmune issue, let’s get you on steroids.

I hope someone can chime in, I’m not a very technical guy, and my basic common sense doesn’t seem to be serving me very well here. I can get in as early as the 10th Jan for reversal.

Anyone ?

Hey man, your situation is very odd.

From what I understand your vasectomy was open ended. Alot of open ended vasectomys tend to develop sperm granulomas that close the vas off eventually similar to a close ended vasectomy ( I think, someone correct me here if I am wrong). This sperm granuloma might increase/decrease in size as your body absorbs it over time.

I would think the prednisone would help your situation since if your body has antibodies attacking sperm in your scrotum it would cause an inflammatory response which could cause swelling in and around your scrotum? But you are saying when you take the prednisone your pelvic swelling is worse?

As far as how our bodies deal with sperm, I don’t think anyone really knows? They are supposed to dissolve and be reabsorbed by our body, but how that happens I don’t have any idea, maybe some one else here knows.

I don’t think you are crazy. I do wonder wth is going on though.

I experienced a lot of craziness in my early days as well. I haven’t posted a lot about it on this site, but have posted some details in the past.

Hard to say what is going on with you. Is it all related to autoimmune, leaking sperm, and so on? Is it more of a byproduct of chronic pain and/or stress? A combination of those things? IDK.

A lot of my issues cleared up in time after my first reversal, but not 100%. As I have said in the past, I was never the same after my experience with vasectomy.

The weird thing is, the pain has come down huge, I mean big time, yet I have about 15 pounds of swelling on and around my legs. I was actually going to just leave it as I didn’t want to push my luck. I’m at about a 1-2 for pain most of the time, I’ll take that and run.

The issue is my body looks bloated up, some swelling around my neck as well. It’s as if the swelling has gone systematic, I can only assume this swelling is causing me this kind of general sickness, the increased tinnitus, and now the deafness, severe headaches and blurred vision.

Hard to know what to think, but somethings generally off. Maybe there is something different and unrelated, but it’s hard not to link this to the vasectomy. I’ve never felt like this before in my life. My wife sees such a difference in me that she is convinced without a question that it’s all vasectomy related. I just don’t want to jump to any conclusions.

Thanks for the response.

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Thanks. I’m not sure if the swelling is worse, maybe I can just see it more. I’ve lost a lot of weight since the deafness incident a few days ago, maybe this makes it more visible. It’s everything in the Groin area including my legs, especially the backs, goes down to my knees.

From what I understand about prednisone is it shuts down the immune system to stop the inflammatory response, so yes you should be right about the swelling, I’m probably wrong, just
looks that way.

My concern is that the drug allows more sperm production than usual (that’s is if the immune system is what is involved in purging them) I don’t know. And if this is the case, what happens when I stop taking the stuff, maybe a massive rebound effect.

I don’t know if I have closed up, or not, everything feels pretty hard and lumpy down there, maybe I need to do more investigation.

The main problem is that I’m in Canada, and can’t see a doctor. Even when you go to the hospital emergency they won’t have a ENT or say a urologist on site unless you’re dying, in that case I believe they will call one in. They will refer to one the same as if you go to a clinic. That referral takes months. I’m booked to see a urologist on the 29th of this month, that was requested months ago. I was hoping to try TRT, wasn’t so worried about the wait until this situation where I seem to be heading down hill fast.

Maybe I have to fly to the states to see a urologist, this could be a start I guess.

I should’ve mentioned a hormonal change as possibly being part of the problem well. I felt I had a compounded negative response to many things post vas. I can remember being so screwed up beyond pain that peaches tasted like cherries, and so on. I was like, wth?

Back in my early days, I experienced many of the same things as you and several others on this site, and I had never read of, never heard of, etc, about such things before.

There are many options to consider prior to reversal. But, like I have said in many previous threads before… I won’t encourage, nor discourage men from having a reversal.

Hey Regret,

If I were you, I would request some serious blood testing. Get your entire hormone panel tested.

Ask for the following:

Thyroid Tests
Triiodothyronine (T3)
T4 FREE (Direct) (Not total T4, you want to see if your T4 is being converted to T3 properly)

Prostate Tests
PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)
PSA, Free,

Testosterone Tests
Free Testosterone (Direct)

Then request all the other basic blood work. I would suspect something could be off with your lymphatic system with the swelling in your groin and neck area.

You may need to ask specifically for some of these as some places don’t specifically test for the thyroid T3 or T4 Free without being asked.

I am happy to hear your pain levels have decreased.

Hey Regret, I am just checking in to see how you are doing as its been almost a month. Hope you are trending better.

@vasectomyotawa, over the last few months, I have felt that silencing you for a full year was a bit excessive. In hindsight, I think a warning and/or a 6 month temporary silencing would’ve been a better option.

I just lifted the one year temporary silencing from your account. If you decide to post again, please try to engage in the discussion/s in a manner that others find helpful, and please answer direct questions when people ask them of you. If you are going to post statistics, please site the source of your information. And please don’t give any of us a reason to feel like you are trolling this forum with nonsense again.


I just wanted everyone to be aware of the fact that if you visit @vasectomyotawa website he linked earlier, it downplays the inherent risks of vasectomies big time.

The websites risk section below…

Here’s what the website says about sperm granuloma…

A sperm granuloma which is a bump can form on the vas deferens when the canal is sealed. This bump will disappear within a year’s time.”

The website says this about inflammation…

Slight pain and inflammation may last for a few weeks post the procedure. But this can be easily treated with medications such as Advil and Motrin.

The website sites a PVPS statistic of…

Some rare cases of pain in the testicles have been reported. But these occur only in 1 in 10,000 patients.”

The website also says this…

As you can see, complications are very rare and the benefits definitely outweigh the risks


The website also supports world vasectomy day. I’m certainly not a fan of world vasectomy day, but at least they do site the AUA pvps guidelines on their website. I’m not a fan of the AUA’s pvps statistics either, as they do not allign very well with official PVPS statistics worldwide.

World vasectomy day website below.

From world vasectomy day website…

“According to the American Urological Association, between 1-2% of men suffer lasting pain associated with their vasectomy. We recognize that while your pain is not a statistical anomaly and as such is both very real and very unfortunate, do keep in mind that a decision not to get a vasectomy doesn’t eliminate suffering associated with birth control, it just puts all of the burden on women. If you are one of the unfortunate few who suffers lasting pain, be sure to reach out to your provider immediately.”

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