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Two weeks in, please I need some advise

Hi there, this is my first post. I’m not really sure how the forum works, I hope this is okay.

I had a vasectomy two weeks ago, I’m crippled in pain and I’m not seeing any improvement day to day.

Initially, everything seemed okay, the procedure was quick and fairly painless. The first couple of days were fine. By the third day I started getting this feeling of pressure backup (blue balls feeling), low abdomen swelling pain (feels like my balls are in my stomach), groin pain that travels down to the back of my knees, swollen balls (twice the size as normal).

Now two weeks, and zero progress. I feel the same every day, the swelling has maybe come down slightly, but the pain and pressure in my testicles is getting exhausting. Laying around in pain with little to no progress is obviously starting to freak me out. Talking to the urologist that performed the surgery, he says be patient, give it a few months.

My question is, why am I not getting any progress? Every day is the same. I wake up feeling slightly less pain but have this bizarre type of tingling sensation in my penis and testicles which turns to pain and pressure as soon as I get up and walk, sitting is extremely painful, I’m laying on my back with my legs spread in a huge amount of pain all day and night, I don’t even want to sit up as it seems the more I move the I have to pay.

I’m a active person, I train heavy 6 days a week, I’m devastated just laying here. My wife is very supportive but I don’t like to have to rely on anyone, it scares me needing this much help and support just to get through the day.

Am I overreacting this early? Thanks for any advise, I’m very sorry to read about some of the long term pain and suffering that people here have endured.


Sorry you’re here man. There is a lot of great advice available on the forum regarding your next steps. At this point though, you’re only 2 weeks out, and have visible swelling. Odds are in your favor that when the selling goes down, so will the pain.

Right now, just take it easy and do whatever you need to do to get through this time. You got sold on an “easy” procedure, and for many men that’s just not true, so try not to be too concerned about needing help. Consider yourself lucky that your wife is being supportive.

Good luck. There’s a lot of useful information available if you need it, but hopefully in a couple weeks we won’t hear from you anymore.

Stop all physical activity for a while. Try ibuprofen, tylenol, antibiotics, ice, hot baths, different underwear, prescription NSAID. Different things have worked for different people here. 2 weeks is still pretty early. I’m 6.5 years.

Thanks very much. Yeah I don’t think things are going to turn around here. Nothing changes, I was absolutely crippled with pain by the time I went to bed last night. I’m laying on the chouch all day everyday, taking ibuprofen, baths, if anything things are getting worse. It’s not only my balls, is the my penis as well, it burns when I pee, hurts when I ejaculate, it feels like there is a string tied around the base cutting off blood flow, there is this kind of numb tingling feeling all the time.

I’ve never experienced pain like this before. I go back to the guy that performed the surgery and he’s trying to tell me that I’m not that swollen, and things look good. My balls are literally twice the size they were, and do not fit in between my legs anymore, they feel like they are hanging to my knees, they look disgusting. It’s like my balls just aged 40 years, they don’t feel right, look right. To be honest I can’t touch them as I’m creeped right out, and I barely look at them, my wife checks them. This is horrific, I can’t believe I let someone do this to me. No I wasn’t in some horrible car accident or anything, I willfully walked in and let someone butcher me. I don’t know what I was thinking, this is a absolute nightmare. I’ve done a little digging around now and the stats don’t look good, if I would have done more than visit the docs website, and looked into this a little, there is no way I would have rolled the dice. I made the assumption that this was safe, why I don’t know. Ten minutes of research would have been enough.

My concern is I’m making no progress at all, nothing, or even moving backwards. If I was improving even a little my spirits would be higher. Laying here the pain in my lower abdomen is traveling right though to my lower back and causing muscle spasms. My groin on both sides feels like I’m having veins pulled out of my legs. I’m avoiding even moving, or sitting up as this seems to flare things up.

No way, I’m living like this, I’ll put myself out of misery if this is a forever thing. I can’t even look myself in the mirror at this point, I’ve ruined my and my wife’s lives, I hate myself.

I know it is really tough right now. Most of the guys on this forum probably have had the same thoughts at some point. I didn’t really start to see any improvements until about two months post vas. I’m at four months now and while I’m not back to normal I’m definitely in a better place, but the change certainly wasn’t linear - a lot of ups and downs.

One of the biggest things (and probably toughest too) is trying to get the anxiety under control. There’s a lot on this forum about that. I definitely struggled with it but looking back now I really understand how important that is. I’m not a big medication guy, but I went on an anti-depressant and it helped me a lot. Meditation has also been huge for me. There are a lot of apps out there that you can use to do guided meditations. It is hard work and don’t expect improvements right away, but these things can really help the mind, which then helps the body heal.


Thanks. Yeah I’m no stranger to controlling heavy anxiety, I’ve got really bad tinnitus from brain trauma. Basically I have screaming in my brain 24 7, it’s caused me many issues over the years. It’s pretty funny, the reason my wife and I decided not to have kids is becasue of my brain condition, otherwise there is no way I would have done this.

I’ve been through many meds, therapists etc etc throughout the years deal with post concussion. I’m in disbelief that I could have another crippling condition to add.

So as far as anxiety on this one, I’m actually okay, I’ve got none really. Had I not been through what I had in the past few years, yeah I would be loosing it right now.

I can’t say that I’m not scared but I don’t feel anxious, I feel calm, but frustrated and seriously angry. Maybe a little bit beside myself, a little depersonalization, I feel like this is all a bad dream and can’t even be real. I don’t know.

Does getting night time boners set me back? I wake up in god awful pain with a pee erection at night. I go back to sleep and wake up in the same situation. Am I tearing something at night? If so what does a guy do? I don’t ejaculate much these days due to the pain, I think this is making the night time situation worse.

Thanks again for the replies, i really do appreciate having a place like this to chat. The GP that I went to didn’t even seem to understand how a vasectomy was performed. The knowledge here is incredible, but I guess you have to take your health into your own hands it seems these days.

Sorry this is so awful right now. I would not put so much weight on the “zero improvement” aspect of it. With PVPS in the first year, it seems there are long plateaus where you don’t seem to be improving, then you wake up one day and realize things are suddenly less bad. You’re in a dark place right now but you really won’t know anything for 3-6 months. So hang in there.


Thanks for the encouragement. Just funny talking to friends that have had it, they almost seem like they are blaming me, weird shit. Right away asking what I’ve been eating/drinking, if I had enough rest etc. I guess people are trying to help, it’s all just very strange. I guess doctors get a free pass, they could never harm anyone :roll_eyes:


It is a truly bullshit situation at multiple levels.

People have their defensive coping mechanisms. Only the people who have chronic pain are equipped to really understand.

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Yep. I’ve had my chest split down the middle twice and compound fractured my leg. Those pains didn’t even come close to the pain I was having at 3 weeks post vasectomy.

I had those thoughts myself. I was having suicidal thoughts. It was terrifying because 4 weeks prior to my world collapsing, my life had really never been better. I was killing it at work, my kid finally stopped being colicky so my wife and I were finally getting out of the house and doing things. Life was great. The vasectomy destroyed me physically and mentally.

The realization that nobody believes you, including your docs can be very isolating. That might have been one of the hardest aspects of this whole situation. Try and find a doctor that is familiar with PVPS. Once I found people who were willing to acknowledge there was an issue, things started to move rapidly and I was finally able to find some relief.

I mention all of this because most of us were in your exact position and we truly felt there would never be an end to this Hell. You are still very early and odds are in your favor.


Yeah I think most people are cowards in this way. Easier to sweep the minority under the carpet, chalk it up to some other reason and move on with rose coloured glasses. If 1 person warned me about this, I wouldn’t have done it. I knew there were risks but the numbers are bad, the guy that performed my surgery had 19 people the day that I had mine done!! Statistically there was probably another guy the same day as me now in a similar situation to mine. I don’t know how these doctors do it. All it would take for me is one, and I would be out of the business, I don’t care how much it costs me. Seems all a little nuts to me.

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Yeah man, I know, if people haven’t experienced it, well it must not exist! I’m lucky my wife is here for me and is very understanding. I feel awful for those without support, or those that have to get to work but can’t. This shit could ruin a person, even if you make a recovery down the line. Not everyone has months or years to recover.

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Does anyone have leaking urine ? This just started today, I’m so lost, I don’t know if I should be going to the hospital or what. The swelling is still massive, not going down.

I’m now seriously panicking, I can’t believe this.


Go to the hospital, the urine leak is faaaar from normal.

I was at almost 2 years before I started to feel somewhat normal. I’m still not 100%, but most days are pretty good now. My urologist told me he’d done over a thousand vasectomies without a single complaint. Honestly, I doubt there’s any invasive medical procedure that goes that well. The real answer is that one way or another, complaints are ignored. Some people think a bad outcome means the doctor messed up, but I think some of us just aren’t built to handle a backup in our system. If you can’t get it under control within a few months, I’d consult someone about a reversal.

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Yeah I only felt okay the first couple of days, now, yeah I know I’m backed up. It’s not like I have never had the feeling in my life prior, I’m sure all males have. I’m stuck with blue balls permanently it seems. My balls never once hung below my penis, they now sit about 3x lower than my penis hangs, it’s as if I had my balls switched out with a 90 year old man. I’ve been to scared to even touch them until tonight, I had a complete nervous breakdown, it’s like my sack is full of something, I’m sure not what, a lot of lumps and just so much swelling that I can’t tell what’s going on. I actually felt sick to my stomach.

As far as the urin leak, I think it’s becasue my prostate is swollen, I’m going to go see my family doc on Monday.

I’m worried to the point that the whole thing is seriously compromising my relationship. I’m screwed, I can’t walk, my balls don’t even fit anymore. I have fairly thick legs, there is just nothing to do with these things. Just the stress of having these monsters banging around is enough, never mind the excruciating pain. My wife does understand though, she keeps saying how angry the situation looks down there.

I feel like my life is over as I know it, I’m not sure I can deal with this, the pain after I get up and around the house is unbearable, I can’t sleep, the pain is radiating all down my legs, my groin area is sore to the touch, my prostate is so swollen I can’t sit.

No way I can live like this if things don’t improve, I won’t.

The urologist that did the procedure is in denial, he wanted to take a look and says that they don’t look swollen. My wife basically told him that he’s full of shit, that they were massive. I think it’s easy just to blow people off and keep telling yourself that it’s them, and not the outrageous procedure. It’s all in the numbers, there is no way one of these guys can’t know the damage they are causing. I should have done my due diligence, the stats don’t look good, it’s definitely a roll of the dice, or Russian route. Scary shit

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