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Turmeric Curcumin

Anyone else taking turmeric or related supplements to help reduce inflammation?

I have been taking a turmeric supplement daily for a few weeks now. My doctors had me on NSAIDs for several months and I was tired of taking them continually with the damage they can do to the digestive system. I did not notice any immediate effect with the turmeric, but from what I have read and have been told by my doctors, the effects come after weeks of continuous use.

I am feeling a little better overall these days, but there have been other variables such as herbal supplements, acupuncture, physical therapy, and of course the passage of time. I have stopped taking ibuprofen and naproxen altogether, and only take aspirin maybe 2x a week when I have particularly rough days.

The turmeric is cheap and benign so I will likely keep taking it regardless, but I am curious to see if anyone has success stories with this supplement.

Hi there, yes I have taken curcumin and had pretty good success. How much do you take? I’m usually taking two capsules with lunch and another two with dinner. Make sure you get the kind that is combined with pepper or you add some pepper to the water you take it with to enhance absorption. It took a few weeks before I noticed anything but I feel like it’s having a positive effect on inflammation without the nasty side effects of nsaids.

I also like using serrepatase as an anti-inflammatory supplement. I would recommend giving it a try. Make sure to take that one on an empty stomach.

Lastly, I’ve had good luck with oregano oil. I believe this is more anti oxidant rather than anti-inflammatory but it’s been working for me.

Supplements don’t work for everyone but give them time as there are minimal side effects so won’t hurt. I’ve had decent success. Good luck!

I have been taking what amounts to 900 mg of turmeric root powder and 100 mg turmeric root extract, for a total of 95 mg curcuminoids.

Glad to hear its working for you! The thing I love about the turmeric is there are no side effects or other concerns that I am aware of. Maybe it’s not a magic solution to every problem, but it doesn’t hurt like NSAIDs do over time.