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Trying to help my husband, who is working out of the country after his vasectomy with 10/10 pain 10 days post vas

Hello everyone, I’m not sure if it is ok for a wife to post here but my husband doesn’t use computers so here I am. I will describe his symptoms and hopefully someone can give me some help, to help him. He’s currently on day 4 of a 20 day hitch in the middle of nowhere west Texas. He got a no scalpel open vasectomy on October 1st. It was fine until 2 days ago when the pain started. He has told me this: Left bruising was there since procedure but now left testicle feels 3 times the size and pain is pressure and extreme. He also feels another mass inside the scrotum. No fever. He is trying to take it easy at work but works 12 hour shifts outside every day. He was in tears today and contemplated going to the hospital. After reading so much on this site, I am trying to piece together what could be happening. Is it a hematoma? Epididymitis? A huge granuloma?
I’m most worried about infection, and sepsis of course. We are Canadian and he is working in the US so he is hesitant to go to a hospital because of the out of pocket cost, though I of course will advise him to go if you men with experience could give me some insight. At this point I think he would sell our house to pay for a fix if it was necessary. I called the physician who performed the procedure and he of course said it will be fine…
Please help, I’ve never known him to ever complain so it must be seriously hurting him.

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He must get to a Doctor ASAP. No matter what the problem it will not resolve on its own. Keep in mind that with vasectomy you try to get the body to work against the normal system it was programmed to do.

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Sounds like a hematoma to me.

If you decide to see a doctor, a visit to an Urgent Care facility would not be too bad, maybe $100-200?

Could be worth it to rule out infection, torsion or anything else that needs attention. Obviously you don’t want to have to go to the ER.

Thank you both, he went to the hospital this morning and after bloodwork and ultrasound has been told he has epididymitis and a hydrocele. They gave him an antibiotic and painkillers. I feel so bad for him, he’s in a lot of pain. Any recommendations for those diagnosis?

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Yes I had epidydimitis too and the only way to dim the pain down it seems is antibiotics. The problem is unfortunately this is not something that antibiotics permanently fix. However he will relieve from the pain - after the pain is gone then you guys should look for other stuff (read hundreds of stories in this forum).

The rule the nurse gave me was double sized swelling go to emerg. I had a subdermal hematoma on the left where the urologist butchered me. I’m also Canadian and would not travel south without insurance!

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Bed rest and ice are must haves. If he runs out of painkillers, go with tylenol and ibuprofen. Trying to work so soon after the snip is a bad idea, unless it is office work from home. I speak from experience of course.

Do you know how antibiotics help? I was put on doxy around week 3 as a precaution and felt like it helped; I read that it has antianflamitory properties, but I wouldn’t want to be on anti biotic permantly.

As far as pain management I’ve found 800mg ibuprofen 3 times a day keeps the edge off the inflamation that came with epididimitis. Also, when you think your feeling better, still try to take it easy; I think I kept trying to hop back into exercise ect and would keep setting myself back.

We just found out that his work had American insurance for him and he is covered thank goodness.

He is now experiencing more swelling, and lots of water retention, specifically in the penis, all around the foreskin, it looks like a water ballon over the head. He is flying back to Canada ASAP. It is not getting better, like he thought, maybe the painkillers helped for a while. It is only the same or worse. The left testicle is now the size of a baseball.

Yes he will be on bed rest as soon as he gets home now. He doesn’t want to leave work but has no choice, he will not get better there. I cannot believe this nightmare… all because we were done having kids, I would have 5 more if it meant avoiding this for him!!!

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Wishing you and your husband the best. Taking it easy for now is probsbly the best thing; definitely follow up with dr for treatment. The possible silver lining is that this may be an short term (although horrible) condition and he may very well get through it then be fine, that is without chronic pain. Keep the group updated; I am (unfortunately) new here as well, but I know there is a wealth of knowledge here.

Yes I am glad I found this site, if only to feel not alone! I truly hope after what I’ve read that he does not have chronic pain, that is my prayer for sure. He is on an awful antibiotic that has bad side affects too, levaquin, which is a flox antibiotic. They have a whole host of problems unto themselves so I hope this 10 day stint on them is all he needs.

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I can write a long answer to this question. I will make it short. Antibiotics especially Doxy that I also took reduced bacterial infection. Hence it relieves and fixes inflammation issue. Why are the bacteria there after vasectomy? There can be many reasons. I know two of those:

1- Until recently medical community thought that the urinary tract was sterile, meaning zero bacteria. I think recently they have come to know that there is bacteria there. Somehow post vasectomy due to injury I believe the inflammation there triggers bacterial colonies.

2- I defer to @Choohooo for this one as I know he has done a lot of research on this. Bacteria that somehow get into the body find their way inside the testicle where no antibodies exist. Some bacteria live there permanently. This circuit is disconnected from the rest of the body. Men who have bacteria there also always have some amount of bacteria in their ejaculate. <— is this a clue to check pre vasectomy to be sure the person won’t end up like people here?? :sunglasses::woozy_face: Anyway when vasectomy happens the close circuit now opens and bacteria find their way and intrude into the blood steam.

I believe the ford area that they damage is the prostate and the scrotum, and it goes from there. Likely bacteria now have access to the entire body and nervous system and it becomes a very SAD :disappointed: story like mine in which I feel like my short term memory is damaged badly, and I am ten times worse than two and half years ago in remembering numbers and names and so on!! Read other posts here regarding “brain fog”.

Disclaimer: All of the above is speculation by the way. No scientific data backs it. But it’s somewhat intuition based and experience based.

Hope it answers your question!!


Therein lies another one (of many) insidious components of vasectomy. IF you become a victim of PVPS which is now pretty well confirmed to be 6%, not 1-2%, the potential cures can be quite harmful. Several here have been made worse, for eamaple, by the corrective surgeries of reversal and SCD. The pain and antibiotic meds prescribed for scrotal pain are not without risks. The floxin family is so bad that the maker of Levaquin stopped making it. And those anti-depressants and anti-seizure drugs are no picnic.

I’ve often wondered if the Alan Frazier episode (where a PVP victim killed his urologist and then himself) was caused by some the meds prescribed to mask the pain.

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Sorry you are here but glad you at least get some kind of information other than what’s being told to you by his urologist. The reality of the situation is this…no one knows exactly what is going on. No one. Not the urologist, not anyone on this site – no one. PVPS continues to elude modern medicine and with a lack of hard proof, reliable treatment, and an overload of practitioners living in denial about negative outcomes, we all continue to struggle with our own stories. Your husband is not alone in this. There are hundreds of us here typing, thousands reading and not commenting.

Considering the timeline, it’s likely that your husband is experiencing congestion pains. Their diagnosis of epididymitis is accurate but rather silly considering the fact that he just had a vasectomy. The epididymis is the little sack attached to the testicle that stores the sperm. Now that the vas have been cut and occluded, its backed and this causes pressure (imagine putting a kink in a hose). Epididym (epididymitis) and -itis (swollen). Of course its swollen, it was recently plugged. Just about every vasectomy patient goes through this. With traditional vasectomy, it’s typically around day 2-3. That’s how long it takes for the sperm to back up and create enough pressure to cause pain. Your husband got an open ended vasectomy, meaning there was NO intentional occlusion of the vas deferens during the procedure. This does NOT mean that the tubes will stay open. At around day 6-7 there’s enough of a granuloma and or scar tissue to begin backing things up and causing pressure pains.

The good news is, these early pressure pains usually subside. For some its a week, for others it takes months. If he continues to struggle after a couple of months, you can seek palliative care if needed. Usually this consists of medications that he never dreamt he’d ever have to take. Please don’t let anyone do any type of surgery, at least early on. Being Canadian, I’m not sure I would trust anyone but Dr. Jarvis. I’m not sure where he’s located but he seems to be one of the few that understands this stuff and luckily for you he’s in Canada.

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I’m still convinced Alan Frazier had Lyme. According to interviews found online, he was pissed off he had become so sick that he could no longer deer hunt. The guy lived for deer hunting. My problems started with a deer tick. I wish he was around so I could get him tested. I’ve been contacted by three different people on this site, each with vasectomy triggered systemic illness, and we’ve all tested positive for rickettsia, a lyme related tick born illness known to burrow in the epididymis.

“One study…found that 11% of LYME patients were homicidal, and 68% total were homicidal, suicidal, and/or suffering from explosive anger.” (Neuropsychiatric Disease Treatment, 2017)

Just sayin’…

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After reading the message from @Choohooo I should correct myself by saying: yes pain is most likely due to back pressure, it starts that way. In my case I had pain from the first days in and it never subsided for months. Months of mild to mid level pain, could not wear shorts, could not wear jeans etc. I asked some (normal looking) folks who had done vasectomy and they told me the pain should go away in like 4 weeks or so. For me the discomfort never subsided. After 1.5 years of misery I finally opened up to my family doctor, he prescribed Doxy for two weeks and then Bacterium for two weeks and I felt a lot better afterwards, and the mid-level pain and discomfort started subsiding to mild discomfort which had not gone away and it’s been there two and half years. However I am now convinced that antibiotic treatment is NOT the solution to the PVP or epididymitis. It’s a short term fix that may work for some in relieving infection, if it exists.

To make the story short, the initial state can be severe and early treatment is necessary and should help things. The material many of us are discussing here are longer term complications.

I’m sorry to hear the condition of your husband and I hope he gets better soon.


I know we’ve spoken before about this. I took doxy for seven months. Now I’m taking bactrim. You really ought to get tested. There’s not many other things that can explain the effectiveness of these antibiotics. We’ve got the same symptoms and are taking the same meds…

Can’t believe your “seven months” statement @Choohooo!! I was even worried that was taking an extra course after the first two weeks. The reason to change to Bactrim was really the negative impact Doxy had on my number two and bowl movements which was terrible. Bactrim was a lot better but I doubt if it is as effective as Doxy, for some reason the relief Doxy gave me in like three days, I did not feel it with Bactrim.

My sister is in antibiotic resistance research - experienced professor who has been in this for a while. She mentioned to me that for these type of cases only very specific antibiotics really works!! And that may experiments may be needed to find the right one that works for the specific type of bacteria… well academic people always throw you generic statements like that and I’m really unable to make anything out of it other than what my family physician tells me. Not sure what other alternative is out there!!