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Travel for reversal vs. pandemic

I could use a sanity check because chronic pain from PVPS has clouded my decision making.

My reversal is scheduled for 3/24 at the PUR clinic in Orlando Florida. I’d being flying direct both ways with my wife and getting a rental car. We’re staying in a hotel suite room so we could eat in. We’ve got sanitizer, N95 masks, wipes, etc.

Am I out of my mind for still wanting to go given the current situation? The part of me winning the argument says: go now or I’ll be waiting months. The other part says: I could get screwed by cancelled flights (or total shutdown) after surgery, getting sick from travel (might happen anyways), or needing follow up care when the health system is stressed.

Normally I would say if you can do it and need it, then do it (I’m so glad I did mine last week), as we don’t know how long all of this mess is going to last. However, I heard an update an hour ago that the White House issued a recommendation banning all elective surgeries until after the Coronavirus outbreak: A recommendation isn’t the same as an order, but you might want to get confirmation from someone at the hospital that they will treat you if you show up (make sure they know it’s for pain). That would be my recommendation–be absolutely sure they are prepared to go through with it. I suppose things could change by the day regardless, though. Tough spot to be in. I really feel for you as your whole procedure is stressful enough without the timing of this situation that is also very stressful on its own. Best wishes for you, brother, that it will work out either way.

Really, the more I think about it, there are so many variables right now that if you can wait a few months maybe you should reschedule. Everyone could be on house arrest and with travel bans soon, so you don’t want to be stuck away from home if that happens.

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Thanks for the perspective. I’ve called the clinic and they are still planning to proceed. I know, there are so many risks to traveling right now. But I feel like I need to sneak this in before the world falls apart. If all goes well I can’t think of a better time to be recovering. This is driving me insane.

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It sounds like you know what is best in your heart. The timing might be perfect, as you said, to slip in and out before everything goes bonkers (that’s how I feel now looking back on my own procedure). I agree it would be a perfect time for a recovery period as well, with everyone being more and more relegated to their houses. I’m glad to hear they are still planning to proceed and I wish you the best with your procedure and recovery and I hope this helps alleviate your pain! Please keep us updated.

I’m not exactly sure I’d categorize your reversal as an “elective” surgery. Sure you are choosing to do it but with the hell you’ve been through it could easily be upgraded to “emergency” surgery.

Now…is it worth risking your life traveling through the airport? You’ll have to ask yourself that question. I will say there probably isn’t a better time and place for recovering than a 4 week quarantine in your house. Good luck in your decision. I just got a mandate from my governor not to practice for 4 weeks. I’m not sure what I’m going to do!

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I agree that this is the farthest thing from an “elective” surgery and it bothers me to no end that it’s classified that way. It’s the same reason why insurance won’t cover it. The sad truth is it’s possible for the hospital to deny it as “elective” the same way insurance does. I reached out to my insurance before my reversal to explain the health problems and see if there was any chance of coverage. I was told I had as good a chance of getting it covered as if I’d spent all the money on beer. sigh.

@BallsBuster It depends on your insurance carrier. Mine is Blue Cross PPO and it wasn’t covered; however, I was able to convince them to cover up to the “usual and customary rate” for the surgery. I ended up paying about $3500 out of pocket for a $12,000 reversal. Good luck. Not the best timing right now for travel and needing medical care- that’s for sure!

I’ll worry about the insurance later. I’m just paralyzed by uncertainty right now. What would you do in my situation?

I wish I could answer that for you. Believe me, I thought endlessly about what to do when I made my choice and I didn’t even have the Covid-19 situation going on to confuse matters. I think the guy who said “go with what your heart tells you” was good advice. Feel free to reach out with any other questions.

You should not worry from the point of view of your own health. It won’t kill you if you are young and healthy.

I can think of 2 things. 1) Some unexpected lock-down or other virus related thing pops up and you are stuck or can’t get your surgery due to the hospital being overwhelmed etc…
2) Getting it while you are recovering from reversal. You want to be healthy when you are reversed so you heal right. Coughing uncontrollably for three days after surgery probably would not be good.

I’d probably be more worried about the second than the first.

I think I had CV in January. Worst upper respiratory non-flu bug I’ve ever had in my entire life. I was coughing uncontrollably, full blown bouts of coughing where if I did not force myself to inhale prior I could be almost out of breath by the time the fit ended. It was pretty bad. I could hear my airway gurgling for weeks after while breathing. I would hate to have had that during my reversal recovery.

I think odds are good you would sail in and be fine. Those are the two things to worry about IMO and the odds for both are low.

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Well Florida made my decision for me. Clinics and elective procedures are shut down until sometime in May. Glad I can stop worrying about the trip but extremely disappointed that I have to wait. Hopefully civilization will hold up till then cause I’d hate to navigate the apocalypse with sore nuts. That would really kill the Mad Maxx vibe I was kinda hoping for.

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On the bright side, you could still probably play the part of the bitter evil guy with an interesting backstory if we go the Mad Max route!

Honestly it’s for the best man. I’ll echo what @MikeO said above. If you end up with the coronavirus immediately post-op, you could do some serious damage to your self if you can’t stop coughing. You’d hate to go through with it and then bust a suture because of the increased pressure from coughing.

On top of that, I can’t believe it took Florida this long to do this. They have one of the oldest populations in the country. If it hits like it did in Italy, the whole state’s going to be in trouble.

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Interesting. We think CV might have gone through our house in February. Wife got REALLY sick, even got prescribed prednisone to break up inflammation in her lungs. She was a mess, never congested, by a dry cough for 4 weeks and trouble breathing. Our 25 y/o lives at home and was off work 4-5 days she was so sick. 12 y/o and I got light versions. I chalked mine up to seasonal allergies…I get a sore throat often from GERD and allergies, so I’m use to upper respiratory issues.

Sorry to hijack, just wondering if given that 80% supposedly get mild symptoms, it’s hard to know.

Man, I’m sure this sucks. I really didn’t want to weigh in on this one, so I didn’t.

I thought to post the below as my answer to your questions last night though :slightly_smiling_face:

I would bet a decent sum your family had it already. Just a feeling I have.

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Sorry to hear this WTF. Definitely would’ve been an interesting experience traveling during these trying times.

Hope you’ve got some sort of therapy to knock the pain down temporarily.

I’ll be OK. Mouthfuls of supplements and prescriptions plus spending every free moment beating back the neuropathic pain has been my reality and so it continues. I had stopped most pills in preparation for surgery so I’m in pretty bad shape this weekend. Also feeling pretty deflated after spending so much mental energy preparing for the reversal. What kills me is that no one has any idea how long this is gonna last. I don’t believe the US can/will implement a strict quarantine like China so this is going to be simmering for a long time. My symptoms have been slowly tending worse and I’m afraid of waiting more than a month or two. This blows. I have got to be owed some good karma by now.

Haha yeah, I’ll be rampaging through ruins of America hunting urologists. I’ll need a posse of similarly afflicted war boys. Who here likes leather, cars, and chrome paint?