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Travel After Reversal

I’ll likely be traveling solo via plane to have a reversal done by Dr. P due to unavailability of babysitter. When I thought my wife would be accompanying me Dr. P recommended flying home the next day as he’d make sure I was reasonably medicated for the trip home. Now I’m not sure what to do for return travel. Try it the next day with minimal medication? Wait a few days before traveling home? Has anyone been in the same boat? What did you do and how did it go?

I flew home the next day over 2000 klms no problems I never carried my luggage

I was a sore mess for solid 2 weeks after the reversal, was driven back home in a car as hospital was an hour away from home. There is absolutely no way I could have gone on a plane. Luck of the draw so it seems.

I travelled over 2000km, bus, train, plane, car. As i live in country area Australia, i had to go to biggest city here.
I did it after 5 days of resting up after operation.
I was battered and bruised trying to walk with ice packs in my undies. It was a shit show.
By the time i got home i had a massive bleed hematoma on left side.
Geez am glad that is a distant memory.