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Took my second round of Steriods

I took my second round starting Saturday. On day four and pain is creeping back.

Day one and two my epy pain was almost gone (24 mg then 20mg). Now what it didn’t effect this time around was much of the groin pain. My chord pain was definitely the stand out and seem to be effecting my groin area.
Even though the pain was almost gone I still had to watch what I did.
Does my case sound like it’s reasonable for me to try a continued dose or do you think/or will he think it’s too costly in the end? That a shot might to do more?

So before this though about every 7 to ten days my right epy gets very hard swollen also effects my testie, if I get off I actually have a few days of relief but my sack it’s self gets really warm and achy. Now that could be from movement. But chord pain still hangs out. but gone mostly. Epy pain almost gone. Could I be leaking out of an area where I have had a blow out? In anyone’s experience does this rule out a possible reversal down the road?
Is the relief from surge of adrenaline and endorphins?

I have still yet to get my orginal vas notes and details. Is every vas done with clips etc? Or with one part of the vas defrens parked outside of the chord?

Going to ask about Cialas today. Any one have any questions for me to ask him let me know. Any thoughts on my other questiond would love some feed back.

Thanks everyone

Be careful with those strong medicines it witll get you in the end my stomach is destroyed from antiboitics, steroids, and other shit, my head is stuffed from anti nerve medicine you are just masking the pain.

I don’t take anything except advil and thats here and there. Advil sometimes help but it’s rare. My pain is usually 1 to 3 most days on bad days a 4 or 5 but spikes it seems every seven days as I stated but the sevens I get thru the day don’t last long when they hit.

My first round of predisone dropped my daily pain tremendously I wanted to give it another shot. I was thinking maybe a month of steroids might squash it down another level. The first time it didn’t touch my epy pain. This time it cooled it off quite a bit but it was short lived.
I didn’t take anything else while on the steroids. Dr P did not want to do that. So I am going Irishguys route and going to take Cialis and see if that does anything.