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Tizanidine (aka Zanaflex)

My doctors and I have all but ruled out most of the usual vasectomy-related physical causes for my pain (congestive epidydimitis, hernia, hydrocele, varicocele, infection) and we now believe that reducing pelvic floor muscle tension is the best therapeutic approach. I am doing pelvic floor exercises daily, and trying to avoid sitting and other activities which exacerbate my symptoms.

However, since sitting is unavoidable in my profession, my urologist prescribed Tizanidine, a muscle relaxant, which he believes may help curb some of the pelvic muscle tightness that typically spikes when I’m forced to travel or endure long periods of sitting. It may also help to make my pelvic floor exercises more effective.

Has anyone else used Tizanidine for PVPS?

I’ve tried it. I never got to the dose that my uro wanted me to get to. I was mostly using it at night. I did not notice much.