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Tingling sensation

New to the group. First post. Let me first say I am only 2months in post op and am just going to say how strong some of you with chronic pain are and I can easily see how easy it is to be beyond frustrated/depressed with PVP however I’m trying my best to be positive and will do my best to put some good energy into this forum!

Amazing that my Uro basically told me he’s only had one patient ever that ever had chronic pain and after the ultrasound he told me it’s just inflammation and it will go away…they are quick to shoo me away as if it’s all mental. On anti-inflammatory meds and seeking 2nd opinion. I feel partially to blame…first week in was in no pain, went hard at gym, had severe pain, went away, got back in gym and boom back to square 1. Now I basically do nothing and have a pretty constant twinge down there. A few questions-

For those that have pain, mine feels mostly like a tingling sensation. Pain 2-5. Right testicle is Very sensitive to touch. Anyone mostly feel tingle/slight burn sensation? Obviously seems like a nerve issue …but curious if this is a common feeling for pain sensation and if there is any correlation to what’s happening down there.

During the day I’m mostly busy and if I try hard not to focus on it, I can get down to a 1 on pain scale, although today is a 4. Question is how do you guys sleep? I feel like every position is uncomfortable and wake up with some shooting or tingle pain. I have not slept good in 2mo post op. Would love to find a remedy so I can mentally feel good to take on pain during day.

Try sleeping with pillow between your legs

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I have same exact feeling. I thought it was nerve pain for a long time but it’s probably chronic epididymitis. Do you feel it more intense after orgasm? And do you feel it come on when you are getting “turned on”?
You are still early on so take the anti inflammatories they told you to take (my preference is Celebrex). I am almost a year in and I’ve decided on reversal Bc I can’t take it anymore.

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Hey Jweath, you just described exactly what I’ve been feeling for about a month.

It fluctuates from 1-4 psi wise for me. It was so bad for about a week I couldn’t sleep more than a few hours.

I’be been constantly worried it was some permanent nerve damage, and I have no idea what it is.

I saw a guy post above me said he thought it was nerve damage, but said it’s most likely epididymitus? Is there anything I can do to relieve this sensation? I’ve been taking a prescription nsaid for a week and that’s helped some.

Any info is appreciated.



I think the usual approach is NSAID’s and hot baths initially.

If you are in the majority your issues will hopefully settle over time, though as you can see on the forum for some it does not.

If things do not settle it may be worth looking for a specialist in post vasectomy pain in the directory on the forum for a 2nd opinion or reassurance.

Thanks for the reply Atlanticcoast.

A note on the pillow, I bought a thick & firm memory foam pillow that keeps my knees about 4" separated when laying on my side. A regular flimsy pillow does nothing for me, even double over, it barely helps. Invest the $ and get a really large and very firm memory foam pillow for sleeping.

No worries, I seem to post it here every few months, but this article on the Vasectomy Information website is really worthwhile -