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Timeline, 3 months post vas

Hi guys ,
I had posted a while ago regarding my vasectomy and issues I had been dealing with, however it was a cluster of words and jumble as i wasn’t thinking straight, lack of sleep and anxiety were more than likely a good contributing factor.
Hopefully this will be a bit clearer.

June 4th 2020
Had my vasectomy, was a bit anxious but took an Ativan before the procedure (I’ve had anxiety for years and was just getting it sorted, until this).
All seemed to go well, and relatively quick. Single incision right in the middle, anesthetic didn’t even hurt that much.
I looked up at the ceiling waiting for him to get his tools and told myself maybe I should just stop while my nuts were frozen. Nope continued on and everything went good according to Urologist as he talked to me about the auto industry ( I’m a millwright for GM)
Went home and iced for the day.

Week 1
Typical heaviness and pain into the lower abdomen, not excruciating. I didn’t take any pain medication, only iced and relaxed.
Started to get bruising and a bit more discomfort at the end of the week.

Week 2
Brusing more , partial left testicle, half way up the shaft and a bit on the right. Incision site hurt too. No sign of infection there. Went to work and took it easy. Walked about until it was a bit uncomfortable. 3 days into work I left. Balls were swollen and huge , left side hurt more than the right. Took the rest of the week off taking tylenol and icing.
Called urologist, everything normal to him. Will heal with time.

Week 3.
Pain at an 8 or more. Can barely walk, left side epididymis looks and feels like a dew worm, right side swollen even more. Urologist again says normal and will calm down. (Told him to go fuck himself and i need help)…no resolution.
Go to my GP ,he thinks I have a hematoma on right side and prescribes me a slew of anti inflammatories and doxy…i refused to take both. He still insisted, i said go ahead and give me a slip but I can’t and won’t take them…(doxy fucked me up bad in the past and the anti inflammatories I can’t take because of my GERD )
I am now off work for the time being .
The urge to have sex was too much and I did with wife…was a firehose and immediately after I had perineum pain and actually formed a hemorrhoid.
Also started getting pain that felt like prostatitis. Burning pee, sitting on a golfball, urge to pee more.

Week 4.
Pain and swelling still there…maybe less on right side. Left side hurts far more than the right. Get an ultrasound done and it shows Acute Epididymitis in left testicle with varicocele present both sides (dr said varicoceles are normal) .
Prostate symptoms not as bad. Minor burning while peeing , less pressure in perineum.
Started taking some holistic meds, colloidal silver, cranberry extract, more vitamins.

Fast forward a month or so.

Week 8. Epididymitis going away. Prostate symptoms going away. Lingering testicle pain in the 5 out of 10 range all day…can spike at times.
Sleeping is good and not much pain when I wake up.
Start taking new supplements serrapeptase and papaya seed powder.

Week 9
Pain seems to be getting down more, going for long walks and doing stuff around the house. Testicles still ache everyday but not as much…

Week 10.
Feeling better, pain more manageable. Played golf and felt good, figured I can probably get back to work. See my GP and get cleared for work. Figured I’d look into pelvic floor therapy as I was reading i could have had an issue all along, even before the VAS and started doing some therapy.
PT stuck finger up my butt and noticed I was tight in areas. She worked on my inner pelvis and showed some breathing and stretching exercises.

Week 11
Have a flare up in pain on weekend. Sent me into stress and anxiety mode . Went to see work Dr and said I can’t return to work right yet…need more time and he says he can only imagine.
Noticed my pelvic area more tight (maybe from PT)
Pain around 4-5 but just in my testicles.
Week 12
I forgot to take supplements regularly for the last 2 weeks. Pain is back more and seems like that dull prostate pain again, just not as intense as it was. Sitting down, laying down, standing still feels fine. Movement sets things off . Can’t seem to find a happy medium with underwear. Jock too tight sometimes and boxer briefs feel good for a bit then just hurt.
Did PT again, more stretches. Not sure if they are helping or not just yet.

Week 13
Currently still uncomfortable, If I want to return to work I now need a Urologists note.
I feel.great when I wake up. Having a shower feels amazing and I don’t focus on my balls at all. Except today, I noticed a lump on the bottom of my right testicle. Not sure if it’s a granuloma or what. Right side seems more tender than the left…pain still uncomfortable steady ache when doing activities. Not so much when laying down or sitting.
My mental health been all over the place lately, wanting to return to work, not wanting to hurt more etc…
So here I am. I will probably stick with the PT … I wouldn’t think it would make things worse.
Maybe its the actual root cause of my pain, although I sometimes think its congestion with the flare ups of intensity and just that (fullness) type feeling.
My pain is mainly just the testicles sometimes putting pressure on them feels good and other times not. Bumping or nicking them hurts, seems to just be the nuts themselves and not much anywhere else…
I feel for you guys with more intensity of pain and having it in many parts of the pelvic area.

Sex isn’t too bad. I don’t have pain with it or when I ejaculate. I actually feel good for a bit after , minus the feeling of not completely satisfied.
Maybe a couple days after I’m a bit more uncomfortable but I’m not completely sure.

Thanks for reading.
Hopefully I can sort this mess out. I’m seriously contemplating a reversal, even though I am only a few months in.

I also forgot to mention my incision site is still tender at times.