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Tight Scrotum mainly in morning/before bowel movements

Hi can anyone who has had any type of cord block injections let me know if it stops the inflammation/scrotal tightness as well as the pain? I have pain in my epididymis every morning with a high riding uncomfortable testicle which is usually resolved with a bowel movement. Usually by around 3pm my testicle relaxes a bit and I some days I feel almost pain free. Does anyone else have this issue? (I’ve not had a vasectomy by the way, just diagnosed with chronic epididymitis). Do the injections only deal with pain or do they enable to scrotum to relax at all? I believe my condition would be far more comfortable if my damn scrotum wouldnt tighten up so much enabling the cords to relax a bit. I’m sick of urologists telling me to wear supportive underpants when if anything I feel like I need to hang a dumbell from my nutsack not support it up with underwear!


Hi Paul,
I just came across your post. I have been experiencing the exact same thing for 2 months now. Do you have any more info on what could cause this? I am currently waiting to see the urologist. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Sebrob,

That is quite an old post from me but I am still suffering with the exact same problem. Recently I realised I only get pain when the testicle rides up and tightens against my body. I found a doctor called Parviz Kavoussi who does a cremaster release procedure and had a skype consultation with him. He said cutting the cremaster muscle so the testicle always hangs loose should resolve the pain. Unfortunately as I live in the UK and he’s based in Texas it would be difficult for me to travel but I have found a surgeon in the UK who is experienced in what he called cremasteric myotomy and I’m going to have the surgery in a few weeks. If you want more information search for “retractile testicle BAUS” and you should be able to find an article on the condition. If you tell your urologist you have pain they’ll probably order an ultrasound and when that usually comes back clear they’ll give you pain killers or antibiotics which is pretty much the limit of their abilities, then they’ll refer you to a pain specialist because they don’t know what else to do. If you have the same condition as me then look up cremaster release surgery which is apparently a very minor operation.