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Tight overactive scrotal muscles

We all grow up thinking doctors are infallible. When you get mutilated/harmed by one it is bad, HOWEVER, when they deny they even hurt you, the world denies you should be hurt, and you fall into a black hole of care and options it’s quite a slap in the face.

It’s the denial that get’s me.

Us - “My balls hurt bad since vasectomy”

Doctors - “No they don’t”

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Hello. My right cremaster has relaxed. I think its been a combination of getting scrotox and getting my atlas aligned through a chiropractor. However, my damn dartos is still constantly moving as if its possessed. I have noticed though after i got a cord block last week it has calmed down some.

What are your symptoms? Im sure it will resolve itself if you are early on.

When right cremaster muscle pulls your right testicle up, does it look like it’s almost on a horizontal plane compared to your other testicle?

Burning sensations around the inside area, between testicle and inner thigh?

Intermittent dull short bursts of pain?

Same issue am also facing ! Any solution for that please ???

For burning sensation, I’ve found that topical agent (lidocaine 2.5%/prilocaine 2.5%) works as good as anything. Burns a bit going on…but more than cancels out the other burning, I hope this helps!

I am also facing the same symptoms. Could someone please help. I am facing this from almost a year now. My cremaster is hyperactive and the right testicle becomes almost horizontal when I think of s**. Otherwise it is almost Normal and the testicle is in the scrotum with no or little pain.
Please help me urgently

CBD pain cream right on my scrotum helped release it when it would cinch up super tight. Epsom salt baths too. A heating pad under my ass while watch tv would listen things up sometimes.

@WtfMyNuts this certainly helps but still when I think of sex the right cremaster muscle becomes hyper active and starts paining. Even the scrotum shape shows that the right testicle is slightly raised. The scrotum ultrasound is normal. Any one got better with this kind of problem? I saw a few with a similar issue.

Hi guys,

I’ve had this problem for about 6 years now. A few weeks ago I had a procedure called cremasteric myotomy where my cremaster muscle was cut in my groin. Apart from a small hemotoma in my scrotum I’m healing up quite well and I’ve noticed that it is a lot more relaxed now although the dartos is still tightening up a lot especially when my bowels are full. If you search for “BAUS retractile testicle” there is a document showing how the operation is performed here in the UK (ignore the bit about anchoring the testicle to the scrotum, that isn’t required in this case). Also if you live in the US then search for dr parviz kavoussi, he does a cremaster muscle release procedure and does skype calls. As for the dartos muscle I think the only option is scrotox or just stretching it and obviously hot baths to relax it. In havent heard the CBD cream thing before, sounds interesting, is there a particular cream that works best? There is also an operation where they can create a “dartos pouch” moving your testicle outside of the dartos muscle while keeping it inside the scrotum but it is quite drastic just for a tight scrotum unless it’s extremely unbearable.

Hope this helps fellas


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Here’s the link to that document (if it lets me post it)

Funky are you vasectomised ??

Nope I am not! @dsyejaculation. I don’t know how did this happen to me!