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Tight overactive scrotal muscles

Hello brothers. I have some issue I was wondering if anybody can help with. Ok, so I had a vasectomy last year. I had bilateral granulomas that were unbelievably painful. Within a week of vasectomy pain started and granule mad developed. Apart from the crazy burning pinching stinging pain I immediately developed an unheard of muscular response. Basically my right cremaster muscle is constantly pulling my right testicle up and it’s very hard to relax (hot baths are the only thing that relaxed it) and an overactive Dartos muscle. My scrotum is constantly undulating and moving like its possessed. It’s basically never at rest. I had a reversal in January which totally resolved the granuloma pain and other autoimmune issue, HOWEVER, my muscles are still out of whack. Right cremaster still constantly pulling up creating referred pain in my upper thigh and a possessed Dartos muscle that won’t stop moving. This is driving me crazy! Basically now I’m dealing with 24/7 muscle tightness/pain. It’s crazy cause it never lets up. It feels the same whether I sit, stand, walk, run, etc. basically nothing makes it worse and nothing makes it better. Any thoughts on this muscular response? Maybe the original vasectomy nicked a nerve that controls those muscles? Idk. I spoke to some of the leading pvp

Cont. doctors and they’ve never seen or heard of this before

Have you tried pelvic floor physical therapy? Might help with your issues.

Have you tried Neurontin or Lyrica, Amitriptyline, or muscle relaxants?

I just started PT exercises. Pelvic floor is arrest idea. Will give it a try. I’m currently taking Bactrim starting today. Did lyrica a while back and gaba to no effect: been dealing with this possessed scrotum for a year. Anybody know if it’s possible to still be congested 5 months after reversal? Maybe My epi is still “full”? My SA have been pre vas levels. Before my reversal I definitely was backed up. Sperm fluid gushed out when dr cut the tied ends to reconnect. I’ve been racking my brain for a year trying to figure out the cause of this phenomenon. Reversal resolved all issues except this one…

Thanks for the tips brothers

I have it bro but it’s not 24-7. It tightens pretty badly when I am stressed or anxious otherwise it hangs way too loose. I think it’s your pelvic floor muscles. Try pelvic floor physio. I have an exploratory laparoscopy on July 20th to see if a hernia is pinching a nerve.

Botox is something Dr P does for people. It would immobilize the muscle if done correctly.

Keep us apprised please Kam. Back to topic.

Hyper-reflexive cremaster issues are something Dr. Parekattil has talked about frequently. A diagnostic nerve block might help you out a lot. Severing the cremaster muscles is part of Dr. P’s targeted neurolysis and may help you. We have not had a lot of slam dunk success stories with that procedure here however but there are many sworn testimonials on the PUR web site.

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What kind of a diagnostic nerve block would help? I have a botox injection scheduled june 1st for scrotal pain and i believe they block thr spermatic chord.

Man, I hate to read these stories, had the same thing happen after my reversal. It’s a scary ass feeling, and freaky to watch. It will take some time, but those nerves will settle down my friend. Keep taking those hot baths and wear supportive underwear, and just do things you enjoy to take your mind off of it. It WILL start to wind down, may take a few months or longer though. Don’t lose hope!

Thanks for the tips and support brothers. I will look into all mentioned. This has been the greatest battle/trial of my life and this forum is the ONLY real support that exists of men who actually know what their talking about. Amazing how many Uris are clueless about this issue. I feel like if/when I get through this any other trial that comes will be a cakewalk. Life is crazy sometimes. I thought the greatest threat to my family and personal life would be bankruptcy, terrorism, etc. Who would have thought it would be a doctor performing a “risk free” surgery.

I was treated with a cord block by Dr. Parekatill about 7-8 weeks ago. In addition, he prescribed a home-brew blend of tadalafil (cialis’ active ingredient) and oxytocin (a muscle relaxant). Given your symptoms, I’d give serious consideration to this med.

Definitely caused by damaged nerves I believe it was nick72 who had this and did a denervation to stop it and made things worse. Give it time and pelvic floor exercises and hot baths nightly to calm the nerves. If time passes and it doesn’t stop I’d look into only removing the gf nerve only at inguinal canal it controls the cremaster muscle so there is no point in going back into scrotum and denervation cutting all the the small nerves when you can just take out the genitofemoral nerve that they branch from up higher

very interesting. Good to know! Thanks

Jim, Do you think it’s possible scrotox, botox just in the scrotal skin in certain areas but avoiding the cremaster muscle would help?

I have mentioned this before. I think targeted botulism injections to just scar tissue for us guys that had bilateral incisions that were messy/rough might help loosen things up in the right locations down there.

Dr. P avoids botox as a first line for hyper reflexive guys. I think the justification mentioned is scarring but I wonder how guys would have fared that tried denervation if they had just resigned themselves to 6 month injections down there.

Your guess is as good as mine unfortunately we all react different to each procedure

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I’ve discussed this with my Uro quite a bit. My Uro is willing to do this for me if I want. I may give it a go soon. If I go through with it I’ll keep you posted.

i am having the same problem with tight over active scrotum. Ive not had a vasectomy but unfortunately for me i lost my right testicle due to a misdiagnosis of cancer. I went to my gp for pain in the left testicle and got referred for an ultrasound. To cut a long story short instead of treating my epidydimitis in the left testicle they removed my right one for suspected cancer and over the following 6 months the left one became chronic epidydimitis! I lost one healthy testicle and then developed chronic epidydimitis in the other one all in the space of a few months. To make matters worse it then became prostatitis as well so over the past 3 years I’ve pretty much been enduring a living hell. Anyway I have the same problem u mention with a tight overactive scrotum. My left (only) ball will always tighten up in the morning and especially when i need a bowel movement. I’ve had an exploratory laparoscopy to look for a hernia which came back negative and all cultures for bacteria clear. The only possible things they believe it can be is nerve damage, gilmores groin, scar tissue in the epidydimis and/or prostatitis. When the prostate enlarges it causes the scrotum to pull up and can refer pain to the testicles. Currently im finding some relief with flomax, valium and physiotherapy for stretching out the pelvic floor. My urologist says he may be willing to drain my prostate, inject me with antibiotics as that does help some men. I am also seeing a leading groin pain specialist next week to look over my mri scans/ultrasounds and he thinks it may be abdominal adhesions or a groin strain which has been missed. I know my case is somewhat different to yours but i do have almost identical symptoms so I’ll let u know how i get on. For me ive made this my ultimate quest to find a cure for this tight and painful groin/scrotum and at times it has become mentally a life and death mission for me so i will find and answer one day! Speak soon guys

Wanting to hear if the scrotox injections have helped anyone.