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Tied vasectomy to open-ended possible?

I had my vasectomy 16 years ago. Luckily I don’t get pain, but I do get a swollen epididymis which feels very tender and uncomfortable, whenever I have regular (every day or two) sex. When it first happened, years ago, i went to the docs because I thought the lumpiness was testicle cancer or something. Of course no-one told me anything about this “little” side effect before the op! Anyway, I believe the Urologist cut and tied the vas and am wondering if a reversal of this to open-ended may solve the epididymis congestion/swelling? If so, can it be done easily? Anyone here relate to this situation at all?

My vasectomy was cauterized. I asked a urologic surgeon if he would convert it to open-ended, and he refused, saying it wouldn’t help.

Honestly, if the pain isn’t too bad and not life altering, I would leave well enough alone. This area is so risky due to how highly innervated it is.

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Thanks Sentosa. Did you want it converted for the same reasons as me?

Thanks Reversalpain. You’d think they could do something like this simply in 2021 wouldn’t you? Non-invasive laser surgery or something?

Your symptoms are different than mine. I have pain frequently, and I believe it’s nerve related. There are guys on this forum with PVPS who had an open-ended vasectomy.

I had mine as a open ended and I’m fine now, but when you think about it’s never going to stay open ended, it might solve the problem of congestion for a little while but eventually it’s going to close up gradually.
My mind boggles when I think about it, that I was ok with it at the time but now, post it’s just wrong in so many ways

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No way I’d consider converting a closed to open-ended vasectomy. Looking back, like most, I’d never even have a vasectomy just due to the sensitivity of the area…all those nerves make it inappropriate for elective surgery.

My closed-end vas transitioned naturally to open-ended. I learned that after my reversal when the doc told me I was leaking from both vas tips. The sperm out in the open, we both surmised, contributed to my PSA > 4 and T-Level = 300.

Here’s a link to Hauber’s website where he discusses the body’s auto-immune effect.