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Thundergod root, and others

So, Ive been on the papaya seed for 5 weeks, I still have pretty persistent pain but I am persistent in taking it. Now I feel like my flare ups of pain are reduced in intensity a bit though. Folks have said it takes a while to really kick in, so i am patient.

Of course the idea is to stop sperm production to reduce congestion, and in my spare time I was curious if I could find these properties in other natural medicines/herbs etc.

I did come across a few things, first is Thunder God Root. Big win for having one of the coolest names. Has been known to reduce sperm count in men as a side effect. Even permanent infertility is listed as a side effect. Also it’s used for inflammation in RA patients and some swear by it, and have stopped taking their daily NSAIDs even. It also comes with somewhat concerning side effects.

Another is Copper, now, this is my own theory, and Im an artist and not a doctor/medical practitioner at all. My wife was talking about her sister moving to some new copper IUD birth control for the ladies. Why copper? Kills sperm evidently. Spermicidal properties. I was considering taking a copper citrate suppliment, perhaps making my body an inhospitable place for sperm may get me some releif?! Also supposed to be good for arthritis and joint pain. Not bad! I dont know if ingesting it will work but if it doesnt have adverse effects than it cannot hurt to try a while.

Then there is Tart cherry extract?! It’s in my amazon cart, and it says anti inflammatory. Also, cures gout. Who knew?

Im definitely taking a number of things I assume could help as well. Cranberry extract. i figure a healthy urethra/vas is a good idea! Turmeric and Ginger for its anti inflammatory properties. Red wine extract, since I am not drinking, but wouldnt mind some anti inflammatory wine magic. As well as lots of chammomile and epsom salt bathes.

Anyone taken any of these? Any life changing remedies other than the above mentioned?

Also, side note and may make a separate post. I was doing a little research online that linked sciatica to testicular pain. I have sciatica pain when my testicle is in pain as well. Not always, Im not gonna rule it out, but i am still on lockdown, so I am not sure the next time I can pay a chiropractor a visit,l. I am gonna give my lower back stretches a little more consideration, as a pinched nerve could also result in testicular pain :man_shrugging:.

I’ve tried a subset of those things. Papaya seed was effective for me in bringing down congestive pain in my epis and testes, but it takes a while. Turmeric I’d equate to a low dose of an nsaid. Epsom salt baths are great. The others you mention I have not tried. I’d mention magnesium supplements helped me with tight and cramped muscles in my pelvis and thighs.

I have episodes of “sciatic” low back pain but only when pvps flares up badly. I had no low back issues prior to vas. I believe the pvps causes my back pain and not the other way around. Chiropractic work was helpful with that. But I found inversion to be just as effective. I got a chinup bar and ankle hooks for about $150. It’s saved tons of money.


Do what you can to preserve your back. Here’s my timeline:

March 2005 - vas
July 2005 - first bout with lower back pain, mainly left side, continues on-and-off for 6 years!
Oct 2005 - PVPS onset, mainly left side. In addition to pain, T crashed to 300 and PSA spiked to 4.2
June 2006 - Reversal for PVPS
Nov 2006 - Pain-free
Nov 2008 - PVPS relapse
April 2009 - Pain-free status again
May 2011 - Lower back pain gets worse, starts running down leg, both left side
Dec 2012 - L5/S1 transforaminal interbody spinal fusion
Today - Light scrotal pain peridically (0-1) most of the time, back and leg pain gone but a bit limited in activities, T-level 650-750, and PSA 0.6 - 1.0.

It took me listening to a few more-educated members here to realize that the vas set off a cascade of dominoes seemingly unrelated to the vas due to core weakness and immune system impact. But, as we all “know”, vasectomy is a safe procedure.


Hello @raising4girls, when you say you had pains in your leg, can you please describe them a bit more; whereabouts were they? Was it front or back of it?

Sure, it was classic pattern sciatica due to impingement of the nerve root at L5/S1. Buttoms to hamstring then around the front of the lower leg to top of foot.

Curious if you had any luck with these even less “traditional” PVPS supplements?

I have not had any BAD luck. No adverse effects (namely the thundergod root, had some adverse effects listed).

My pain gradually has been getting better, with occasional relapses in pain. , but I avoid my pain triggers like the plague (too much sex, walking anywhere for longer than 30 minutrs, sex in any position other than prone bone).

I did quit drinking for a bit, as it really made my pain worse. But I found red wine is a great pain killer, and doesnt leave me feeling worse the next day, so I replaced red wine extract with red wine. 1 or 2 glasses a night.

I also recently started making a tea our of the random crazy plant from india, I had to order from some guy in india. Willow leaved justicia powder, i put in a little tea bag, and include with my peppermint/chamomile turmeric ginger papaya tea I have ever morning and night. Tastes like crap but evidently is another natural male birth control much like thundergod root and papaya. The copper has had no adverse effect and provides other health benefits so I will keep it up. My goal is to kill all the sperms!!

Idk if these are making a difference. Or if it is just papaya, or just time. I will say this, my pain has gone from constant 3-7 when this began (3-4 years after my vasectomy). To a much more manageable 0-2 range. But I can bring my pain back if I tried to ejaculate twice in a day, ejaculate on my back. Or receive a blowjob at all. The wife sometimes gets ancy and makes all these plans like ‘going to a cabin’ and Im like ‘all i can do is sit in a cabin, I cannot go hiking or go exploring some city by foot, im not too active. I mean obviously, my balls not the same, or not normal. But things have been making progress. Idk which product to thank, perhaps it is my behavior. I just thank God every day. Things are getting better, I’m not perfect, but there is hope fellas.