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Throbbing testicle

Have you guys notice abnormal movements in your testicles. When Im laid my left testicle throbs in a way that freaks me out.

For the first month and a half after my vasectomy it seemed like my balls would be contracting during orgasm, but isn’t of the normL rhythmic way, it was all sporadic. It was like they realized the sorry was wrong pushed out yet and kept trying. It was very painful. Like the hulk was crushing my balls.

That seems to have improved, as has the pain during ejulation, but it’s still not prevas and I’m still always in low level pain. Gets worse after ejulation and after being on my feet or sitting in an uncomfortable chair or in tightish pants/underwear.

Lose gym shorts, lose boxers and lots of man spreading have been my friend. I know a lot of guys here say they need jock straps but for me any pressure seems to irritate everything. Keeping it loss seems to help.

You recently had a Reversal right? Can you elaborate on what happens? Is it during or after ejaculation? Is it painful? How’s your pain and pressure overall since your reversal? It’s been about a month right?

Yes. You remember me. Well, it happens all the time, but I can notice it when Im laid in bed. Im pretty sure those weird contractions are new, but not sure if pre or after reversal. Orgasms have improved. The connection sites are not really painful anymore. However, those movements in my left testicle make me sick. Many of you would not care, but these things affect me much. Sorry.

Can you be more specific on what the movements are like?

I don’t know if it’s the same thing I’ve noticed? Is it like the weird out of sync pulse, squeezing? Like I said, I noticed something like this a lot right after my vasectomy but then it seems to have improved. I felt very sick form it too. Like I said, I was also in a lot of pain but it was kind of that sick feeling you get after being kicked in the balls.

I wonder if after having your vas deference’s recommended, your body is reestsbling the nerve and muscular connections that it used to have. I’ve read that the action potentiometer (electric nerve signals) are out of sync along the vas deference’s after a vasectomy. If it is kind of new, Hopfully it will work it’s self out in time.

It might not be related at all, and I appolgise for the overshading I’m about to do, but maybe this is related to what your feeling:
I’ve noticed a few times in the past, prior to the vasectomy, if when wanking it, And If I tried to push my penis down to shoot it into the toilet, I’ve had one or both my testicles like go up almost inside my groin. It was very uncomfortable and after a few seconds of panic they came back down and I took note not the do that again!

I don’t know if that’s kind of like what your feeling? I’ve read that a lot of people notice things about their balls after a reversal they never noticed before the vasectomy, such as the epididimes contracting, ect. If I had to GUESS, I’d suspect the pulsing had something to do with your body still rewriting its nerve axioms that were cut during the vasectomy but now are proximal due to the vas deference being continuous again.

If you can describe more about this feeling your having we might be able to provide more insight.