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This is My Testimony


This topic contains the experiences and outcome from a difficult ailment known as PVPS. This topic contains religious views which may be offensive to some persons. Viewer discretion is advised.

Throughout my life I have grown more and more bitter. For example, I was bitter about the number of girls I bedded in college. Bitter about how terrible the students disrespected me in my short stint as a school teacher. I became more bitter when I lost a lot of money after purchasing a property at the height of the housing bubble. You see I was a fiscally responsible (good) person who didn’t deserve to suffer like this. My brother-in-law, however, invested in multiple houses and he lost his shirt due to his greed. It was sinners like him that caused good people like myself to suffer. He deserved to suffer, but not me.

Finally, after having three children and enduring many bitter years spent to complete a doctorate in science I was bitter about how my wife had put on some weight. I deserved better! After three kids family members began suggesting to me to get a vasectomy, so did my wife. What nerve I thought! This made me angry So I say, “ok, I’ll get the vasectomy”. But, I had ulterior motives.

I got the vasectomy because I had intentions to pursue extra-marital relations You see I was a good person who was short-changed his whole life. I deserved to be rewarded. As a good person naturally I was against abortion. In no way was I going to allow an extra marital affair lead to an unwanted pregnancy and the possibility of an abortion. So I went ahead and did the “wise” and “prudent” thing.

But then I developed what is called post vasectomy pain syndrome (PVPS), a chronic and difficult pain condition which can result from a vasectomy. It felt like something I never felt before. It felt like the wrath of God had come upon me. You see I went to church and was a good person, but I didn’t really read or follow what the bible said. I figured I already understood what it means to be a christian.

But I have been struggling my whole life, something was off my entire life and so I began to slowly seek for answers. I finally turned to the Bible because I had no where else to turn.
Then I came across certain passages in the bible [1 Thessalonians 5:2-3] and [Proverbs 1:25-32] which resonated with my innate feeling of punishment and doom from the chronic pain. And I for the first time in my life developed a terrible fear of God [Proverbs 1:7].

I also read passages such as [Hebrews 12:5-11], and [Proverbs 3:11-12] and hoped and began to pray that maybe my chronic pain was not the beginning of the end for me, but was discipline from the Father.

Why was I receiving discipline/punishment in my genitals? Well, my whole life I was a slave to pornography and self gratification [Ephesians 2: 1-3]. No matter how many times I tried to quit pornography, or abstain from self-gratification I would always, always fail. I even had my wife put restrictions on the computer, and read a self-help book called the porn trap… But nope I still couldn’t overcome these sins. In fact my sin grew overtime eventually driving me to believe that I was entitled and deserving of a mistress or an extramarital tryst.

The terrible post vasectomy pain syndrome (PVPS) gave me the motivation I needed to fear God and to seek His Word [Psalm 9:10]. For many years I thought of myself as a Christian, I thought I believed at least some. More importantly, I thought that I was a good person! Boy was I mistaken.

Only by seeking God did I come to realize how ignorant I was of His Word. As I began to read and study God’s Word it became clear to me that my behaviors were in total opposition to what Jesus commanded of me. I wasn’t just a little off here or there. No, I was in 180 degree opposition to what Jesus said at point, after point, after point, after point… It was as if my actions were by design in opposition to Jesus.

It then became increasingly clear that I was not a believer. For those who love and trust Jesus follow his commandments. And for those who claim to know Jesus but hate a brother or sister still walk in the darkness.[1 John 2:9-11] And boy did I rage at family members who persuaded me to vasectomize myself. Boy did I hate those urologists and have thoughts of malice against them.[Ephesians 4:31] And yes I still harbored resentment toward my brother-in-law.

Then it finally dawned on me: I was not in control, but controlled by the Evil One. Turns out that this is exactly what God’s Word tells us.[ 1 John 3:9-11, Romans 5:10, Psalms 51:5] We all start off as children of the ruler of this World. [Ephesians 2: 1-3] We cannot overcome our wicked ways because we cannot overcome the ways of this world. I thought I was a Christian because I thought I believed in Jesus. But I didn’t know him, nor did I trust him, for I knew not his Word. For Jesus was the Word. How could I know Jesus if I didn’t know his Word. For his Word clearly says that we cannot overcome this world by ourselves, we must be saved and born again! Furthermore, we cannot see the truth for ourselves, the truth has to be made known to us. In other words we are blind until we are made to see.

It took a number of years of suffering and trial and searching to understand God’s Word. The chronic pain served to bring out my wickedness and my hostility toward God and others. The pain served as a way to open my eyes to see just how wicked I was. I wanted to believe that I was a good guy who just caught some really bad breaks. That I was justified in my actions. But this was not the truth. The truth was I was a wicked and self-serving person who was deserving of God’s just punishment.

I was being ruined by my anger, hatred, rage, bitterness, guilt, regret, shame, and self loathing. I tried so hard to rid of these things but could not for the life of me. And even with the PVPS pain I still couldn’t stop my almost daily worshiping of pornography despite the additional pain that this activity would often create. What a miserable wretch I was!

I needed to be saved. I need the Helper. I was humbled to where I asked to be saved, and asked for the Helper.

Who is this Helper? The Helper is the Holy Spirit that God pours out. We are spiritual beings and are either ruled by the spirit of this world, or if we are saved we are then ruled by the Spirit of God. But the Holy Spirit cannot begin to take root in us until God’s Word had begun to take root in our hearts. I could not stop sinning, I could not change myself, and I could not quite understand scripture (God’s Word).

Well, it turns out:
That there is nothing you can do to save yourself, it is only by grace you are saved. [ Romans 6:23]
No one can understand scripture you have to be made to understand scripture. [ Luke 24:45]
You need to be given the Helper to overcome your ways. You cannot do this on your own power. [Luke 24:49]
Once this happens you then aught to testify to others this truth you have been given [John 15:26-27]

What a trip! What an amazing trip! That there really is a hope and purpose for a wicked, miserable wretch like me!

This has been the most dreadful experience of my life. And yet, God’s Word has turned this horrible experience into what may be the best thing that had ever happened to me. How is this possible? Because this is what God does. He used the cross, a Roman torture device that epitomized doom, death, suffering and shame, and turned it into the ultimate sign of hope, life, peace and joy. And He used my dreadful experience to rebirth something new in me.

It has been a long process, but I have finally been freed from the anger, the bitterness, the guilt, the rage, the regret, the shame and my unbreakable addiction and enslavement to pornography [1 Corinthians 6: 9-11]. I have finally been able to forgive others and to forgive myself. The most amazing part is that this power does not come from me. For these things were impossible for me. However, with God all things are possible. Therefore, this power comes from Him. It comes from the One who saves. For He has given me the Helper (The Holy Spirit).

How do I have assurance that I have been saved? Because I now have love and trust for Jesus and the Father. I now have joy, peace and self-control like never before [Galatians 5:22-23]. I have assurance because my transformation has been supernatural. (not of my own, and not of this world).

These are the things I have witnessed, and they serve as a testimony to the Truth that is God’s Word (Holy Bible).
This is my testimony and it is not about anything good or decent I have done. It is about the many great and wonderful things the Lord God has done for me. Amen.


Hey crotalus97 an interesting read,and from an atheist point of view ,I can’t really see that you and the rest of us sufferers are actually being punished.That is implausible and ridiculous …We have made mistakes in our lives and relationships ,but the biggest mistake has been letting a doctor do a procedure that they can’t rectify or even understand the outcome from. …
Also i respect your views and hope that any form of comfort helps you in this miserable episode of life …Personally I have an outstanding wife who supports me in every way and to me that’s my comfort blanket …ATB Rob.


I come here looking for information and advice for relief from PVPS. So I have to ask, did He improve or eliminate your PVPS symptoms? Its not really clear from your post.


After considerable thought I think this is the best way for me to answer your question.

We all come here looking to find relief from the pain. Some find relief and others do not. Is there purpose or meaning in the pain and suffering? The bible says yes there is. The bible also says that all glory is God’s.

The bible tells us not to spend our prayers on our own passions. If and when we pray do we pray for our glory or His glory? For example, if we pray for our favorite team to win the championship is it for his glory or for our glory? If we pray for our kids to be happy, healthy and smart, is this for his glory or for our glory? And If we pray for the pain to go away is this for his glory or for our glory?

Instead this is how God instructs us to pray:
Humble yourself (or be humbled) to the point where you ask God to save you. Where you ask God to use this pain or situation to remake you into what he wants you to be, so that you can serve to reflect His glory, not your own glory.

It is a complete and total surrender to God for his ways are not our ways. For His ways are better than our ways. You have to seek Him. But it is also that He seeks you.

The bible says that people in high places are low and people in low places are high. What this means is that people in high places aren’t humbled and don’t see the need to seek god. But people in low places who are suffering are already humbled and are better positioned to seek and thus find god. The bible turns everything around. You who are suffering, you who are afflicted, you may actually be the ones who are blessed.

I need to stop here.

I thank the administrators of this site for allowing me to share my experiences.

Thank you so much!


I really don’t think your beliefs, self flagellation or regrets are giving any real answers to our medical problems .This is a pvps forum and nothing to do with peoples beliefs .Even though faith healing,hypnosis and other things could possibly help some as some doctors insist it is in our minds .
Newcomers come here looking for answers and help for pvps problems,not wanting a religious sermon .If anyone needs spiritual guidance then they can find it elsewhere .Instead of quoting the bible can you give us something far more tangible and relevant to help…Atb Rob


To each his own on the issue of amalgamating religion, prayer, and atonement with medical issues. I must admit there have been times when I’ve asked God why I was made to suffer through PVPS. I also read recently about a young girl in Texas whose cancerous brain tumors were reportedly gone after prayer. Who knows, and I’m sure not going to question it.

I figured the OP’s post might get some aggravated, but it is his testimony and I haven’t seen him impose his religious views on the rest of us, so I hope this thread is retained.

For me, I say a little prayer for the doctors to have a good night sleep before they treat me. Can’t hurt.


I completely agree with this. Generally speaking, only those that share the same ideologies would find this thread of value. The remainder would likely find it unhelpful, perhaps offensive, among other things.

@crotalus97, I don’t understand the purpose of posting a long winded speil about having a vasectomy so you could cheat on your wife, and blaming god for your outcome. Perhaps you would do yourself some good to stand up in front of your congregation and make them aware of your testimony.

I’m not sure why you would thank me as you are already aware that I don’t approve of religious, and/or political spiels on this forum. It didn’t go well the last time, and its not going well again. Your just asking for a petty war to break out on this site by posting so much religious, and/or political content.

Good luck with your personal life.