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This forum changed my mind. Thank you all

I made this account just so I could post this one thread. Thank you all for everything you have shared here. Its a really big deal.

My wife cant take the pill; doesnt react well to the hormones. So we use condoms. Everyone says to get the Vas done, so…
I had my pre-op meeting with a very young doctor a week ago. She mentioned Post Vas Pain, and threw out the 1-2% statistic. This really bothered me… That’s just not a low stat… They do thousands of these procedures, and one guy in every 50 is left with long term problems. That’s a lot of guys left with trouble…
I asked her if any of her own patients have suffered PVP, and she acknowledged one patient, and that she couldnt really fix him. But then she played it down saying she does so many of these procedures every single day. I booked the snip for December.

Since then I’ve been increasingly uncomfortable about the whole thing… I did some reading online, and it generally plays down the problem. So I stayed the course. Then today I found this forum. I read many of the threads here. Ugh. A depressing read. I am, however, now completely certain this is not for me. Once I am done writing this, I’m picking up the phone and calling to cancel the vas.

It was awful reading your experiences, and I wish you all the very best with recovery. I did, however, want you to know that by sharing your information here you are certainly helping others avoid potential problems. I am very grateful for that. Best wishes to you all, and please continue to spread the word.



Yes, they have all magically had exactly 1 patient get PVPS. Including my urologist. Except I happen to know that now she has had at least 2 patients get PVPS.

Good job doing your homework.


Glad we could be of service. Have your intended urologist join this forum. Most are still citing the 1-2% statistic which has been mostly debunked. Informed urologists, ones that have actually done the research, are saying 6%-15% which means it’s more like 1/16 - 1/6, not 1/50 - 1/100.

No doubt, still a minority, but when the doctors themselves admit they have no idea how to treat the disaffected minority, I say they shouldn’t be doing the procedure.


My vasectomist told me in the initial consult none of his patients ever had a problem. When I showed up with pain, after he tried a few failing attempts, he sent he to another urologist with this parting thought “I send all of my pain patients to him.” Lost all faith in the medical profession when I exposed that lie.


One day, the proverbial lights will come on and the truth will come out about this. My experience was the same as @raising4girls. Doc told me two patients with PVPS in 30 years but his nurse during the follow up said they had to hire someone full time to handle all the chronic pain patients. Granted this was a large clinic but she estimated they send 3-5 to chronic pain specialists weekly and about 1/2 improve.

@Grateful Fertility is only an issue for a small portion of your life. Just be patient for menopause then you can ditch the condoms for good. I won’t lie, my sex life since the vasectomy has been absolutely amazing. However, the other 23 hours a day are a living nightmare.

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Great to read. I am glad you are not getting this procedure done.

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I wish I had found the information before I was sterilized. I wish I had never had done. such a bad painful mistake

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First of all you should be grateful that your doctor acknowledged at least the 1 in 50 statistic. Props to her for that. That’s on the low side but it’s still to high considering that it ruins the lives of that many men. Many many many doctors still spout the 1 in 1000 lie and it leads men like me to move forward with bad information.

You will blink your eyes and your wife will be in menopause and your worries will be over. You can take papaya seed as a natural way to lower sperm production and use the rhythm method with the assistance of ovulation sticks to avoid pregnancy if you want to have sex without a condom from time to time.

Tell your wife not to be upset and that if she wants to talk to some messed up men, really messed up, she can create an account here and private message some people. Tell her it’s important to you that she has no resentment. Resentment can screw up your sex life too.

Don’t fuck with your balls. Don’t let her fuck up her body either.


Just like Francis said, I only too wish I have found this forum before the snip!!!

Thanks for the post. Glad you found this forum… Wish I would have found it or even heard about PVP before I had a vasectomy. Unfortunately most don’t…

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