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Thinking about reversal after only 6


I stumbled across this website a few times over the past weeks as I’ve been looking for information – not so much about pain, but about regret and depression.
While I take responsibility for making a terrible decision to go forward with the vas, I’m equally upset with the medical system (ProMedica in Ohio) for providing no counseling prior to the procedure. My consultation was 5 minutes with a gruff doctor explaining the mechanics. If, at any time, someone had asked an open ended question like, “Tell me why you are here,” I would have easily been flagged as a bad candidate. I’m sure I would have even flagged myself as a bad candidate if I had to just answer some questions out loud.

The vas itself was painful as all hell. 2-3 days after the vas, I had a crushing feeling. I knew I had made a terrible, terrible mistake. I couldn’t put my finger on it. Was it that I wanted more kids? Maybe. I talked to a psychologist (a first in my life) and he thought maybe it was the loss of control – no longer having the power to decide.

Over the past 6 weeks I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that I do want another kid, and somehow, my wife says that is what she has always wanted. (please, someone hit me over the head with a brick.)
But in addition to the wanting another kid, I feel like less of a man, less masculine. Literally 50 times a day, I ask myself how I made such a bad choice. I ask myself how I went through with something that every fiber in my body said not to do. I look at people in lines and say “I bet he can have kids.” Ugh…my brain will not let this go!

So here we are…6 weeks post vas, and I’m a mess. I want to just put the “why did I do this” thinking behind me and just move forward with options. I’m setting up consultation appointments with several reversal doctors.

Any others with immediate regret not tied to PVP? If so, how did it progress?

Let’s talk reversals. Experiences?


Lots of guys here have had reversals. I’m a left-side only reversal. It wasn’t that bad. It took me about a month to fully recover from the surgery. If you’re doing it for fertility, you’ll want to get it done within 5 years, because success rates begin dropping after that point.


I had a reversal and have never regretted it…I regretted the vas from the moment I had intercourse afterwards …All the broken promises that were made pre vas were shattered.Everything felt wrong ,emotionally and mechanically…Then the pain and lousy orgasms added up to a right royal F up …Tbh the reversal helped me and i feel luckier than some here.You have options (read on this forum)and i would try them all before going under the knife …Try to be positive as much as possible .Rob


I appreciate the sentiment – because I agree with you. It just feels wrong in every way – not necessarily physical pain, but I’m finding so much truth in the saying “You don’t know what you had until it’s gone.”

Can you elaborate on the other options you mentioned? Do you mean sperm extraction?


If you were happy following the vasectomy then IVF is an option.Otherwise perhaps time will make you come to terms with your predicament.
…I and others here were coerced into having it done and resentment follows .A strong relationship will help to get through this:I wasn’t so lucky as it ended.
.A reversal is very expensive and not without it’s problems.I actually think reversal ‘may’ be a good option for you if you are not suffering any PVPS symptoms .
It’s crazy that I would give anything to go back to using condoms and the diluted feeling one gets with using them !!
This is omho atb rob.


I got a reversal 7-8 months do to congestive problems. When I woke up from surgery, which takes much longer than the vas I immediately knew I had made the right choice.

Going into it the Dr was honest with me (unlike the vas Dr) and told me I was going to hate him for 2 weeks. He was right, it was much more painful than the vas. The incision is much bigger, etc. That was a few months ago and I feel like I have returned to 100%.