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Thinking about not having orgasms anymore? Need advice please

I have swollen epididymis on both sides. Left side more then the other. It is managable however during most of the day my testicles are retracted up tight up in my groin. They never hang loosely. Mabye I think it is variocele.

When I have an orgasm (masturbation) my epididymis’s appear to swell up. I have been having no more than 1 orgasm every day for the past years. That was my aim to have one everyday for health reasons thinking that would be healthy. However i can’t help but to think my epididymitis has gotten a bit worse. My epididymis are hard sometimes and swollen. It doesnt seem like orgasms are helping at all. Mabye even making it worse…

I am thinking even though a year I would never admit to this because orgasms are sacred too me. However my health reigns over pleasure. I am thinking of not having orgasms anymore. I am wondering if that would stop my testicles from producing as much sperm and possibly cause the swelling in my epididymises to go down. Mabye if I just stop having orgasms after a long time epididymitis will go away?

I don’t know what the effect of having no orgasms is for long periods of time. Will the testicles increase in size? Is it unhealthy?

I was fixated on having orgasms every day because I read an article saying if you have atleast 30 orgasms per month your risk of prostate cancer goes down. Also orgasm is good for sexual health. However I am not sure anymore of this.

Has anyone of you stopped having orgasms to try and help solve problems pvps or epididymitis?

What happened when you stopped orgasms? How long did you stop? For a month? year?

I got the idea because I talked with a guy who was religious (he did not have a vasectomy) he just did not believe in masturbation or porn and he has not had sex or masturbated no orgasm in over 1000 days.

Really would appreciate input

I think you should test it out see what helps. From what you describe it could be similar to me, I ended up getting a Sperm Granuloma which is a build up of sperm in a single area on the Epididymis. For me, the Epi is swollen all the time, if I touch it and apply even the smallest amount of pressure it causes soo much pain I could pass out. Just like you some times my testicles shrink up inside and other times my Epi seems larger than the actual testicle and I can see if through the scrotum like a Varicocele.

Your sperm is supposed to get re-absorbed into the testicle or at least that is what the experts think, I assume they are just as much in the dark as we are. For some of us they do not and this causes problems.

I’ve tried orgasming every day, and even several times a day. Post orgasm I will get pain (level 7) for a few hours then it subsides down (level 2-3). The next day it will go up to as high as level 4 but stays there. After about 4 days it starts to climb again. I think the worst part is if I get morning wood but don’t orgasm the rest of the day will be 8-9 level pain.

So even for me I am at a loss as to what the magic interval is, or if I should just give up orgasms entirely. I did abstain for 3 weeks straight once and by the end my testicle was so sore that sitting caused me immense discomfort, but maybe if I went even longer it would have subsided, who knows?

I think the first thing you need to do is get it checked out by a Dr. Find out what is causing the pain for you and then take some steps to correct it.