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The mental load this takes

It’s hard not to feel regret. It’s hard not to think “I did this to myself”. I even looked at possible issues regarding complications, asked about them, and I was dismissed. Before getting wheeled into the OR, my doctor seemed annoyed that I was still asking. I even asked if she would do open ended and it was like her pride took a hit. Retorting with a “is this the right procedure for you?”.

How do you guys cope? I’m working on acceptance right now. I wish I could go back in time and not get this surgery. I’m tired of the constant pain. It drains my energy. I can feel discomfort radiating up into my jaw and teeth. Almost like there’s a taste of metal. One of the urologists at the Mayo said that that was even a common complaint from the people he has seen.

If anyone needs someone to talk to. I’m willing to listen. This sucks and I can’t believe this is happening.


I often have a metallic taste in my mouth. I have never related that to my vasectomy. Do you know the cause.

I hear you loud and clear. You’re describing, like so many others, the absolute arrogance of the urological community. They adopt the “hear no evil, see no evil, say no evil” mentality almost across the board. Deny, deny, and deflect.

Vasectomy is a golden goose for urologists. Say they do 5 of them every Friday at $1,000 - $2,000 a pop. That’s what many earn in a month! Anyone who threatens that cushy living is met with a vigorous defense. Besides, you didn’t go to Med School nor did I, so we can’t possibly be as smart as them.

Not only are we, the maimed, shot down, but the Pain Management guys remain silent. My Pain Management guy indirectly told me that the Urology Department is his best supplier of patients. My reversal doc told me he was treated “like a skunk at a garden party” at AUA Conferences because of his publications against vasectomy.

The Code of Silence is strong among the urology community.


I do not know the cause. But it only started after getting the vasectomy. Nerves are weird.

Yes they are. We are not told about them either, just a quick snip and your worries are over. I think that vasectomy is the beginning of all the worries.

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raising4girls, thanks for being supportive on this site. I posted once, you commented and reassured what I believe was a big part of my issue(immune reaction).

This site is an excellent resource and provides support for those after their procedures go wrong. If only there was a way for the many users of this site to leverage their experiences in a way that it provides this information to a potential vasectomy ‘victim’ BEFORE they have their elective surgery. If only when someone had googled ‘vasectomy’, somewhere on the 1st search page below the webmd version of what a vasectomy is and risks(or lack thereof) involved, this website and all of our warning stories were listed higher in a google search and people are directed to this site. It might change one mind about moving forward and save just one person from having to experience this.

Do you suppose that there’s anyone(or several persons) on this site who have the skillset to:

  1. Set up a gofundme account to generate a war chest(I’ll give 1st $100)
  2. Use the funds to hire someone who can use Search Engine Optimization or other means to make this site more findable for online search engines
  3. Get our message out to those who are considering this procedure so they can consider it when making their decision

Per your post above, much of the medical community circles the wagons to protect their own after when a patient reports an adverse reaction and ongoing problems. Is there strength in #s when many on this site combine resources to get our message out?

This message is also for anyone out there that may have input on this. I consider myself one of the lucky ones for getting much of my pain issues resolved after about a year. But for the rest of my life, I’ll always have to worry about it returning per many stories on this site. I want to help if I can. If I could afford more than $100 I would but I’m in for this. I’m in my 50s, needed help signing back into this site and otherwise am not very computer-knowledgeable. If this idea does not make sense or is not doable from a technological standpoint, I understand. It’s just an idea.

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I think that would be more of a question for the site admins. I don’t think your idea is bad, though. I’m a software engineer and could provide help.

I did google before going and saw stuff about Post Vasectomy Syndrome. However, I did not find this site. I’m skeptical, however, if it would have changed my mind. I’ve wanted this since I was about 20. Currently 29. I’d like to think I would have thought twice… but I didn’t. Still, I think your suggestion is valid. Some kind of outreach, whether it’s this site or some other kind of outreach.

This website is already optimized on Google.

I recall a member referring to this website as a hole in the wall where a person can learn the truth about vasectomys, complications, testimonials, legitimate studies, disinformation, disinformation campaigns, etc.

This place is likely disregard as more conspiratorial than anything else by the vast majority of people who are researching vasectomy beforehand. I say that because the vast majority of leading medical websites and alike don’t have a whole lot to say, if anything about the majority of what we talk about on this website regularly. The vast majority of people have never heard anything about this stuff beforehand either, thus this website must reflect only the rarest cases, statistics, or perhaps we are just full of hot air.

IMHO, the vast majority of people are not awake enough, are not ready to consider believing, etc, what has been and continues to be legally hidden about vasectomys from the rest of the population by the medical industrial complex for over a half a century.

IMHO, it doesn’t count when a doctor or alike from the Mayo clinic (or comparable) uploads a YouTube video about pvps, statistics, surgical procedures, etc. In short, the Mayo clinic may have such a video on YouTube (which it does), but you as the client or other inquiries will not be told about the contents of such YouTube videos prior to the in person inquiry and/or prior to the vasectomy procedure itself, etc.

@Ethan_Scruples has put together a great resource on Reddit, but people like Ethan don’t own the Reddit platform. If Reddit was influenced by the powers that be to take down r/vasectomypain, or if Reddit wanted to take that sub Reddit down on their own behalf, nobody can stop them.

I don’t want to sound negative, but in case you all haven’t noticed, internet censorship is ramping up daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. Do you all really think we will eventually win the battle of disinformation, humanitarian civil liberties, etc? I have my own opinion on this matter, yet I have no idea what will truly happen, but it isn’t looking good for us civilians.


Thanks for the shout out, but my contribution pales in comparison to some of the guys like @RingoStar @Ethan_Scruples and @Choohooo. They do a lot of research and post a lot of facts. I post a lot of personal opinion which is a lot easier.

I think you hit on the problem here. For guys actively dealing with PVP, that’s a time-consuming and mind-numbing exercise in itself. During my 3-1/2 years dealing with pain (spread over ~15 years), it’s hard enough just to get through the day, do our jobs, stay in shape, and meet with doctors. It’s a rare guy who can also find time to campaign against the deck that’s stacked against us.

You hit on a 2nd point. I’m also in the my mid-50s and lack SEO capabilities and the like. My sense is that we need a separate website that points to this forum. I have no idea how to do that.

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The mental load this takes…

Great thread title, but we’ve veered off in several directions. For those that are relatively new here, there’s several similar threads on this site. How do you guys deal with this? How do you cope? Etc.

People that are new to this stuff probably have no idea how this is being allowed to happen to men and their families. Make no mistake about it, men and women not being warned beforehand, all the propaganda on the internet, the propaganda and disinformation within the medical industrial complex, and so on, isn’t some sort of mistake, it’s not a simple oversight, or anything of the sort.

There’s a few topics to start looking for answers as to why this is being allowed to continue, how come, when did this begin, why is this happening, and so on.

One of the first places I would start looking is the topic of overpopulation. Many people do not think the world is overpopulated - or that is their world view. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, there is so much they have completely failed to realize.

There’s to much to list, but accumulating pollution is likely number one. From the gazillions of known active and inactive landfills worldwide, to our polluted oceans, the pacific garbage patch, other oceanaic garbage patches, dead spots in our oceans, garbage rivers, etc… out of sight out of mind.

How many millions of metric tons of nitrogen run off flow down the Mississippi and into the gulf of Mexico alone annually? The numbers are staggering.

Where is every new born going to get a job in the future? With so much automation currently happening and on the horizon - from robotics to self driving cars, self driving taxi’s, etc. We have entered the era of the IOT (internet of things) and UBI (universal basic income). There simply aren’t going to be enough jobs for everyone.

Why do we need UBI in the states and elsewhere? If you are in the united states, I would start with looking into where all of our manufacturing jobs went starting somewhere around the mid 70’s, and later with the north american free trade act (NAFTA), etc.

Many people still think the internet is a free space, a free place, and so on. I assure you all that the powers that be have other things in mind as to the future of the internet. A website like this one would likely be considered criminal in countries like China because what we have to say about vasectomys goes against what the ‘state’ has to say about it. If you don’t believe me, start looking some stuff up. If you are unsure where to start looking, might want to start researching the chinese social credit system first.

Many people would simply discredit the idea that a similar social credit system is coming to your country any time soon, if ever. Don’t fool yourself. Smart cities that are ran and tracking everything within them via the IOT (internet of things) are popping up everywhere on multiple continents, in multiple countries, etc.

Civilians who have had a tramatic experience with vasectomy, had their lives flipped upside down by a vasectomy, had their relationships ruined by a vasectomy, and so on… My educated guess is that we are just some sort of collateral damage in the big picture. Collateral damage is everywhere. The saying, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few come to mind. That saying can also be reversed.

As of 2021, to the best of my knowledge, on an overall level, there still isn’t a better alternative to male birth control than vasectomy. You as the reader would have to research all of the alternatives in depth to completely understand why that is. Below is a link to get you started.

Yes, yes, I know, vasectomys aren’t great for the man’s system either. I digress.

People like you, I and the next person aren’t the people who weigh this stuff out. What’s right, what’s wrong, what is ethical, etc. It’s those behind the curtain that are making these political decisions or political policies for the vast majority of mankind. That stuff is everywhere, including within modern medicine.

Anyway, I don’t feel like I am way off topic as everything I am talking about can be tied into the how’s, the why’s, etc’s - regarding how this vasectomy disinformation stuff has gotten so far out of control over the decades gone by.

Will this ever change? I have no idea, but my guess is not anytime soon. I tend to think we’d need to see a tried and true, a guaranteed better alternative before we will see any real change. I am unaware of such an alternative.

Keep in mind that we live in a world where we have a serious problem regarding the balance of wealth and power. One of many examples - off the top of my head, it seems there are 4 people in this world that have the combined wealth that is equal to that of the combined wealth of ~3.2 billion people. That’s comparable to the difference between the era’s of kings and queens and the serfs, and we are the serfs. I could go on and on.

Below is an interesting article that has quotes from at least 32 so called elites that openly support and promote depopulation, and it is the short list. There are plenty more similar quotes from like minded individuals out there. Unfortunately, I cannot say that I completely disagree with a lot of them people.

One last thing, I would be more than happy to donate to such a cause as was brought up previously in this thread and in several other threads on this site. I do believe in free will vs mind control. If we don’t do anything regarding what is going on, it’s a guaranteed score for those who impose such nonsense from the top down.

ope, I’m sorry that you’re going through this. I have only posted under one other thread here recently but I also mentioned the pain and its emotional toll. I was provided pain meds and found that although these provided some temporary symptom relief, the lows produced after the meds wore off had me asking the same questions of myself that you state in your post. I kept thinking, ‘I did this to myself’.

Although it took around 8 months and several rounds of prednisone and testosterone therapy, eventually I turned a corner and have my life back(mostly). Hopefully the problems don’t return. My procedure was about 2 years ago, for what’s it’s worth.

I digressed away from the theme of your post and it’s simply because I’m not good at posting or fully understand the rules. I read a lot but don’t comment. I appreciate your comments about the SEO stuff but believe from other commenters that it’s probably a wasted effort.

ringostr, I digressed from the thread theme unintentionally but read your other comments under this thread and agree with your assessments of the lack of complete information available on vasectomies and PVPS, plus how this all fits into the world we live in. With everything going on in the world today, it’s even more of a challenge to research and battle PVPS. Thank you for sharing that additional information that can only come from someone who’s got an open mind and was willing to take a deep, deep trip down the rabbit hole. For what time I spend on this invaluable site and learning from its resources, I think I’m going to concentrate on PVPS and not the other issues. Thank you again.


It’s okay. Digressing is okay.

Thanks for your thoughts. It really is hard not to beat myself up for this. Considering I was just getting over another nerve condition in my elbows (ulnar nerves) and finally felt like I was heading in a pain free direction. And then I got a vasectomy.

It was crushing and still is. I got thrown back into the hell of finding doctors who take my concerns seriously. I should have known beforehand with my previous past of nerve related issues that I’d end up here. But, I was informed that it’s not that bad. Akin to getting a toenail clipped. I feel, like many others do, that I was lied to.

I have an appointment on Feb 19th with Dr Sevann Helo at the Mayo Clinic. Her speciality is reversal. We’ll be talking about my options for moving forward. I know people are saying to wait a year, but the pressure in both testicles seems to only ever be increasing. And considering people are having issues years down the road, the mental toll of “oh god is it back” is not something I want to deal with.

I’ll be grilling her on what would be happening if I were to do a reversal. I know, as far as I’ve researched, the risks involved with a much more involved surgery. I know that my body has a tendency to over-scar. And we’ll be going over all of that.

I want my life back.

Hang in there @ope. Anything is possible. Don’t rush into anything out of desperation. If you are going to make a surgical move, get it right the first time.

Good luck brother


While I agree on much of what you say, I think it’s simpler than control of overpopulation. It’s about money. It’s said that between 500k and 1M guys have vasectomy each year in the US, and each of them pay - what - $1000-2000? Vasectomy is a billion dollar industry. There is nothing to replace this income for urologists. Furthermore, the only docs that can claim to have knowledge about vasectomy, are urologists. They can control the information.

It’s similar to if the tobacco industry were the only ones allowed to have an opinion on hos safe smoking is.

The board in AUA who states that only 1-2% get chronic pain, is really just a small handful of surgeons. I haven’t checked, but I wouldn’t be surprised if each of them made millions on vasectomies. That number 1-2% seems deliberately crafted, because it implies that you can translate it to “rare” in a surgical context.

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I believe you are so correct with this information I have said this for years. I do disagree on 1 to 2% it’s more like 15 to 20%. I also think that drs have their script off pat when they say it’s all in your head, this is to fob you off and to make you think that you are the only one. It really is disgraceful the way that a percentage of men have their life altered all in the name of money. Also while I am saying my bit I believe that wives are sold this as so easy and no pain, so the pressure comes on at home. It is plainly and simply not good enough. It’s another control system that has been carefully infertrated.

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I’ve read the AUA vasectomy guidelines as thorough as I bother. They simply state that

Chronic scrotal pain associated with negative impact on quality of life occurs after vasectomy in about 1-2% of men. Few of these men require additional surgery.”

There is no reference cited to this statement. It is labeled as an “expert opinion”. So, it’s up to the diligent reader to dig through all 205 references to see how they came up with this number, which I’m pretty sure no one ever has done. Also notice, that just about every other statement in the AUA guidelines has references quoted in the text, but not that of pain.

Now - what is an “expert opinion”, and how much is it worth? Take a look at this figure on how the strenght of medical evidence is graded. You’ll notice that “expert opinion” is at the very bottom of the hierarchy. Any study or metaanalysis will have an innate higher value. So Leslie et al 2007, which found that about 15% get PVPS, has a higher value than AUA’s opinion in the medicinal hierarchy. And Austin et al 2020, which is a meta-analysis (systematic review), has highest value of all. With all the flaws of that meta-analysis, most glaring that they didn’t include Leslie’s 15% in the analysis, and some of the included studies are questionable to say the least, they couldn’t squeeze the incidence of PVPS lower than 5%.

Also note, that other sections of the guidelines include level of strenght of evidence - all higher than “expert opinion”.

This is the great sham of AUA. They’ve cleverly worded their document as an expert opinion so that it is techically correct - you can say just about anything you feel like as an expert, while everbody in practice use that number as the absolute truth to disregard any studies that shows different. I mean - who really knows about level of evidence strength in medicine?

How did they come up with the 1-2% number? IDK, it’s not stated in the document. My guess, is they used the previously proven false number of 0,1% from Campbell Urology, and looked at the newer studies that shows a PVPS range of 15%, and just agreed on the middle ground. Admitting that their old number was 100x too low would not be acceptable.

Can also add that the guidelines has a discussion about pain at the very bottom of the document - under the headline “Future research”. Indicating that they possibly don’t really acknowledge the research that has already been done.


You are getting some good true information ,keep it up

To further elaborate on levels of evidence, take a look at this paper. You’ll see that for instance a “dramatic result from uncontrolled studies” is ranked higher than “expert opinion”. So - the opinion of AUA’s board is outclassed by just about any published study you can find about PVPS. AUA even indirectly admits this in their guidelines, by stating that the 1-2% is just an opinion.

The same sentiment applies to the risk of prostate cancer. Husby et al 2019 found that vasectomy gives a significantly increased relative risk of prostate cancer. This was a huge cohort study - that’s level 2 evidence. (level 1 is highest) To disprove it, you need a study of at least equal or higher grade of evidence. That doesn’t exist. But you’re free to claim your level 3 “expert opinion” that you don’t think it’s a risk.

Usually in medicine, when studies emerge that contradict what we thought was true, the studies would cause a shift of paradigm. An example of this is cholesterol and risk of heart disease. It took quite large studies to establish this connection, but no one disagrees with it. This shift of mindset simply doesn’t happen with vasectomy. Even if the evidence is quite overwhelming, the urologist community can simply choose to ignore it. Because - who has the authority to tell them otherwise? No one. But the tools are available.If your urologist quote the AUA guidelines, you can simply show him any study and point out: This is higher level evidence!

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I think you and @RingoStar are both correct. There are some very vocal proponents of population control, rightly or wrongly, with very deep pockets, Bill and Melinda Gates chief among them. Think of them as the lobbyists. Throw in the Urology community who makes beaucoup money doing vasectomies and who, by all accounts here, aren’t interested in data or being told they’re violating their hypocratic oath. Then, throw in the Feminist movement with a mantra of “it’s the man’s turn” and “a man’s duty” and the result is a high-pressure pro-vasectomy and anti-truth campaign.

The only group that has taken an anti-vasectomy stance is the Roman Catholic church, and even there, it’s part of the broad, anti-birth control stance, not specifically anti-vasectomy due to men’s health concerns.

It’s this forum against The Gates Foundation, the AUA and much of the entire AMA, and modern Feminism. Men don’t have a chance.

Yep yep…

I was hesitant to even post that last long one. It was a long post, but it was another short version. I too could write a book about this entire topic. It took me many years to do the research and connect so many dots.

Don’t forget what I had to say in your thread below and in countless other threads. I pretty much echo what you just said.

That said, I’m still learning about something new fairly regularly. On occasion, I still come across studies that I have never seen, etc.

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