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The forum made a small difference today

Got this response after I contact the CCF about why their website was still stating PVPS was 1 in 1,000,000. Small victory for all of us.

Thank you for reaching out to the Ombudsman office, you have reiterated that you are writing to help the Cleveland Clinic align its website with the opinions and research, in some cases research done by its own physicians, so that men have a clear and accurate understanding of the risks of vasectomy. You were writing the Ombudsman office not to file a grievance, rather to help with process improvement. I did reach out to you and left you a voice mail message informing you that I reached out to the Institute Administrator of the Glickman Urological Institute. She has been aware of your concerns, with process improvement unfortunately it may take time to see a change. I reached out to her again today for a follow up and she wanted me to share with you that their practice has been consumed with COVID related changes and they have not yet had an opportunity to address your concerns. The department wanted me to inform you that they are aware of your concerns and are evaluating how to proceed. I gave them your phone number to call you once they have some answers. In addition I have just received information from the Assistant Professor of Surgery (Director, Center for Male Fertility-Department of Urology). She stated that she will be working with marketing to get this adjusted, she also wanted me to inform you to please check the website again in a few months. We appreciate you reaching out to the Ombudsman office.


Looks like they removed the offending text!