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Thanks, great info and warning

Hi all,

I’m due to have my vasectomy in 2 days… or correction… I was due to have my vasectomy in 2 days. I’ve just cancelled.

I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank everyone on this forum for the time they have put into assembling such comprehensive info and honest advice. I knew there were risks but not to the extent that is discussed on this forum. told the wife about this forum and very quickly decided we’d look at other options.

I wish you all the best in your own personal journey and recoveries. I hope you all have positive outcomes.

Unfortunately I’ve nothing to add to the conversation, I just felt the need to say thank you!


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Thanks for the feedback. I feel some solace in knowing that I and others played a part in helping men avoid a disaster. And, trust me, chronic scrotal pain IS a disaster.

The truly frightening part is that medicine is allowed to practice a procedure like vasectomy (which is totally elective) with known casualties and risks WITHOUT HAVING A PROTOCOL FOR CORRECTIVE ACTION. Manufacturing companies can’t supply parts to an OEM without a control plan that includes containment, corrective, and preventative actions. Most urologists have no idea how to help a patient they damage. It’s irresponsible. And, worse yet, some new research is showing the risks at 6-12% or 1/8 - 1/16 contracting chronic pain.


While the majority of men are “ok” after vasectomy, you can at least know with 100% certainty that you won’t acquire life changing post vasectomy pain. Maybe you and your wife/partner can share the responsibility for birth control until nature takes care of the issue. Vasectomy/Sterilization is forever and the damage done performing one is permanent. Even with a “successful” reversal there are bits of you are gone forever and you will always have some scar tissue where once there was healthy natural tissue. It’s also an elective procedure. If you draw the short straw and end up with problems you can end up in a hell beyond your worst imagining.

Thanks for sharing.

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Best move you ever made in your life!