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Thanks for the warnings everyone


There’s a lot of stuff out there. There’s research showing hormonal changes after vasectomy, heart damage after vasectomy, even arteriosclerosis after vasectomy. Research showing emotional problems, sexual problems, dementia, increased cancer risk, high incidence of oxidative stress post vas.

I’m not talking about 1-2 cases. Three are papers that show clear evidence and correlation yet they are largely ignored. You can have 2-3 papers show one thing then one paper say something different and everyone accepts the research they want to hear.

It’s pretty widely accepted that vasectomy causes severe testicular damage as well. The papers use words like “apoptosis” and “changes consistent with severe aging after one year post vasectomy.” What do you think that means? Did you know there are some drugs that are contraindicated in men with vasectomies because they’ve already developed a severe allergy to the substance even before they’ve ever taken it? Basically, sperm breaks down to the same contents and are body is already primed to fight it. What’s even worse, some say this drug (protamine sulfate) is so costic is should be banned by the FDA. Yet…guys with vasectomy get a small dose of the stuff everyday day during exposure and disposal of spermatozoa.

Am I understanding this right Protamine Sulfate is used for bleeders? But we are now allergic and if we ever needed it a shot of it could possibly kill us?

Any research about oxidative stress that suggested you can test for it?

I was going to follow up earlier that, although it’s entirely plausible that a small percentage of men would have immune issues post vasectomy, I’m not convinced its an issue for most men. This paper is an obvious contradiction to that belief. If the sperm are traveling that far, clearly our immune system does not an efficient means to reabsorb sperm. I can’t see how we all don’t have issues. Knowing this, I’m not even sure what we can do about it short of orchiectomy.

In regards to the protamine issue, everyone is at risk for a protamine reaction, regardless of past history. It can be a dangerous drug, but it’s a necessary drug in modern medicine. It’s most often used to reverse Heparin induced anti coagulation that you receive during vascular or cardiac surgery. There were some questionable issues in the past especially since it was harvested from animals, but i believe that most is synthesized now. I’ve probably given protamine to 3000 people and never checked if they have had a vasectomy. I’ve seen an allergic reaction to it in a handful of people, but no idea if they had vasectomies and I would bet they probably didn’t. Out of precaution, I do tend to push it slowly and cautiously and am prepared if someone does not respond appropriately. That being said, it will never be banned because there’s no other drug that can reverse Heparin.

Reading that paper made me cuss out loud. Honestly, how in the hell are vasectomies legal? Freaking ridiculous.

If you are speaking of the paperwork I posted earlier, beleive me, it makes me cuss out loud every time I look at it.

I’ve made a lot of headway dealing with anger, and resentment after what’s happened to me, and getting back into my vasectomy, treatments, pvps files, etc is rather upsetting to say the least.

The paperwork I posted above is loaded with half truths, contradictions, lies, manipulations, etc, etc.

I left negative feedback all over the internet for my vas doc, and over time, he’s had it all removed.

About a year ago, I’d heard my vas doc had his license to practice revoked. I’m not sure why. My wife, and I wrote the state board of medicine in regard to my paperwork, consultation, and outcome. Perhaps he got one to many complaints, idk.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if my board certified urologist vas doc hasn’t cream pied someone, and is back in business by now.

I was actually referring to @Choohooo research paper regarding sperm find in a cervical lymph node. It’s clear evidence that the body can’t reabsorb sperm effectively.

Although, I do have similar emotions when I read consent forms like the one you posted. Not outright lies, but they are clear attempts to miscintrue the truth.

I definitely see outright lies in the paperwork I posted.

Where do people draw the line far as outright lies, and attempting to miscintrue? the truth? I’m not sure. I suppose everyone is different.

In your case, you intentionally did this to yourself by your own will. You steered yourself right into getting a vasectomy, whereas I was the complete opposite.

You’ve also mentioned that you were told about pvps beforehand, whereas I was not. It may have been a poor warning, but at least you got one.

I could go on, but the stuff I’m speaking of will definitely will play a roll in how you deal with bad outcomes afterwards.

You mentioned in another thread your thoughts regarding lasik surgery, and made a comparison between lasik surgeons, and vas surgeons, and how they operate under the radar with wording, informed consent, etc.

The last question I asked my vas doc minutes before my procedure was, 'have you had a vasectomy"?

This guy was already in his early to mid 50’s, and his answer was, no, I haven’t made a family yet (no kids, etc). It was a big red flag for me, I knew he was lying, but I had so much pressure on me to go through with the procedure by my wife, and given everything I had been told, I made the biggest mistake in my life that day, and went through with it.

@RingoStar You’re right. I agree that there clearly lying. They couldn’t win an ethical argument regarding their lies. However, I’m guessing that legally they could defend the consent as being adequate and truthful.

In regards to it being my decision, I consider myself lucky. I hold no animosity towards my wife, which I am grateful. I’m only frustrated and angry with myself that I didn’t do the appropriate research. I was aware of PVPS but was under the impression that it was a mild annoyance and not the debilitating issue many of us have. Hopefully this website wiill make people more aware.

Thanks brother.

Yea, the head trip that comes with pvp/s is complicated, and has many different avenues. Like yourself, I was pretty hard on myself afterward as well. I knew better.

Start asking “Sir have you had a V in the past year” LOL :wink:

“Vasectomy is not castration.” Lol. I kind of find that remark idiotic and offensive. I also find it sad and ironic that men will resort to that to undo the unrelenting pain that vasectomy can cause them.

Funny, I developed a Sulfa allergy after my vasectomy. I can’t take Bactrim.

Yea, I thought about the irony myself :disappointed:

Thank god people are finding this site and making decisions that can prevent them from being another horror story as a result. Hopefully some day we can class action up against these quacks who feed us BS stats on the all too common complications. Pure denial in the medical community and its infuriating.


Are you saying that some men actually get castrated to end PVPS???

Yes, that is correct. The terminology you are looking for is not “castration” either, it’s “orchiectomy”.

If you are interested in learning more about the procedure, and/or how many men seek, or have undergone a unilateral, or bilateral orchiectomy, type the word " orchiectomy" into the search engine here.

FYI, the procedure isn’t always successful far as pain relief either.

@JasonB I would have a bilateral orchiectomy tomorrow if it would end the pain. Sadly, it’s no guarantee and could create more problems.

Holy… sh!tballs…


How is this not public knowledge??

I mean I guess we didn’t evolve as a species for our spermies to not come out and stuff, so it makes sense… but if it was common knowledge that there was even a SLIGHT risk of dudes having to resort to castration (screw that sciency-medical word) in an attempt to rid themselves of excruciating pain, I have a pretty good feeling it wouldn’t be as popular.

I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but this definitely tastes like one. It’s almost like the media and the medical community are complicit in not advertising this info.