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Thanks for the warnings everyone

I stumbled across this forum accidentally. I finished doing vasectomy research two months ago and had planned on doing it in two weeks. None of the research I had done on vasectomies indicated anything more than the slightest risk for minor complications, and only in the beginning. What convinced me the most is the tons of activities and varied problems that people are reporting.
I don’t know how I stumbled across this forum because I was looking for the ad sides of vasectomies before, but thank God I did. I have my first consultation scheduled in two weeks and I’m canceling today.
Thank you to whoever put this together. I know it’s hard to get the word out, especially when from my own perspective it appears that the commonness and risk PVPS, according to this forum at least, is being silenced, but I will try to do my best to warn people I know about the risk.
I honestly thought it would be a simple snip, no risk, and on to better, condom free sex life… but apparently there is some risk for some major difficulties.


Right on!

And rest assured you made the right decision. Even people who find this forum before getting the snip tend to trust their doctors (And I don’t blame them! We’re supposed to trust them, right?!). Unfortunately, doctors underplay it and usually come up with fabricated statistics.

Just tell your wife or whoever you’re with that sterilization surgeries are just too risky and neither men nor women should do it.

Get a big box of condoms and enjoy a pain-free life!


This doesn’t mean you can’t do your part for you wife/partner but at least you won’t have to worry about chronic pain from this operation for the rest of your life. If your partner gives you a hard time just refer her to this site. A lot of women have a hard time with their spouses refusing to get vasectomies and feel like they have done enough dealing with hormonal birth control, child birth etc… Please refer her here to this thread if it causes issues and we can let her know that there can be really life impacting complications from vasectomies bad outcomes. If you are willing to use protection I’m not sure why it would be an issue.


Please dont let her get sterilized either @JasonB It’s just not worth it. Buy her some new boobs, and IUD, and hold out for menopause. It’s not that far away. Most of us live this nightmare 24/7.


I wish I tried the copper IUD. The side effects scared me and was told by numerous amounts of people to get my husband to get a vas. My doctor even told me he should get it done. I pushed this on my husband even though he was dead set against it. We then had a few pregnancy scares and he decided to do it even though he didn’t want to.

I’m here now because he fell into that “low risk” number. He now has chronic groin pain that feels like a pulled groin and he can’t function properly in his job. He hasn’t had a pain free day since he had the procedure.

I wish I could turn back the clock and had tried the IUD. Even if my body didn’t react well, at least I tried. If my body accepted it, we wouldn’t have to worry about birth control for another 5 years. Obviously there needs to be a plan for birth control but don’t take the perceived easy way out. It’s too good to be true.

Ahmen. Live with the bodies god gave you. If she is worried about unwanted pregnancy, respect that and do what you can short of sterilization to make sure you are both happy. Have good lives in the bodies you were born in.


Are there any plausible theories as to why this information isn’t known to the general public? As I said, I had done a ton of research before I set up my appointment and never encountered any negative side effects until I visited this forum?

I honestly think there isn’t a big percentage of guys with major complications but that’s my opinion. I’ve read statistics that say chronic pain can occur in up to 33% of vasectomies, but I think a large percentage of these men have a low level pain (albeit still pain) and it’s not enough to interrupt their daily lives, they just live with it and don’t pursue treatment. Then there are the men, like on this site and some others, whose lives are vastly affected. Because it is a lower number, these issues aren’t talked about.

The problem is that the medical community has no idea why these issues occur or what can fix them. Would you feel comfortable getting a vas done by a doctor (who is actually being honest) and who says that they are going to do this procedure on you, there’s a real possible chance you will have pain for the rest of your life, that can occur 5, 10, 20 years from now and if this happens, we won’t know how to fix you? It would never happen, plus that doctor would be out the money that he could have made in a whole 15 minutes of rushed work.

Most guys end up okay but the ones who don’t suffer and their issues aren’t talked about and are swept under the rug. All my opinions.

Obviously I am a woman and what the f&@ck am I doing in a men’s forum, but I can tell you my husband’s vasectomy feels like it ruined both of our lives. Things are so different now. The sting hurts even more because it was elective and I’m one of the horrible wives who didn’t know about the complications either and really pushed it on my husband

Honestly, it’s a wonder that more guys don’t have problems with vasectomy far as pain alone.

There are lots of posts on here where people have posted their informed consent paperwork, and many of the risks are outlined plain as day.

Theres a thread on here that’s titled “we don’t know what causes pvps, yea right!”. They definitely know what causes many of the problems, and pvp, pvps are on the far end of what you will get told about, if at all.

Other serious problems that involve pain are, but are not limited to, congestion, epididymis, sperm granuloma, scarring, and a few other things.

There are numerous studies you can find all over this website. Even the AUA’s official website tells way more than many people I read about get told at their consultations. Some claim they never got warned about anything, just told it was a “low risk procedure”.

If the AUA’s website isn’t enough for you, you can try the CUA’s website (Canada’s website), and the NHS in the UK has a lot to say about this as well.

Once again, urology knows whats up about a lot of this, but they are under no legal obligation to tell you anything.

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1)There is zero incentive for doctors to state the real risk of this operation. There is virtually no penalty or fear of penalty short of gross negligence.

2)For insurance companies vasectomies are cheap and pregnancy is expensive. The cost of our suffering is far outweighed by the savings sterilized males provide them. No more birth control, no more pregnancies etc…

3)The politics of birth control. I don’t want to get into this too much but suffice it to say many women feel that it’s a man’s duty to do this due to what they go through. it’s a gender politics issue.

4)Most men that get this and are okay join in shaming men that have bad experiences because men think they are tougher than they are. The imagination can’t allow them to fully comprehend the experience of others. Instead of “Oh, my god I got lucky” It’s, "that guys a wimp because mine was nothing… (the ego stroking itself because this is an easier reality to face…cognitive dissonance otherwise).

5)Most of us don’t like talking about this except here. Even doctors eyes gloss over and are like “Really?”. I get sick of that. I don’t want to tell my friends because it’s embarrassing so very few friends of mine know about it.

6)People get sick of hearing about so you end up shutting up and dealing with it because that just ends up being easier.

7)I imagine there are quite a few suicides are a result of this as well that we will never know about.

8)There is no specific ICD10 code for complications from vasectomy. It’s not recognized as a real thing.

I could go on and on. It’s just an unmentionable thing. I am amazed at the aversion to this that even doctors have. It’s unbelievable really. They just don’t want to deal with it. There are a few that do though. I’ll list them here:

Sijo Parekattil
David Fenig
Jamin Brahmbatt


I’ll throw in my two cents. This is already a very complete list but I think there’s more. I think there’s a large number of people that have complications and never make the correlation to the vasectomy. I personally have four patients with chronic issues post vas. Two know it (prostatitis and pelvic pain), one thinks that’s the case (hip and back issues started within weeks), the other never made the correlation (semantic variant, aka frontotemporal dementia). Most are fed the same line about by CAN’T happen so they assume chronic prostatits was inevitable and not a result of the vasectomy. This stems from urology not understanding a thing about this procedure or how to fix it. Patients return to the urologist with issues and in his own arrogance (or ignorance) he denounces that vasectomy caused it.

On this forum, a good portion of us had symptoms start immediately so it’s difficult to deny the correlation, even though urology still tries to.

Guys simply don’t like talking about dick issues. The awareness is lacking. People like you are a large reason why some of us post. Awareness.


Kevin Hauber’s book is probably 15 years old by now, but even back then, he had an entire page listing vasectomy complications. My father had a vasectomy in his 40s, had a heart attack at 51 and was in ill health 'til he died last year at 75. At one point, he reached 400 pounds, and the docs all told him to lose weight. After his heart attack, he had an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Close to his death, they found hormone-producing pituitary tumors and normal-pressure hydrocephalus. I believe all of these were related to his vasectomy.

I was always kind of skeptical about the whole, “The body absorbs the unused sperm cells.” If that was the case, why would men naturally get nocturnal emissions? If the body could just easily absorb it, you would think it would do it on its own without getting rid perfectly good fluids and genes that take energy to produce for no apparent reason.

I’m just so glad I accidentally stumbled upon this forum. Thank you everyone.

Looking through the vasectomy paperwork, there is nothing in there that mentions any sort of issues, just that I won’t hold them accountable for any pregnancy until after I am confirmed sterile.

I feel like I missed taking a risk by the hair of my chin… or by the hair of my balls, as it were.

IF you can make sure you tell them why you aren’t doing it. Stick it to them for us.


The body doesn’t “spontaneously resorb” anything. The pressure builds enough that the sperm leaks out and it’s now the responsibility of the immune system to dispose of 300 million sperm per day.

See the link below

I had been to busy to cancel until today. I told the secretary that I was canceling because they gave me no information on the risks involved and that I thought it was a risk free operation, and that I had to find out secondhand.

She was just like, “Ok sir, I’ll document it have a good day.”

I may as well have told it to a wall. But I did tell my former co-worker who was thinking about it. I sent him to this site.

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@JasonB, here’s a picture of one page of my un/informed consent form. Notice that it completely lies far as what happens to your sperm after vasectomy. I didn’t know any better back then :disappointed:


Notice the paperwork likes to use the word “usually” when it comes to complications “resolving themselves”.

This is a good example of deceptive, and manipulative informed consent paperwork at best.

Once again, I didn’t know any better back then, and I would give anything to go back in time, and walk away (more like run).

WHOA WHOA WHOA… @Choohooo so am I reading that paper right?? He had a lymph node extracted in his neck and it contained spermatozoa??

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Scary isn’t it? Notice the date: 1982. They’ve known this for more than a little while. Either they don’t talk or don’t care.