Post Vasectomy Pain Forum

Thanks for letting me join

Hi Guys,
It’s been two years since my vasectomy and I’ve had two separate bouts of PVP. This last one is really killing me mentally with all the uncertainty. I just glad to be here and knowing that I’m not alone. Thanks.


Sorry to hear about your issues. There is plenty of practical resources and tangible advice here as well as emotional support. Good luck.

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Ask away. Among the forum members, there’s probably nothing you’ve experienced that one of us hasn’t to some degree. Pain, depression, anxiety, ED, prostatitis, referred pain in the legs, you name it, everyone here has had some of these.

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Hey bro, sorry you are having issues. Most here are though. Some more some less. Ask away dont be embarrassed. We all have been new here at some point. Ask away maybe someone can help guide you through this thing called vasectomy! I swear i wish i never ever heard that word!