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Thanks and Happy New Year

Quick note to say thanks to all the posters and members. This forum is a huge source of value. Thanks to the moderators who keep it going while dealing with a few oddballs from time to time.

Best wishes to all those recently afflicted and long haulers still wrestling with PVP. I think @RingoStar made a profound statement here a few days ago that that most here are not getting worse. Not something a cheerleader would say, but there’s hope in knowing our bodies are self healing. I’ve had 3 bouts with PVP over the 15+ years since my vas, but have been pretty much pain-free for the past 2 years so, all in all, I’m thankful. I wish the same in 2021 for everyone else currently where I was 2005-06, 2008-09, and 2016-18.


I actually learned those words from one of my earliest pvps mentors.

Happy new year to you it become a painfree wishes

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