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Thank you for the honest info


I was considering getting a vasectomy & spoke to my doc about it. Everytime I read about the procedure & any side effects it always sounded like a sales pitch. I was starting to think I was just being paranoid but after reading many informative posts on this site I’ve decided to opt out.

I intend to direct anyone I know considering a vasectomy to this site so they can make an informed decision.
Thank you very much!



Smart man. I’m telling you from personal experience, it’s not worth the risk. The statistics on having problems afterwards are all over the place.



You are a very clever man I am with you 100%, I knew about this PVPS before I was cut however at my wife’s constant nagging I gave in, and have paid the penalty if you have tooth ache you get it out but there is no going back on a vasectomy, its a long hard slog to put up with the pain every day, and I am 26 years of it. I dislike my wife and I cannot change those feelings, all she had to do was listen, I do not know what is expected by our wife’s but I told her long before we got married that I could not have this procedure done so she knew and yet she still insisted. I wish I had been stronger or even left her all though years ago.

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