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Testosterone results back


My story is pretty long. Yes, definite ly pain before reversal. Vas in March 2005, pain started Ovtober 2005, revered in June 2006. Became pain free late 2006 thru Arpil 2016 except for a short relapse 2008-09 that was cured with Gabapentin and Celebrex. This 3rd bout started like the first, after bicycling.

Reversal restored my T levels and PSA to normal. I think the pain went away due to the clean out, not the restoration of flow.

Hope that helps.


Figured I’d post a bit of an update in regard to my previous post above.

When I began having a bunch of blood work done nearly 2 months ago, my testosterone level came back as 91 which is far beyond clinically low. I did some more blood work (gave blood), and gave blood again after that with another testosterone level check and it came back as 255 which is better, but still clinically low.

I’m not loving these doctors and/or practitioner’s much lately because I’m basically figuring so much out on my own.

My practitioner recently told me in writing that 240 testosterone is “normal”, and he’s been a licensed PA-C for over 2 decades (on earth). And this was after he told me 250-300 was normal several weeks prior to that, which I didn’t appreciate, and I let him know that. Weeks ago, I was like, how the heck do you figure 250-300 is “normal” when 1050-1070~ is the top end of the scale? Now he thinks 240 is normal? Uhh!

My PSA number came back as ok, which I have double checked.

I got my blood ferritin level results back, and it was 356 ng/ml which is high.

My blood work paperwork from my PA-C’s practice says my ferritin level is within range, which he agreed with. I swear the majority of modern western medicine practitioner’s are trying to kill us.

At this point I do plan on lowering my blood serum ferritin level one way or another to see if it helps bring my testosterone level back up naturally, and there are several ways of going about that. Given my headaches with modern western medicine, I’m going to try and stick with all natural remedies for now (no pharmas).

Here’s a couple interesting articles. The first one gets into high blood serum ferritin level, and the link between it and low testosterone and then some. The second link covers some of the health risks associated with a high ferritin level.


I got the same BS back in 2005-06. Your 285 and 325 are normal, I was told…yeah, normal for an 80 y/o man, but I’m 40 was my thinking at the time.

Setting aside the pain aspect of vasectomy that Urology conveniently ignores but is all too familiar to most of us, they seem to have their heads up their asses on PSA and Testosterone impacts. It seems like a lot of guys have low T after vasectomy, but because virtually no one at 35-45 is getting their T checked regularly, no one seems to know their T level pre-vas. That enables these predators to say “you’re normal.”

I’d love to find a way to ensure all men get their T-levels checked pre-vas. Unfortunately, our forum seems to only attract guys after the damage is done or, in rare cases, dissuades a guy entirely (a victory in my book). But, I think we could help guys prove their case, like yours, if everyone was checked pre-vas.


I hear you brother. I’m beyond frustrated with my provider, and my PA-c. I think he’s got his head up his ass big time. I feel like I’m the only smart one in the room when I communicate with him about many things, and he makes an estimated 100k~ per year. What a joke!

It’s not just him either. I’m absolutely certain I could go to handfuls of other docs and/or practices and get told the same nonsense about the same stuff (testosterone level, iron ferritin level, whats normal, what’s ok, etc).

I honestly think finding a good doctor is far and few between these days mainly because of how the mainstream medical system is set up. A good holistic health practitioner in my area (an hour away) will set you back about 400-600+ a visit. The mainstream medical system will accept my insurance, can do blood work, write scrips for basic stuff, where as a good holistic health practitioner cannot do any of them things.

I’ve been dealing with some other stuff over the last several years that’s likely been dragging me down to. I may seem ok on here for the most part as I don’t air my personal laundry on the open forum, but intermittent chronic stress and/or depression “could be” playing a role in my issues as well, or compounding the problem.

Tack on a high iron ferritin level, abusing my body at times with poor eating habits, and tobacco, I do believe my issues aren’t completely a direct result of vasectomy only, but can’t prove it at this time.

I’ve made some changes to many aspects of my life, and lifestyle over the last several weeks, and will see where that path takes my body over time.

Ultimately, I’m still a believer that low testosterone levels post vasectomy will vary man to man, and time frames regarding the same will vary as well.

Oh yea, in regard to the practice I’ve been going to, for a man to be prescribed TRT, one must test lower than I believe 300. Not only that, it’s a three step process to get treatment. You are required to sign a contract, submit to regular drug testing, and wear an electronic monitoring device. I was like, wth? I’ve never heard anything like this. Granted, I don’t use recreational drugs other than cannabis on occasion, so the drug testing isn’t a big hurdle. But seriously? You’d think they were prescribing me heroin with all that nonsense.

Like I mentioned previously, TRT is my last resort because of its inherent risks which pretty much everyone I’ve spoken within mainstream medicine and holistic medicine seem to agree with.


Also @raising4girls, I shouldn’t make my PA-c sound like a total loon as I may have above. At least he believes in pvps, other post vasectomy complications such as loss of sensation, inability to ejaculate, inability to get an erection, and so on. He told me he’s heard of it first hand, and from other practitioners.

He also mentioned that low testosterone post vasectomy is definitely possible, and gave his two cents in regard to why it may happen which I didn’t totally agree with far as the only reason why, but at least he acknowledges it happens to someone.

In my visits to holistic practitioner’s, certified nutritionalist’s, and so on, they’ve definitely heard of many cases of low testosterone post vasectomy as well. In fact, they acted like it was a common problem and/or side effect. And of course they were well aware that men aren’t given a warning beforehand, or told just the opposite. They’d heard that many times to.

And to clarify what intermittent chronic stress and/or depression is for me, many of us deal with things that really bother us sometimes, or get us down from time to time, and so on, and those things can effect eating habits such as not eating a nutritional breakfast, perhaps eating a poor lunch, perhaps not taking enough supplements regularly, and so on.

I personally choose spirituality, meditation, lifestyle changes, and so on over pharma’s any day to help correct the issues that can drag me down. It helps to wash our own windows from time to time as it can be easy to get caught up in a rut that we may not notice we are in.