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Testosterone results back


Did your testosterone and hormone levels took a while to recover after reversal @raising4girls, or was it more immediate effect?

I’m quietly hoping mine will go up as well as am struggling with low T symptoms.


I don’t have annual records, but I do show 285 and 325 when vasectomized (2005-06), then 405 in 2008, 607 in 2013, and now 650-760 in 2017-18, so I’d say a long-term trend back up, not immediate jump.


That’s very useful information, thank you. Time and patience is the key


Figured I’d throw a monkey wrench into this thread. Let’s not forget that we have a member on this site that was vasectomized for 26~ years, and at 26~ years post vas, his testosterone level was around 1000~. I’m not suggesting anything with my comment other than results seem to vary man to man. It would be interesting to hear/know the T data on the person I’m speaking of shortly after the vas, a year out, etc, etc.

I’ve seen guys post data online that could prove what their testosterone level was pre vas, and what it was shortly after the vas (which is somewhat of a rarity). I’m taking about guys that could prove they went from 800-900~ pre vas, down to 150-250~ shortly after the vas.

I still tend to believe that some men get better naturally over time, and some don’t. I’ve seen a lot of good ideas, input, data, and then some tossed around in forums like this one far as what’s going on over time, and I certainly don’t have all the answers. I’m on board with many others in the sense that there’s a lot to consider, and individual results seem to vary.


There are several research papers showing significant hormonal changes post vasectomy. Unfortunately, they don’t fit the model of snip, sterilize, bill, save the world — so everyone in the vas business tends to overlook the negative literature.

“Vasectomy appeared to be associated with a significant decrease in the plasma levels of pregnenolone, dehydroepiandrosterone and androstenedione and a significant increase in the levels of dihydrotestosterone and oestrone.” (1976)

“Findings suggest that vasectomy may cause a reduction in testosterone levels by minimizing the conversion from testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in the long term.” (1995)

“Concentrations of IGF-I were significantly lower after vasectomy: 18.0 +/- 2.4 micrograms/L (before) and 12.5 +/- 1.2 micrograms/L (after).” (1995)

**IGF-1 is the active form of HGH. HGH and testosterone levels are known to mimic each, with many agreeing that HGH is more important to your overall well being than testosterone. It’s also very important for fertility, particularly motility. Anyone have low motility post reversal? Of course you did! Good luck getting an Rx for hgh.


Your doctor isn’t lying, he’s just ignorant. He gets his information from the textbook and the textbook is wrong. Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where doctors are sued when they’re wrong. This limits their ability and desire to think outside the box. They have to treat you the same way “any reasonable doctor” would treat you in order to avoid losing his license. Critical thinking has totally been removed from medicine and now we’re left with blood panels trying to tell us what’s wrong. Anyone can guess and read bloodwork.


Well said @Choohooo


hi I am to have a fertillity check after my reversal next week so I will let you know if I am fertile or still sterile, also I will get my testostrome redone as I am curious as well,


I’m going to start calling you Benjamin Button!


And my input is, quotes like the one above have been being shared in vasectomy pain forums since I started reading pvps pain forums in 2010. Quotes like that influence many many men to rush out and get a reversal because they are desperate, and willing to believe just about anything.

There isn’t any proof for how, why, or any real proof period far as why their testosterone numbers did what it did over time. Purely assumptions to say it was directly related to the reversal far as I’m concerned.

As I mentioned above, we have a member on here that was vasectomized for 26~ years, and his testosterone was around 1000~ directly before he had his recent reversal.

Two completely different stories, yet same outcome.


Agreed. We probably all need a standard disclaimer.


Idk about the disclaimer, although I think it would be nice to have a spot below our posts where a small amount of information could be placed there by individual members. People could put whatever they want there, including a personal disclaimer. You see that kind of stuff regularly in many other forums involving many topics.

I personally get tired of seeing the same ole same ole being presented as fact regarding reversal, hormones, and then some. When I see that kind of stuff it reminds me of Yahoo days where many members were indoctrinating others with the same misinformation. Unfortunately, back then, I was immediately drawn towards the idea that what they were saying must be a fact.

Theres no doubt in my mind that something is going on in the hormone department with many, if not all men post vas. From testosterone, to secondary hormones, hormonal imbalance, etc, etc. I’ve seen to much fact based evidence to support the idea that something is definitely going on, but the ideology that reversal is the end all be all answer to this dilemma is rather extreme, and a bit disturbing at minimum.

I experienced the same stuff as many on here report shortly after the vas. I also experienced the same stuff many report shortly after I had my second reversal which was a major success far as return of sperm (until it failed).

I’m not the guy that’s running to my GP, Uro, etc, and getting pricked regularly in an attempt to create some sort of fact based evidence regarding my own individual case. I wasn’t that way pre vas, post vas, or post reversal, and many years ago I honestly got sick of all the Dr’s, Uro’s, etc’s conflicting opinions, being put through the mill of denial, and humiliation by them people all to regularly post vas, etc.


Thanks @Francis, I would appreciate knowing what you find out.


I’ve been saying this as well for a while. At the very least it would make it easier to keep track of who is who and cut down on having to ask people all the time when they got snipped, by who, what treatments they’ve tried, outcomes, pain levels etc…


Go figure, huh? My GP is pretty puzzled by it. I even asked if T levels are like sperm counts and can vary widely from SA to SA, and he said no. But, regardless, because of my vasectomy history and my current pain levels, he said he’d do a T check every 6 months if I want.

BTW, I had to look up the Benjamin Button reference.


@raising4girls, I wasn’t referring to you imperticularly far as the “getting pricked all the time” thing. I’ve seen many men post stuff like that over time, and some of them were literally getting pricked all the time looking over complete hormone panels post vas, post reversal, etc.

There does seem to be quite a bit of fact based evidence to support the idea that reversal can reverse some things, and based on decent sized sample groups some Uro’s/Doc’s have even concluded off the record that seems to be a fact, but I’ve never heard, or seen any claims by these people that testosterone was definitely one of them, especially as a long term solution. Oddly enough, these claims come from Uro’s that do ton’s of vasectomys, and reversals.

I remember asking my second reversal surgeon if he’d ever heard of anyone telling him what I was telling him in regard to my energy, and libido surging through the roof post reversal, and he said yes, he’s heard it many times.

Reversal failure is probably one of my biggest beefs with promoting reversal as one answer, or as an alternative to these issues, along with some men being made worse by reversal. Another that goes hand in hand with that idea is the ideology that men need to go all out paleo diet (or close to it), ejaculate once every 24-48 hours for life, and then some. I understand that you didn’t follow that exact protocol, but if it were true, I see the mass majority of men failing miserably trying to maintain such a lifestyle indefinitely.

All that said, there’s evidence on this site, and abroad that will contradict the idea that reversal is the only way to get hormones back into the norm. I’d guess anyone that reads this knows some guy, or many guys that had a vasectomy that seem perfectly fine. They are happy, energetic, working their butts off, seem healthy, etc, etc

Once again, there is a lot to consider regarding individual cases when it comes to hormones post vas.


How are you now? Your levels still good? Are your vas still open?


I haven’t had a T-level check in about a year. It’s been good, and my doc didn’t bother at my physical last fall, especially since we’re both now 99% convinced my problem has been neuropathic. My PSA, however, was still down at 0.8 last fall.

As part of my diagnostics, I did have an SA done again last fall. When this pain bout started back in 2016, I shot 10MM. We all concluded this could be reversal failure but not likely given the symptoms. Last fall, I shot 78MM, so the presumption now is that the reversal done in 2006 is still working on both sides.

Pain is currently down 50-75% since botox injection last October. Doing much better. I’m scheduled for neurectomy surgery in April but plan to cancel next week.


I’ve been trying to avoid this place as much as possible lately as I’ve been dealing with my own set of personal life issues, and need to focus on myself a lot more often than this place.

I’ve been having a lot of medical work up done on myself over the last several months regarding my intermittent chronic lower back pain which I’d been dealing with for years pre vas. I’ve also been having a lot of blood work done looking everything over while in the process.

I recently got my testosterone level back and it was 91. I was 425ish in early 2011~, and never retested since. I never had my testosterone level checked pre vas, so I have no baseline number for reference. Needless to say, 91 is not where any man wants to be, and is beyond clinically low. I’m currently 44, I’m not overweight, I’m not diabetic, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t take opiates, and have no other known reasonable reason to be so low.

Sure, like many, I could jump to conclusions and assume my low testosterone level has to be related to my sterile state, which it may very well be. So, I’m having more blood work done, as in a complete hormone panel, checking my blood serum ferritin level (high iron), my vitamin D, my PSA, and a few other things. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my 91 T rechecked as if it were some sort of mistake, but a hormone panel should shed some light on that.

In short, I’m basically looking for some other reasonable reason for why my testosterone has tanked so bad other than my sterile state. I hate to rush into anything that carry’s it’s own set of risk’s such as TRT, replacement hormones, etc without covering everything else first, but it may be inevitable.

Anyway, the latest news with my 91 testosterone level blew me away on many levels, but not all levels. I felt I was low sometimes, but never would’ve guessed I was that low. I am more the type to try to work through stuff, and try to not create my own problems somehow. I do suffer from chronic stress and/or depression due to some personal life issues, and have for many years, but I’m not so sure it’s directly relevant to my low testosterone. I suppose time will tell.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it in this thread, and beins many don’t read all the posts on this site, I’ve had two reversals in the past. The first was considered failure when I had my first SA at 6~ months. The second time around I had great numbers and motility, but it was considered failure by 24-26~ months (fertility wise). I had my reversals done by two different reversal surgeons that get mentioned regularly on this site, and one of them specializes in reversal only.

I had my vasectomy in April 2010, first reversal in August 2010, my second reversal in July 2011.

I will post some updates in this thread, and perhaps some others once I get some more documented answers and/or feedback.


Did you have pain prior to the reversal? Is it worse now?