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Testosterone Gel

Vas in June 2018. No complications.
A few months ago I noticed my balls were achy. Long story short, I’m in the process of fighting with my insurance company to get a reversal. In the interim, my doc has me on testosterone gel to lower sperm production and decrease congestion and therefore decrease pain.

I’ve been on the testosterone gel for about 10 days (after fighting with my insurance company to get it approved). I’ve definitely noticed a decrease in pain, but this shit has me on the verge of throat punching folks. My hands are also real shaky and I feel kinda like I’m gonna explode.

Is this normal? Does it get better? Thoughts?

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You’re taking too much! Do you wash your hands after applying it? Maybe reduce the dosage and gradually work your way up

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I apply 3 pumps once per day, as per the doc’s instructions. I don’t wash my hands after because I figured that would lessen from the dose that I’m supposed to be getting.

But, I think you’re right. I think I’m dosing myself too much (despite the fact that I’m simply following the doc’s instructions).

I didn’t apply any today. Wanted to see how I’d feel tomorrow after skipping a day

There are a lot of instructional videos on YouTube of men applying it using gloves, there for a reason. I recon your testosterone sky rocketed that’s why you feel the way you do.

I did find this video that pretty much sums up my experience:

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