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Testosterone Check

Hi all you may or may not be interested to know that last Tuesday I had my levels checked.
The Dr came back to me and said that they were why above 1000 or the 30 mark what ever they stand for,
signs are infertility ha ha yet they say vasectomy doesn’t cause it, yea right. high blood pressure, tumours shrinking testicles, again vasectomy did not do it. From what I understand high is not good and neither is low, can someone enlighten me please

Why don’t you start by getting a copy of your lab report so we can see the actual numbers and units and make an intelligent reply here.

I will do, I am waiting for a copy of the lab report, it comes threw the post.

Thanks Francis. One thing you can do is photocopy it and deidentify it with a sharpie. Then you can take a picture of it with your smartphone and upload that here so there’s no ambiguity.

Hi MikeO,
here are some of the readings,
Testosterone ECLIA 32.8nmol/L *** RR,6.0-26.0 nmol/L
total PSA (Roche): 2.4ug/L Tumour markers 2.4 RR,3.9

@Francis, here’s a testosterone conversation program. I’ve double checked things once, and it does seem your ng/dL is close to 1000 as you said previously.

Those numbers seem excellent.

Why would high be bad?

Hey @Francis. I see you asking members in random threads to help you out with your latest testosterone results - what they mean, etc. I figured I’d give you a shout in your original thread on this subject.

I posted a testosterone conversion program in my previous response.

I looked at your numbers already. 16.4 nmol/L translates into 473 ng/dL. You are currently just below mid-range. Given your age, circumstances, etc, I don’t think your numbers look to bad myself. But, they certainly have plummeted since your last test in 2018.

A couple links below will help shed some light on what the testosterone range scale looks like. They also break down where men should statistically be given their age. I’m not going to get into testosterone, free testosterone, etc, levels of an average vasectomized man, vasectomy this, that, and the other. I’m keeping this simple for the time being.

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Thanks mate yeah things changed rapidly, and maybe I just panicked as you can see I have trouble trusting drs. The vasectomy screwed me mate. I have developed diabetes type 1, I have heart failure. Weight gain in the last year. To spite that I swim twice a week and go the the gym 3 times a week.

No problem Francis.

I could double check, but based on what I recall, your original post ^^^ and/or testosterone level was a pre reversal number.

That said - according to your results, your testosterone level has dropped over 500 points in approximately 26 months (post reversal).

Don’t feel singled out. The last time I tested mine it was around ~270. A few weeks prior to that, it was 91. I took both tests less than 3 hours after I woke up in the morning too. Not good.

I was tested one other time in my life prior to those tests - ~7 months post my first failed (patency) reversal and my testosterone level was around 420.

Seems fickle mate it’s just that my body changed so quick. I have three brothers older than me one of them into there 70,s and all three are on no meds, no diabetes, no heart issues and never had vasectomies. They are in great health. Vasectomy destroys lives if not immediate then as the years role by. I have not been the same since my wife’ demands in my early 30s I used to be a competitive cyclist and used to train every day and most training on average was 70 klms a day. It all came to a halt with vasectomy the PVPS. Etc. And my wife wonders why I am bitter and twisted. Anyway thanks for your help.

No problem brother. I’m certainly not an advocate of vasectomies either :-1:

I"m going to get tested again here in a few weeks. Will let everyone know where I stand. I’m guessing it’s pretty low.

How old are you man? You relate all these problems to your vasectomy?

Yes I a healthy active man in my very early 30s. From within an hour I had issues and that has continued. Yes I blame the vasectomy and will to the day I die. I also never wanted it and was a total fool to have had it done. I had an epididectomy early on with the PVPS. That never worked. In the same testicle t had a growth which caused my testosterone out of sink which thickened my blood which then caused blood clots. I hated the vasectomy and my wife

Testosterone went high or low? Do you have to donate blood? Sorry to hear man!

Went real high its posted somewhere here it seems to have normalized now probably low toid range I would very much like my body to asit was pre vas. I had a reversal in 2018

No I can’t donate blood now as I am permanently on blood thinners. I have three older brothers one into his 70s . My point being is they dont take any meds at all.i was a competitive cyclist before all this crap.none of my bros have had a vasectomy let alone any surgery

If I recall correctly, you are not fertile post unilateral reversal. Is this correct?

Sperm was seen but not many so yes sterile