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Testosterone Check & Other Blood Test

I’m 7 months after vas, still in pain, nerve pain I assume. I have pain 3-4 / 10 every day, mostly a burning sensation, not directly in the scrotum, but also, but mostly deeper (prostate?). I want to get my T levels checked on my own, as no doctor in the country I am living right now gives anything about my problems, really. I wonder, if I go and get my T levels checked, if and what else I should get checked in a blood test? Any idea? Needless to say I have no T baseline pre vas.

Do you have labcorp in your country?

No, I don’t think so. I actually have to fly out of my residence country to my home country, both in Europe, as I don’t find proper medical help where I am living, because of language / cultural problems, and the medical system in general is crap, according to many other expats. Coming back to my question - what else should I have checked? I got a routine blood test only 3 months ago, and it all looked fine, within the norm.

I thought white blood cells could be interesting as they could point to some autoimmune problem.