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Testosterone and testicle pain

Saw new urologist at Cleveland clinic today just thought I’d pass along some info. Doc said that if epididymitis is a major problem some new research has shown that increasing your testosterone levels will result in testicle shrinking but less sperm production which can help with the pain. Besides that he said everything doctor P has done is textbook. Unfortunately he doesn’t know if it will help me since mine is mostly nerve related. Just thought it might help some.

Also found out I have a granuloma on right side even after having the reversal with biowrap to help prevent this. Talk about can’t catch a fing break!

Mike O he also checked my prostate and pelvic floor said there are no spasms in pelvic floor now so I guess Botox did help that but still having pain in pelvic floor said it is most likely referred from testicles.

Did you get botox in your ischiocavernosus? Bulbospongiosus?

I feel like I have hypertrophy of the ischiocavernosus and it’s pressing on my spermatic cord causing nerve irritation.

Not sure all the places he stuck it pointed to the worst spots and he marked them and shot there And said he’d do the rest of the floor.
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The problem with Testosterone is you would have to be on it for the rest of your life which can have harmful (rare) effects in the long run. If you think it will help you can try it for a few months and see how you feel. Make sure you are monitored closely.

Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD

I ended up on replacement a year ago due to the vasectomy going rather wrong. My levels were a quarter of normal.

I’ve been on sustanon for about 9 months but found in the 3rd week pain got unbelievable. We found my levels were really low so may have been a restart. I now have injections every two weeks. It’s not curbed the pain but it is more bearable. No testicle shrinkage but also less sperm.

My issues seem to be nerve damage as already had one epdidymectomy and both just as bad.

Get your levels checked but I wouldn’t recommend replacement if you are normal. I’m very fit but run the risk of stroke and heart attack if my blood gets too thick (heamocrit over 54%). Currently 46%.

Only consider if low.

What was your levels?

I have low testosterone (175) after the vasectomy, prior l, I know I had decent levels, I was physically the strongest I’d been in my entire life at 44, always making good gains at the gym.

Is there a risk in ruining chances for reversal if I try TRT for a few months ? As I understand, sperm production is slowed on TRT, does it come back?

Also, do I run the risk of shutting down testosterone permanently (further damage to testes) ?

Anyone tried TRT prior to a reversal?