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Testicular Torsion Surgery


Hello , around 6-7 years ago I had occasional pain in my testicles and I discovered it to be testicluar Torsion . After consulting with a doctor and after when the pain became severe I went under the surgery which stitched the testicles to the scrotum to prevent any twisting . This surgery happened in 2015 , but recently since 2-3 months I get the same pain that I used to have before surgery and it is sometimes severe , the pain goes away but nowadays it’s too frequent , I thought it might be because of wearing some tight jeans but it doesn’t seem so . What possibly could be the reason for the pain to come back ? Any help please


Have you had a vasectomy? Have you spoken to your urologist about this pain and if so what has he said?


No I did not have vasectomy , no I haven’t visited my urologist , I did not visit him before because the pain would just last for 2-3 minutes , but it’s just happened in the last week that it’s really causing me trouble and I can’t go out anywhere if it’s there , I will visit him in the coming week probably because currently I’m out of my town .


Hey @pratham

Did you ever get any resolution on your post-torsion surgery pain issue?

I thought I’d bump this since we have another guy experiencing issues as well. Usually when we don’t hear from guys it means they took some sort of action to resolve their issue.