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Good Evening. I just stumbled across this forum. I suffer from moderate to sever idiopathic left testicular pain, although not from Vasectomy. I hope you don’t mind me posting, even though the pain I suffer is not from a vasectomy, I can totally relate to the debilitating pain, the frustration and the interruption of normal activity this pain causes!

I am live in eastern Canada, and I looking for anyone who maybe doing Botox Injections for pain management of testicular pain… my urologist is amazing, supportive, etc but does not know of anyone doing this treatment.

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Welcome to the forum. Yes, most of the members here have scrotal pain from vasectomy, but you aren’t the first with similar pain from a different cause.

I’m having botox injections in one month at the PUR Clinic in Florida. I’m traveling over 1,000 miles to there.

How have you been treated so far? Medications? Injections? Surgeries?

There are several on this forum that have speculated (DISCLAIMER: NON-MEDICAL, ANECDOTAL SPECULATION) that spermatic cord denervation surgery MAY be more successful for those with idiopathic testicular pain than those suffering from post-vasectomy pain. Perhaps others will weigh in on that subject.



@Caperdave Sorry you’re hear man. Your experience and thoughts are welcome here. Many of the treatment options are the same, so you can find some good information on this forum.

I know @vasregret has said that Dr Jarvi’s group in Toronto are doing Botox injections. Would be worth giving them a call if you’re already in that area.

It you wouldn’t mind, could you provide a little but more information about your situation ie onset, type of pain, treatments/medications you’ve tried. Thanks and good luck.



Hi caperdave. I just saw Dr. Jarvi last week. I highly recommend him. He really seems to care.



From my understanding raising4girls is correct on spermatic cord denervation numbers are better for idiopathic pain than post surgical pain most likely due to the fact the previous surgery did the damage whereas yours is idiopathic.



I agree a more accurate description of your pain would help. A lot of idiopathic could be plain old epididymitis, variceles, hyrdoceles, etc which are mush easier to deal with versus nerve damage



A little background.

At 17, I found a lump on my left testicle and had a lot of pain. After all the routine and embarrassing tests were completed, it turned out I didn’t have the dreaded TC which the initial test would have indicated, but had a few cysts and a large varicocele. The cysts themselves disappeared after a few months. I had little or no pain during all this, the fact my Scrotum was on display for what felt like everyone in my city, was painful enough at 17.

Fast forward about 19 years, woke up one morning to a dull ache in my left testicle. Started like a mild case of blue balls. Which it wasn’t, but I can’t figure out how to describe it. That came and went for a few days. No unusual lumps detected in a self exam but the pain grew worse. I knew about the Varicocele, and that was still tender as always. Finally after a couple weeks of pain, a Dr. Visit and waiting on tests to be order I landed in ER with intense, I’ve been kicked in the groin, double you over, put in the stomach, my nut is going to explode pain. You guys all know that feeling. Nothing would numb the pain. So the ER was awasted trip, I got another grope and tickle by a doctor, and an abrupt without warning STD test ( doc pulled my foreskin back and Jammed a swab in with any explaination, aside from “ I want to do an STD test” and my response “ ummm Ok”. I expected further clarification. I had already indicated on two occasions during the visit I was in a long term monogamous relationship.

Over the next 5 years, through changes in Family GP, I have had the gamut of standard tests, ultrasounds, prostate exams, courses of meds. The pain runs from a Dull throb and feeling like pressure inside, to the random stabbing white flashing light pain, to constant pain somewhere near an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. I can’t sit for long periods, any activity that involves a lot of movement can cause sever stabbing pain. Running, jogging, sex, masturbation all can result in stabbing shooting pain.

The weird thing is, if i sit in a bath of hot water, or a hot tub or sauna or if we are travelling and somewhere hot and everything is hanging lower due to the heat, I don’t have the pain, or at least not a severely. Recently was in St. Lucia for 10 days, little or no pain, unless I was in the pool or ocean for a long time, then things would start to throb, sit in the sun for while, warm up, pain decreases. I am never not aware of my left nut, except for the 24 hours after the nerve block.

Does this make sense to anyone? I am beginning to feel very alone in all of this. My relationship is suffering because of the fear I have of the pain during sex.



Do you still have the varicocele? Good news is block lasted 24 hrs for you. Mine would always last 2-3 hours max.

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Yes. The varicocele is still present. Maybe a new occurrence or the same issue from my teenage years. Who knows.



I emailed Dr.Jarvi seeking information as there are no Urologist in the Atlantic region using Botox to treat the pain. My Doc here is willing to continue the treatment If the Botox works and he is able to get the detailed protocol from the initial physician.



@Caperdave If you look up Pur Clinic in Florida they offer botox injections. If you use the search option with the forum you can find other people that have tried the injections and their opinions. I have seen several people report success with the injections on the forum but it is only temporary maybe 6 months. Dr P from Pur clinic quoted a 60-65% success rate with the botox injections to me during a recent phone consult. Not sure if anyone is offering them in Canada but you may have some luck with the search engine.



Are there prices on the website? I wonder what a Canadian would need to pay, aside from the cost of the trip to Florida.



Looks like at one time Toronto had a trial. You may be able to reach out to Dr. Jarvi in Canada and see if this is something they offer



Have you tried antidepressants (amitriptyline or cymbalta) or anticonvulsants (lyrica or gabapentin) for the pain?

I pulled this from a medical review article:

“Using chronic pain approaches with antidepressants or anticonvulsants has produced poor results in post-vasectomy pain patients while helping others with idiopathic orchialgia.”



If heat helps then have you tried stuffing your underwear with hand warmers? No joke they helped me a lot before I eventually caved and got a vasectomy reversal for the pain.

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I never thought of that, I will use a heating pad when I am home watching TV…

“Is that a heating pad in your pocket or are you just HOT to see me”

Sorry, that’s just my twisted sense of humour kicking in…



Here is a question. Not necessarily totally topic related, but apropos…

Multiple studies I have read, discuss the fact that these issues, post vasectomy pain, chronic testicular pain what have you, are obscure or hidden issues. Meaning that we as men don’t talk about them.

Now, I know pain aside, as a mani think I am pretty typical! I have a very amiable relationship with my junk, I haul it all out 4,5, 6 plus times a day to pee. I get spontaneous erections, I get deliberate erections, I spend a considerable amount of my bathing time making sure things are clean and neat. my genitals are pretty important to me. So why is, that when there is a problem we don’t discuss it. It’s like it’s something embarrassing or to be ashamed of! I have been trying to break this cycle. I actually tried talking to a few friends about this and as it turns out, one of my buddies has been suffering in silence with damn near the same symptoms as me, but has never sought help…

Just some food for thought, maybe it has been addressed in a prior post and if so, I apologize… I am interested in your thoughts!

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My personal experience is that these things by far are the most convenient for heating. The ‘up to 18 hours’ hand warmers are larger, while the ‘up to 10 hours’ are small and compact. They wedge in nicely. They have two problem 1) that they can fall out, and 2) they need oxygen to stay hot so sometimes you have to take them out for them them to breathe. For me briefs underneath compression shorts held them in the best. Testicular and groin pain is very difficult for doctors to treat. Surgery can help sometimes but for many of us we have to find ways to manage the pain. Best of luck.



What is more uncomfortable having a doctor examine your knee, your mouth or your scrotum? There lies your answer. Tell someone you have tooth pain, or knee or back pain is one thing, but telling someone you have genital pain… this is way more embarrassing and uncomfortable.