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Testicular cramps/contractions / newbie PVPS q's


First off: I wish I had found this info before my husband had his vasectomy. I thought we had done our research and weighing up our options a vasectomy seemed like the best and lowest-risk option. Everyone we spoke to, including those that had had the procedure, laid it out as a very minor procedure. So much regret now! ;(

So my husband had an open-ended ‘no scalpel’ vasectomy on the 7th of January 2018 (3 weeks ago).

The first couple of days were uneventful: just the expected soreness which was easily managed with rest, ice & pain meds.

After a few days there seemed to be no improvement however…the nurse from the clinic blamed this on over-icing and told us to expect more pain and swelling for another week.

At the 10 day point his pain was still bad, and he had developed other symptoms such as painful urination, swelling around his right side incision and increasingly sharp pains going into his abdomen and groin on that right side. We went to an after hours centre where they prescribed him antibiotics and extra anti-inflammatories. The doc there explained (although he didn’t actually take a look) there was inflammation and possible scarring around the incision and indicated it would take several weeks to heal.

My husband greatly improved over the next 2 days. Then on the night of the third he woke with severe pain in his testicles & travelling upwards in spikes. The doctor who did the vasectomy adviced us to go to A&E as there was concern the infection had spread.

We were out 12 hours later with a “no reason detected for symptoms” diagnosis, and more antibiotics and pain killers. He had blood & protein in his urine, but all other tests came back clear. The consulting urologist was particularly rude indicating his pain was ‘self-inflicted’ and men knew the risks of PVP(S) when they choose to have a vasectomy. He suggested the only way to find out what was causing the pain was to cut him back open.

Anyway, despite the massive emotional toll this took on us, we regrouped and stayed positive. In addition to the traditional drugs, I’ve introduced supporting therapies such as Turmeric/Golden Paste, Magnesium, High dose B-vitamins, massage/yoga and meditation.

He greatly improved this week, being finally pain free at rest, being able to get in and out of bed normally, and moving around (at walk) comfortably for short durations. We were relieved and felt we had dodged the PVPS bullet.

Then exactly a week later, he was once again woken with intense pain. The best way I can describe it is “testicle contractions”. It looks like the smooth muscle tissue is moving his testicles around angrily, and the pain comes in waves like a contraction.

It’s not a constant pain, but comes on randomly and can last for a few hours. I’m not keen on it but have given him some of the Tramadol the hospital gave which at least brings it down to a manageable level.

Question 1: Does anyone know what causes these specific cramps, and what we could try to calm the area down? Warm baths seem to make it worse.

Question 2: I’m trying to find info on whether (regular/daily) ejaculating is helpful (husband claims it is :wink: ) or whether abstinence may be worth trying for a bit until things settle?

Question 3: We are now 3 weeks in, which also means 5 weeks off work (as he’d had 2 weeks off pre-surgery). We can stretch it a bit longer financially but not too much. How much does physical activity/stress affect healing? If it will make a big difference I’d rather he took off some more time; but if the process will run it’s course regardless it may be better to avoid more financial strain, especially if we’re looking at funding treatment for this.

Thank you for running this forum where I feel I can ask these sensitive questions, and good luck to those who suffer. It’s cruel to have to see let alone experience.



Hi it sounds like your husband is another victim of vasectomy, I am sorry to hear that this is happening, keep the meds up and try to get him to relax, I hope for his sake its just going to take time. cheers



Probably worth abstaining from ejaculating for a while to see if that improves things. Try 3-4 days and see what happens. Most men seem to report that ejaculation makes things worse not better.

This is still pretty early for your husband. Maybe his nerves are all confused down there still. Lots of guys take a solid 3 months to heal. Additional improvements can come after the 3 month mark. I was still having significant reductions in daily pain levels and improvements in muscle tone of my lower back around the 10 month mark.



I’m 2 years out and it took me over a year to get to the point where I had more good days than bad. Today I’m pain free most of the time with occasional flare-ups. The worst part is that the doctors who seemed so kind and interested before the vas. don’t really want to hear from you when things go south so they can tell the next patient that they’ve never had any issues. There are many sources of pain, but if your husband feels at some point that his epididymides are enlarged and causing the problems, he might respond to papaya seed powder.



You are still early in the process with plenty of time for improvement. I’m 10 months out and still slowly improving with occasional mild flare ups. The “contractions” could very well be spasms of the pelvic floor muscles. Try to find a pelvic floor therapist that works with men with tight pelvic floor muscles. He needs to try reverse kegels (do NOT do traditional kegels) and internal pelvic floor trigger point release. The muscles tighten up due to the anxiety/pain of the procedure. Some of us have a vulnerability to developing this. It’s similar to neck/upper back spasms.

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Thank you for your replies. He’s improving day by day so we’re very hopeful this will be one of those “post operative pain” posts and he will make a full recovery.
Have taken your tips on board and also ordered Papaya Seed Powder as a ‘congestive preventer’.