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Testicle sits higher

Hi there! I’m almost 2 years post vasectomy. I’ve had the usual problems of constant pain, intense pain just before ejaculating, weaker erections etc but in the last couple of months they all seems to have calmed down measurably. But then I noticed something new last week, my right testicle still hangs down as it should but my left restocked has started sitting high up, it’s that high that it sort of sits next to my penis whereas the right one hangs low in the scrotum. I wondered if I had swollen cords that might be pushing it up but no, and there aren’t any new lumps or bumps on the ball, tubes or in the scrotum. I just can’t understand why it’s sitting so high, it’s like that all the time now. Really confused, not even sure if I should be worried??? Has this happened to anyone else, and if so, is it vasectomy related? Thanks in advance guys :grin:

I don’t have any answer about the sitting higher question, however regarding your pain for a while and then getting better…was that due to you doing anything or it seemed to get better with time?

It just got better with time :grin:

How are you overall? Are you good? I got a “nut lift” as a result of my vasectomy reversal. I think I actually may have hung further down after my vas. My balls sit up kind of high now and I really don’t like it but if I had less pain I would find a reason to think of it as a good thing.

I remember once prior to vasectomy on a warm day changing and my wife I think was behind me and made a joke about saggy dog balls… Ha ha! That’s really funny honey, I guess if I made a saggy ass, boobies or leg jiggle joke you would be laughing just as hard… Women are impossible sometimes.

The “nut lift” is annoying! When I pull my boxers down my left nut is up right next to the base of my penis and kind of sticking out, whereas my right nut is still hanging low. The mass of tubes and knots seems more clumpy on my left nut too, thinking I might have a varicocele??

I had the same thing, especially early on, with the raised nut. It was my left as well (which was always my worst pain side). Right at and after ejaculation it seemed like it was trying to retreat into my abdomen, haha. That actually went away after awhile though.

I hope this goes away. I’ve always had quite symmetrical nuts, so it’s really odd to have one suddenly high up and at an angle :confused:

I could be wrong, but doesn’t the nut lift up to do things like keep warm, be protected, avoid trauma, etc? I sort of felt like it was an indication of a problem going on as my pain is mostly right side and that is the side that is lifted. Its definitely much higher than the left side now, but of course, i can’t really remember how i was pre-vas. I feel like I was more symmetrical but i can’t really be sure.

I’ve had the same problem for years, but the right side. The left reversal worked, but not the right. Right swells, aches moderately, and hangs unnaturally.

Got a same day appointment with my GP today. He seems to think it’s either strain on the scrotul muscle, a varicocele or the beginnings of torsion! He’s referring me to the urologist for further exam.

Hi BB11. After all this time, how are you doing now? Everything went back to normal? Did you have another surgery? I have the exact same problem now, 3 weeks after my vasectomy.

Yup am in the same boat @Tempe5 left nut raised early on with vas and thats the painful side. Did you ever figure out or have the Dr. say what it was? Also how long after did it go away. Funny thing for me it’s most prominent right in the morning which is when i have more pain. But when am feeling a bit more comfortable noticed the nut isn’t as raised wonder if the there is a correlation between the raised nut and the pain.

The urologist told me that it wasn’t going into torsion but was likely just my bodies natural reaction to the swelling I was experiencing on my vas.
I still have this problem occasionally, as in once a month and it lasts for a day or so.
At the moment I’m suffering from a couple of new problems, one is that when flaccid my penis is almost always a bit shrunken- probably an inch less in length and girth than my flaccid penis pre-vas, and my erect penis is similarly less. My doc assured me that’s it’s either all in my head or my bodies natural response to swelling and/or trauma. My second problem is that I’ve started to leak quite a bit of pre-cum. If I have any sexy thoughts, an erection or even just a semi-erection, I start leaking. Sometimes it has leaked through my boxers and jeans. I’m sure this is related to the fact that my cum has been a lot less thick than it used to be.
Does anyone else have similar problems?

So I’m exactly 7 days into my vasectomy, I’ve had quite a bit of pain so phoned the doctor who told me to come back in, I then had the stitches removed (that brought a year to the eye) and then immediately felt fine apart from slight throbbing at the stitching. Then last night my right nut started throbbing with an uncomfortable feel as if someone had tugged and twisted it. Still feels the same now but I’ve been unable to contact my doctor, it’s also sitting abit higher than the left, anyone had this? Is it just the bruising healing or have I got a twisted nut?

I have a similar sensation on my left side; this is also where I had terrible pain right at the surgery itself, when the chord was pulled and/or cut. In the report it says 12 mms on each side, but my right one feels just fine, the left one feels higher up when I tense my pelvic. I am not sure to how much this is contributing to my pain, as it seems mostly nerve related.

Hi, I know I’m late to the party on this thread but thought I’d reach out anyway. I am 5 months post reversal and also now have the issue of a high forward protruding right testicle. My main problem is now that it sticks forward it’s constantly in the way getting knocked, kicked by kids, hitting bench tops etc so I’m constantly having to protect it. This means my nerves in the area are constant firing in anticipation of a knock which is also causing some ache and nerve pain in the groin area. Has anyone found any way to resolve this issue?

I wear a full out jock with cup to try and protect. Unfortunately I also still deal with issues you describe. Cup helps once you’re use to it but sucks and still have nerves firing with minor hits or anticipation.

Thanks for the tip, I might try that. Has it stopped u getting back to normal activity at all? Can u still run, swim etc if you want to? I’m hoping it’ll b annoying rather than life altering for me. Any insights would b great.
I’m a little frustrated with myself as I didn’t have pain that side prior to reversal but reversed anyway as I just wanted to b whole again after all the issues. A mistake in hindsight. My urologist says it sits that way because the vas was too short when reversing. I’ve actually been wondering whether getting the vasectomy re done on that side might help and whether cutting the vas again might allow the teste to drop back to normal position over time. Has anyone done or heard of this?
I won’t do anything at all for at least 6 months as I want to give the reversal 12 months recovery to see where I land but just considering my options. Given I had no pain there pre reversal I’d b hoping the risk of a vas redo on that side causing pain would b low.
Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

I had gone nearly pain free for close to a year and a half. I would wear the jock but could run, swim etc. Unfortunately my pain came back and the last two months has reduced me to walking only and still get pain. I’m also dealing with a lot of other issues during these couple months such as throat and joint pain so I don’t even know if this new onset is even due to vasectomy or not.

I do know that I’m now incredibly sick only 2.5 years from my vas. I sometimes have thoughts of reversing but too afraid to make things even worse…Good luck on your journey brother and keep us updated.