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Testicle feeling out of position after vasectomy

I’ve talked to another member who had the same sensation I do of testicle feeling out of place. My right testicle is seated differently than it was pre-vasectomy and actually turns counterclockwise if I bear down or apply pressure to my abdomen.

It feels almost as if something was pulled out of place during the vasectomy, although as I understand it that’s not really a thing. Perhaps the way the clips were applied could be a cause? I’m not entirely sure that’s possible either.

Wondering if there are others out there who have the same thing going on post-vasectomy. I’m especially interested if others had this kind of thing happen post-vasectomy, had a reversal, and noticed any changes thereafter.

My leftie felt different for the first months. Can’t remember how long I thought it hung higher and pulled up higher when I bent over or flexed my abdominal muscles. It felt weird. Report says 1 cm vas was cut left and right. Right side felt normal. I do have more pain left than right, though. I got used to the left being higher and don’t feel the difference any longer.

My right side has been the problem area for me. It’s gotten worse over time, I think due to several factors to include pelvic floor tightness. Pelvic floor physical therapy on its own hasn’t been very helpful though.

I had a reversal on the left side. So now the left testicle is always 1/2" in the front.

Balls was newer good looking, but now it just looks “wrong” but the pain is the problem. :disappointed_relieved: