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Tentatively Booked for Surgery


After my GF block (losing count) and dynamic ultrasound last Monday, I saw the surgeon today at the Cleveland Clinic. After the appointment, I signed consent and scheduled surgery for left-side laproscopic hernia repair and laproscopic resection of the GF nerve. Both through the same incision.

He showed me how close the hernia is to the GF (and very close to where the GF passes through the inguinal ring into the cord). He said that SCD in his opinion in my case could be a mistake because the incision would further weaken the abdominal wall making hernia repair an almost certainty down the road.

He also said that repairing the hernia only without resecting the GF might be more risky than not due to the proximity. He said that I was a “prime candidate” for the mesh to be an irritant to the nearby GF based on it’s location, so he might suggest taking out GF even if I wasn’t having pain as a preventative measure if I elected to have the hernia fixed.

So, based on seeing him today, it’s either no surgery and live with it or this option. Hernia repair only or SCD ultimately both seem likely to put me back under the knife at some point to have the GF resected, so I might as well jump to the end game, I guess.

He said that he thinks with 80% probability we can solve both my issues (scrotal pain, hernia).

He did say the hernia is unlikely the cause of the scrotal pain but would “bank on the vasectomy and subsequent reversal even though they were more than a decade ago” but could be the cause of pubic region tenderness.

Downside. Numbness from the incision down. I’ve got to do a little research on that. In truth, the lack of feeling (post block) isn’t bad, just odd.

I’m not scheduled 'til April, so happy to hear if anyone has any suggestions.


hope all goes well. you deserve it from what I read.


Good luck @raising4girls. I have numbness from orchectomy. It’s a very odd sensation; number but at the same time a bit painful, although improving. It’s been exactly year for me from orchectomy, and feeling is just returning.


Good luck man! Hope it gives you some relief.


Wow, just amazing it took doctors years to get to this point but applaud your persistence and patience. Good Luck and it sounds like your making the right choice in options.


I don’t blame the doctors on this one. I’ve been checked for a hernia manually by my GP, 3 different urologists, one general surgeon, and one plastic surgeon, and all 6 concluded I didn’t have a hernia. It wasn’t until one of them was using ultrasound to guide a needle for a nerve block that it appeared.

I’m still torn on whether to have surgery or not, but the persistence has at least helped me figure out the appropriate surgery should I decide to be opened up. For that, I’m grateful.