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Tennessee or closest pvps specialist?

Hey, Im new to the forum. Ive been experience pain for almost 3 months now from epididimitis. Vasectomy was done 4 or 5 years ago. My Dr isnt hip to pvps. I really would like to find a pvps familiar doctor near or around nashville tn. Who is the closest? Im gonna do lots of reading on the page to try to not ask redundant questions.

Welcome to the forum @captainsoreballs.

I’d say that you are nearly the same distance from several highly experienced pvps specialists. You will have to choose between those potential options. It will probably be easier to start with a phone call, a Skype consultation, etc, and go from there.

Hope that helps.

Is there a directory if pvps specialists? Google pulls up lots of articles, but its hard to cut through the bull on the internet these days.

The library on this site needs to be overhauled and/or updated. We have learned about many different names and/or providers since it’s creation. Perhaps you will still find it helpful. IDK.

Wasn’t @Tyler1 from that area?

I’m in SC. There’s a Dr Daniels at Carolina Vasectomy Reversal that seems highly recommended. I ended up going to MUSC, because it was covered by insurance and my military chain of command wanted me to go on new work; had I saw Daniels and needed follow up care or further treatment, I would have been on my own, plus the reversal bill. I gambled, but I didn’t have much of a choice. I a definitely better off post reversal, but who knows, maybe it would have been better with Daniels? I’m still a bit sore, but it’s better and seems to be improving.

Confined with my microscope that sperm are present. The number seems to vary from day to day and I’m trying to work out what might cause the variation. It doesn’t seem to be ibuprofen alone; perhaps diet as well?

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Good to hear you’re improving.

Sperm count varies widely. Post-reversal, I’ve shot as low as 10MM and as high as 120MM and that broad range has spanned from 2006 - 2018! Time to last ejaculation, temperature, diet, and just random variation all seem to contribute to the differences.

Thanks for the heads up! Im definitely gonna have a phone conversation with Dr. daniel tomorrow. And ill check out the directory on the page. Thanks so much to the community on here. I’ve felt so lost the past few months.

I don’t have the ability to take actual counts, but only track the relative quantity between samples. I’ve only been observing for a week or so now, but it seems like the two times that it was highest was right after I went for a run. I’m not sure what that would be about.