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Tenderness after 5 years

I had my vasectomy about 5 years ago. I’ve had chronic, mild tenderness since then, which gets worse with any sexual activity. Lately it’s worse. Pain and tenderness are hard to pinpoint, but I think the focal point is where the scar tissue is, on the end of the testicle. My family dr. ordered an ultrasound, which was normal. After that, she had no advice- says testicular pain is a mystery and there’s nothing really to be done, so no need to refer me to the urologist. No idea what to do… Any advice?

I go fob off like that for years ask for a referral to another dr. The pain plays havoc with your sex life

By the way welcome but sorry that you are here

Just about every guy here has presented with a normal ultrasound. Those are useful for detecting tumors, but for other undiagnosed scrotal pain, a scrotal ultrasound is as useful as an X-ray of your #30 molar tooth.

Pain arising from sexual activity can be a sign of a clogged epididymis. For men with this condition, vas reversal seems like the best solution. That said, reversal is expensive and not a foolproof solution. It helped me but has made others here worse.

GPs generally can’t help, neither can general urologists. There are only a handful of uros with experience treating men with post-vasectomy pain. Where do you live? Forum members might be able to recommend a PVPS conversant uro.

Thanks folks. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Socialized medicine so cost would not be the issue, but I don’t think I’m ready to pursue a reversal at this point. Finding access to a urologist that would give a clear diagnosis would be a start.

Also interested in alternative approaches. Anyone have any luck with homeopathy?

Hi @NAM. As you may have read elsewhere from my posts, I found a really good pelvic floor specialist who originally was a PT focused on post surgery recovery. She calls herself a “manual hands on therapist”. Ie she literally works on my testies and the scare tissue in there. Nothing improper or arrousing though it feels so good like the equivalent of a back massage releasing pressure points.

She has done wonders for my scar tissue. When I walked in 2 and a half months after the vasectomy, I was a wreck with nerve, inflammation, and scar tissue. Steroids took care of the inflammation and she knocked off the scare tissue and and nerve issues. I can’t wait until I can see her again post reversal.

I am not saying this will work for you. But my suggestion is that you find a hands on pelvic floor specialist who also knows post surgery recovery if you can.

Sbnick that sounds really good. I’m going to see an osteopath. I’ll let folks know how that goes.

Sbnick, how can you tell if you have scar tissue? Where is scar tissue usually? On the scrotum where the incision was, on the vas def, or just all over the place from inflamation?

I feel like I’m mostly dealing with inflammation and conjestion but then I’ve never had my balls cut into before so all these feeingns are new.

I’m kind of hoping keeping inflamation under control might help healing, but from reading everyone else’s story I’m expecting this doesn’t seem to go away on its own. I’ll probdbly end up rolling the dice on reversal if not better by 6 months out.

It’s hard to explain. It seemed to be crunchy and some lumps. Honestly, my PT would point it out and it always seemed to be one stingy pain. Also, hard to tell anything with inflammation going on

Thanks Sbnick. I appreciate your help. I’ll take any advise I can get. Again, wishing you the best.

NAM, I will be very interested in hearing what they say. I will do anything