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Swollen Spermatic Cord!?!?

Hi….newbie and 15 days post reversal op. Had a lot of swelling and a pair of purple balls following the reversal which has now gone, thank God. Reason for my post is that the entire spermatic cord on my left hand side is SOO hard and swollen. From the point where it exits my body until it disappears under my left testicle it is around 2 or 3 times the size compared to the right hand side. Small bit of dull pain but maybe a 1-2/10. Rang my surgeon and he thinks it could be a hematoma but it’s literally rock hard, probably the thickness of a thumb and runs all the way from my testicle into my body. Anyone have any experience of this??


I felt like that when I had my sperm granuloma removed. Slowly came down after a month or two. Don’t think it was a hematoma or anything

Thanks for the reply Davey. A month or two……wow….was kinda hoping on days and not months! :roll_eyes:

Do you gym/train……and how long before any running/gym work if so? Used to going 4/5 days a week….killing me not to go at the minute. Yes, I know it’s for the greater good but I had read somewhere about doing nothing for a few weeks but other places are talking about months off….seems excessive!

I waited a while, I think at least a month to run. I haven’t been to the gym in 16 mths, alot because of covid and yeah alot from chronic pain.